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Occupy Boston Protesters Get Evicted, 46 Arrested

JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- After months of camping out in Dewey Square, 150 Occupy Wall Street protesters in Boston were evicted Saturday morning.

After police told the remaining protesters that they would be given one chance to vacate the park or be detained, roughly 20 protesters locked arms and sat down, peacefully, ABC's Sean Kelly reported.

The 46 arrested during the less-than hour-long operation were charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct, according to reports. No injuries were reported.

Boston is the last city whose officials have moved to oust Occupy protesters as they demonstrate against corporate wealth, the nation's growing income gap and what they view as assorted other social, economic and political disparities and corruptions.

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About 100 Arrested at 'Occupy Boston' Protest

Comstock/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- About 100 Occupy Boston protesters were arrested early Tuesday morning when they moved into an area outside of the designated space, Boston police tell ABC News.

The arrests came after the protesters moved from Dewey Square into a section of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway near Pearl Street.  Officers say they repeatedly warned the protesters they would be arrested if they moved to the Greenway because they did not have permission to be there.  They will likely be charged with trespassing, police say.

Military veterans were among the protesters and they were jostled by police, according to Dig Boston magazine reporter Lauren Metter, who videotaped the arrests.

"They were chanting, 'We are veterans of the United States of America, We are veterans of the United States of America,' and then the BPD grabbed them and like threw them to the ground and their American flags fell to the ground," Metter says.

She, too, was tossed to the ground.

Although the situation in Boston has not escalated to the violence seen in New York last week, when police swung batons and acted aggressively towards protesters, the "Occupy Boston" organization insists that police are being violent and dragging protesters away.

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