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Okla. Mom's Body Found; Husband, Mom-in-Law Treated as Suspects

Comstock/Thinkstock(OKLAHOMA CITY) -- The body of Jaymie Adams, the pregnant mother of three and alleged Craigslist hooker, has been found, and her husband’s lawyer told ABC News that her husband and mother-in-law were being treated as suspects.

Adams, 25, had been missing since Dec. 10, when, her husband Justin Adams claimed in a court affidavit, she left to meet a client for sex.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow of the Oklahoma City Police Department said a man called police Saturday afternoon to report a dead body in a wooded area where people ride dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles.

Police confirmed it was Adams’ body, but were waiting for a medical examiner to report on a possible cause of death, Wardlow said.

Police believe it was a homicide but have no “named suspects,” Wardlow said, adding, “As always, we ask the public to call with any tips.”

Police impounded two vehicles Saturday -- one belonging to Justin Adams, the other belonging to his mother, Tina Clark, Wardlow said. Police have asked for a warrant to search the vehicles, but Wardlow said she didn’t know when it might be granted.

Irven Box, Justin Adams’ attorney, said his client, though not named as such, was a suspect.

A search warrant for Justin and Jaymie Adams’ cellphone records filed last week revealed Justin Adams initially told police his wife disappeared after going to meet a friend at a McDonald’s, but a day later he told police his wife went to meet a sex client. Box said this wasn’t incriminating since he was at first trying to protect his wife by not revealing her prostitution.

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Okla. Mom Won't Face Charges, but Victim's Accomplice Will

ABC News(BLANCHARD, Okla.) -- The young Oklahoma mother who shot and killed an intruder to protect her 3-month-old son on New Year's Eve will not face criminal charges.

Prosecutors have instead charged the intruder's alleged accomplice, 29-year-old Dustin Stewart, with first-degree murder in the death of his friend, Justin Shane Martin, 24.

Police said the two men broke into 18-year-old Sarah McKinley's mobile home in Blanchard, Okla., the evening of Dec. 31, while the young widow was home with her baby. McKinley's husband had died the week before, on Christmas Day, of lung cancer.

McKinley told police that Martin had stopped by the house on the day of her husband's funeral claiming he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello.

On New Year's Eve, Stewart joined Martin, who this time was armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. Police said the two men may have been high on prescription painkillers and looking for more drugs in McKinley's home.

As one of the men went from door to door outside her home trying to gain entry, McKinley told ABC News' Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that she quickly got her 12 gauge, went into her bedroom and got a pistol, put a bottle in the baby's mouth and called 911.

"I've got two guns in my hand. Is it OK to shoot him if he comes in this door?" the young mother asked the 911 dispatcher. "I'm here by myself with my infant baby. Can I please get a dispatcher out here immediately?"

The 911 dispatcher confirmed with McKinley that the doors to her home were locked as McKinley asked again if it was OK to shoot the intruder if he came through her door.

"I can't tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby," the dispatcher told her. McKinley was on the phone with 911 for 21 minutes.

When Martin kicked in the door, the young mother shot and killed him. According to court documents, Martin was holding a knife when he died.

Authorities called McKinley's actions justified because she clearly acted in self-defense. Oklahoma law permits the use of deadly force against intruders.

Stewart, who ran away from McKinley's home after hearing the gunshots but later turned himself in to police, was charged in Martin's death.

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Oklahoma Shootout Injures Three Cops; Gunman Killed

Giorgio Fochesato/Vetta/Getty Images(VALLEY BROOK, Okla.) -- Three police officers in Oklahoma were hospitalized with gunshot wounds overnight after responding to an attempted burglary report Thursday evening.  The suspect was shot and killed at the scene, according to authorities.

As ABC News affiliate KOCO-TV reports, the three cops -- two from Oklahoma City and one from Valley Brook -- were injured during a shootout at the Valley Brook City Hall.  Valley Brook police had called Oklahoma City for assistance around 10:45 p.m.

The trio were taken to nearby hospitals and are said to have non-life-threatening injuries. According to KOCO, the Valley Brook officer was released early Friday morning.  Their names have not yet been released.

Police have identified the dead gunman, KOCO reports, but the suspect's name is also being withheld.  An investigation is currently underway.

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Oklahoma Couple Weds at Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation(TULSA, Okla.) -- A Tulsa, Okla., couple whose love story started over a cup of coffee looked no further than their local Starbucks when it came time to tie the knot.

“We fell in love over conversations of coffee,” bride Eva McCarthy Capparello said.

The bride and groom, Carmine Capparello, said “I do” this week at their favorite Starbucks, which moved out the displays to make room for the bridal party and 50 guests.

The couple met on a dating site in 2008, but for two years built a friendship online, trading emails and messages. It wasn’t until the spring of 2010 that they met in person -- for coffee, of course -- and clicked.

“We were friends. We would meet up for coffee, talk and talk for hours and hours over coffee,” Eva Capparello said. “We hung out like that until we just fell in love.”

The store, located at 51st and Harvard in Tulsa, closed for the occasion and gave the bride free reign to decorate.

“They took the artwork off the walls and we put up some of our own photos. They moved the displays out,” Eva said. “We still wanted it to be a Starbucks, but with a personal touch of ours.”

Even though it was Starbucks, the bride didn’t skimp on details, choosing to wear the traditional white dress, have a 10-person bridal party alongside them and feature an impressive cake. For the father-daughter dance, they headed out to the parking lot.

“It was amazing,” she said. “It was intimate, comfortable, everything we wanted.”

The newlywed coffee lovers took off for Destin, Fla., for their honeymoon Wednesday morning. Before they left on their road trip, they shared their first official cup of coffee as a married couple.

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At Least 12 People Hurt After Fans Storm Okla. State’s Stadium

Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock(STILLWATER, Okla.) -- At least a dozen people were injured Saturday after thousands of football fans stormed the field at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater after the school’s win over Oklahoma.

As fans celebrated OSU’s 44-10 victory Saturday night, fans took to the field and tore down goalposts.

Two people were critically injured.

“Somewhere in the course of these fans jumping onto the field, they fell approximately 15-20 ft striking concrete,” said LifeNet EMS Director of Operations Michael Authement.

At least 11 other people suffered injuries that included broken ankles and back sprains.

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Woman Passes Love Note in Burrito to Alleged 13-Year-Old Sex Assault Victim

Cleveland County Police(NORMAN, Okla.) -- A 37-year-old nurse who allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old boy was arrested again this week after sending him a love note wrapped in a burrito, police said.

Amy Blose, a married mother from Norman, Okla., allegedly asked a classmate of the boy to bring him a breakfast burrito she purchased from a restaurant with a note stuck in the wrapper that read, "Hey babe, I love you forever."

Blose had been ordered not to have any contact with the boy, who was the initial alleged victim in the statutory rape case, or anyone younger than 18. Blose, who knew her victim because her children are close in age, was arrested in April after the boy's parents witnessed him getting into her vehicle and contacted police.

Interviews with the boy and his friend showed that Blose and the boy had allegedly engaged in sexual acts multiple times and that Blose had sent him explicit photos of herself. She admitted to police that she sent text messages to the boy that could be misconstrued as sexual in nature, officials said.

Police learned last week that Blose had written the note inside the wrapper of a Sonic breakfast burrito -- the boy's favorite breakfast -- and allegedly asked a 15-year-old girl to give it to him at school. When the boy received the burrito, he notified his parents, who contacted police.

Judge Michael Tapper ordered Blose to be held without bail until November, when a preliminary hearing for her trial has been set.

She faces charges of three counts of rape in the first degree, victim younger than 14; three counts of forcible oral sodomy, victim younger than 16; one count of lewd or indecent acts to a child younger than 16; and one count of performing lewd acts in the presence of a child younger than 16.

She could face a life sentence if convicted on the most serious counts.

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Oklahoma Jail Warden's Wife Found Guilty of Helping Inmate Escape

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstock(OKLAHOMA CITY) -- An Oklahoma jury Wednesday found a prison warden's wife guilty of helping a convicted killer escape jail 17 years ago. The jury spent less than three days deliberating whether Bobbi Parker, 49, had fallen in love with an inmate and helped him escape to run away with her or whether he had drugged and kidnapped her.

The decision came hours after the jurors had visited the home Parker used to share with her husband, Randy Parker, on the prison grounds. The jurors recommended that Parker spend one year in prison on her felony-charge conviction of assisting a prisoner to escape. She was facing a maximum sentence of 10 years.

The jurors' visit stemmed from another inmate's trial testimony that he saw Bobbi Parker get into her family van in 1994 with convicted murderer Randolph Franklin Dial and drive away from the prison while he was pulling weeds nearby. The jurors were granted their request to see the former Parker property as part of their deliberations.

The media were barred from accompanying the jury to the site, although the judge did not explain his reasoning.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys went on the visit, but were kept away from the jurors. Deliberations began on Monday after more than three months of testimony, more than 80 witnesses and more than 800 pieces of evidence.

Parker's defense attorney, Garvin Isaacs, questioned the inmate's honesty and said the photos and video of the property jurors had seen could be misleading.

"If you're there and you have firsthand experience, you don't look at a photograph that has a zoom lens," Isaacs told ABC Oklahoma affiliate KOCO. "Anytime a zoom lens is used, as you guys know, there's a distortion of perception."

Randy Parker was working as a deputy warden at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in 1994 when his wife and Dial, an inmate serving a life sentence for murder, disappeared. The Parkers lived in a house on the prison property, and prosecutors claim that Bobbi Parker met Dial in a prison pottery class that was held in the Parkers' garage.

It took 11 years for investigators to track down Parker and Dial, but they were eventually found in 2005 living in a trailer on a chicken farm in Campti, Texas, under assumed names.

During the trial, Parker's attorney argued that there was no relationship between the two and that Dial kidnapped Parker. But prosecutors said they found photos, emails, handwritten letters and condoms in the trailer that indicated the two were a willing couple.

Both Parker and Dial maintained throughout questioning that he had drugged, kidnapped and held her hostage, but prosecutors aren't buying that story. They believe Parker was in love with Dial and helped him escape.

Dial died in 2007 but maintained until his death that he had kidnapped Parker and held her hostage.

Randy and Bobbi Parker are still married, and Randy said during testimony that he still loved his wife.

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Denver Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Sharia Law Use

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(DENVER) -- A federal appeals court in Denver is poised to hear arguments Monday regarding the use of Sharia law in state court.

A panel of judges from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will eventually decide whether a lower court judge was correct in blocking a 2010 ballot initiative forbidding Oklahoma courts from considering Islamic laws in their decisions.

Sharia law is broadly defined as a body of law based on Islam and its central religious text, the Quran.

The ballot measure passed by a 70 percent margin but was immediately challenged by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  The group argued the measure violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution forbidding the government from favoring one religion over another.

U.S District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange blocked the measure in November of 2010, ruling that any harm that would result from a delay in certifying the election results is “minimized” because the defendants were “not aware of any situation where Sharia Law has been applied in an Oklahoma court.”  Judge Miles-LaGrange said that the challengers were likely to succeed on the merits of their case going forward.

In court documents defending the constitutionality of the measure, lawyers for the Oklahoma Attorney General said its “principle purpose” was to ban the Oklahoma courts from looking at the “precepts of other nations or cultures.”

They argue in court papers that the measure does not single out Sharia law.

“The measure bans, equally, all laws from other nations or cultures, including, but not limited to international law and Sharia law,” according to the court papers.

But opponents of the measure say it “stigmatizes Islam.”

In court briefs, lawyers for CAIR, joined by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), write, “The State of Oklahoma makes no attempt to defend the practice of singling out one religious faith for official condemnation and disability."

“The measure tramples the free exercise rights of a disfavored minority faith and constrains the ability” of Muslims in Oklahoma to “execute valid wills, assert religious liberty claims under the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act, and enjoy equal access to the state judicial system,” they argue.

They point out that Sharia Law is not outlined in any single document but is subject to “individual and communal” interpretations that differ across denominations among Muslims.

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Oklahoma, Texas Wildfires Destroy Dozens of Homes

File photo. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(OKLAHOMA CITY) -- Hundreds of people in Texas and Oklahoma are fleeing their homes as fast-burning wildfires, which have already destroyed more than 25 homes, burn throughout the neighboring states.

The fire, which broke out in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, quickly destroyed around 12 homes and left more than 7,000 residences and businesses in the area without power as utility poles went up in smoke.

At least two injuries were reported, including a woman who was overcome by smoke and a firefighter who was treated for what may have been heat exhaustion, fire department officials said.

Air tankers and helicopters were brought in to help fight the fires, which had been largely contained by Tuesday night. The exact cause of the blaze has not been determined.

In Texas, firefighters worked through the night Tuesday to make progress on a fast-moving blaze in the state's northern section that has already destroyed at least 25 homes in the resort community of Possum Kingdom Lake, about 75 miles west of Fort Worth.

"There are burned foundations all around here," Jim Douglas of ABC affiliate WFAA-TV reported Tuesday from inside the fire zone . "These apartments are clearly going to go to the ground. Volunteer firefighters are trying to save those homes."

The fire began early in the day Tuesday and had spread to an estimated 7,500 acres in Palo Pinto County by late Tuesday night, Texas Forest Service spokesman John Nichols told WFAA.

The fire comes just four months after massive blazes in roughly the same area scorched hundreds of thousands of acres and destroyed 160 homes.

Just as in Oklahoma, the exact cause of the blaze in Texas is not yet known.

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Possible Explosive Device on Gas Pipeline Investigated in Oklahoma

Shane Bevel/Bloomberg via Getty Images(OKEMAH, Okla.) -- Authorities are investigating a possible explosive device which was attached to a gas pipe along an Oklahoma highway, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

The device, which a spokesperson for the Okfuskee County Sheriff's Office told ABC News was "the real thing," was discovered Wednesday morning by an official with Oklahoma's native Muscogee (Creek) Nation outside the small town of Okemah and reported to the sheriff's office.

Bomb technicians from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol along with several agents of the FBI and the sheriff's office responded to the report and were able to remove the device from the pipeline to examine it at an "inert" location, FBI spokesperson Clay Simmonds told ABC News.

"They are currently examining the device and, should it turn out to be a legitimate explosive device, they will render it safe," Simmonds said.

Simmonds described the device as small pipe bomb-like, about one foot by one foot with visible wires and a timing device. While the device is still under careful investigation, Simmonds said that the initial impression by investigators was that it could have only done limited, if any, damage to the pipeline.

A highway that runs parallel to the gas pipe has been closed off and is expected to stay closed until the device has been rendered harmless and investigators sweep for a possible second device, Simmonds said.

Simmonds said there are no suspects at this early stage, but the plan is to start that investigation in earnest once the area is safe.

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