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LA Police Captain Loses His Command Over Body Slammed Nurse

Siri Stafford(LOS ANGELES) -- A Los Angeles Police Department captain has been removed from his command for his handling of an incident in which two of his officers were caught on surveillance tape slamming a handcuffed nurse to the pavement and then apparently fist bumping each other.

Michelle Jordan, 34, from Sunland, Calif., was allegedly pulled over for a cellphone violation on Aug. 21.  A security camera at a Del Taco restaurant shows one of the officers shoving the woman to the ground.  Once she is standing again, she is handcuffed and an officer body slams her to the ground and lands on top of her.

The two officers, who have not been identified, appear to give each other fist bumps after putting the woman in a patrol car.

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement Wednesday he has removed Captain Joseph Hiltner from his command.  The officers involved in the incident have also been removed from field duties while the Internal Affairs Group conducts a criminal and administrative investigation.

Beck said, "I have serious concerns about this incident and I believe the commanding officer of Foothill Area was severely deficient in his response... Proper steps were not taken, including appropriate notifications and the removal of the involved officers from the field."

Hiltner could not be reached for comment.

Attorney S.J. Nazif, who will represent Jordan along with his partner Arthur Corona, told ABC News his team is pleased Beck is taking these steps.  However, Nazif said, it is not enough.

"It falls short of a resolution for our client, who has suffered physically and emotionally at the hands of these officers, and it falls short of providing a resolution of this problem that still plagues the LAPD," Nazif said.

Physicians are examining Jordan's injuries, which ABC News affiliate KABC-TV reports include contusions to her face and body, according to police reports.

Beck has ordered the video of the incident to be played at all roll calls and said commanding officers will attend roll calls and discuss the use of force issues throughout the department.

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OWS Protesters March in New York Against NYPD’s ‘Brutality’

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street supporters marched in New York City on Saturday to protest what they called the NYPD’s “acts of brutality” against demonstrators and to demand the resignation of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly in the wake of what they say were violent crackdowns on activists.

Protesters marched from Zucotti Park to Union Square, chanting, “The people united will never be defeated!”

“Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, we, the people have decided you no longer have a job. Any acts of brutality you order as we act only serve as further evidence of your misconduct,” read a statement on the Occupy Wall Street website.

The statement claimed that last Saturday, police officers kicked, punched and beat OWS protesters during a peaceful “spring celebration.” The demonstrators called today’s march Let Freedom Spring, and said it was an effort to reclaim their right to celebrate spring without being the victims of police brutality.

“They have spied on us, they have assaulted us, they have kidnapped us from the streets without cause or charge. We, the 99% of people who will no longer be silent have chosen to make our voices heard,” OWS wrote of the NYPD.

“The government of every major city where occupations have sprouted … monitor and target electronic communications and persecute, smash, chase away, beat, gas torture and deny rights to protesters,” spokesman William Jesse told ABC News. “They beat thousands and thousands of Americans violently and illegally detain them while doing protected activities. Just like the beating and chasing of blacks in the ’50s, police are tools used in a system to oppress Americans.

“The USA is hosting as many human rights abuses by our local and fed gives. And it’s being ignored by mainstream media and police because Americans are quiet sheep,” Jesse said. “We need to continue rising.”

Protesters to Gather at United Nations Headquarters

At 5 p.m. on Saturday, protesters gathered at the United Nations headquarters in New York in an effort to “expose how corporate influence has superseded strong action on climate and sustainable development in the international community,” Jesse said.

To demonstrate corporations’ hold on the United Nations’ environmental goals, protesters plan to put on a form of street theater by dressing up in business attire to represent the “1 percent” — the richest Americans — and participating in a “mockupation” of the UN.  Jesse said they are hoping to force the NYPD to take action against the “1 percent,” at least in appearance.

Jeremy Brecher, the author of 10 books on labor and social movements, will speak at the event, which OWS said will launch the global “Disrupt Dirty Power” campaign.

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Caught on Tape: Houston Teen Beaten By Police

Photo Courtesy - ABC News | KTRK-TV(HOUSTON) -- A surveillance video shot almost a year ago apparently shows Houston police officers relentlessly beating, kicking and stomping on a teen burglary suspect was just released to the public.

The footage was released by Quanell X, a Houston activist, on Wednesday. It was shown on ABC's Houston station, KTRK-TV.

Right after the attack, "We began to mobilize and organize the community for justice for Mr. Holley and for the community who wanted to view the tape," Quanell X told ABC News. "From day one, I was always subtly threatened by police officers, and the mayor of Houston who made a statement at the very beginning of the case that if anyone possessed a copy of the tape it would be considered theft and would be prosecuted."

The video shows Chad Holley, who was 15 years old at the time, running along a metal fence away from police officers when a police car speeds towards him and cuts him off. The car slams into Holley. Holley's body goes flying across the car onto the ground. His body rolls and he ends up on his stomach. He clamps his hands over his head. Policemen run up to him and begin attacking him. The boy remains limp on the grass while police officers kick him from all sides. Only his feet move, apparently in reaction to the officers' kicks. One police officer then begins stomping on Holley's feet, and some officers kneel down on the ground beside him and start punching him. After being beaten for about two minutes by several police officers, Holley is handcuffed, and then picked up and thrown against the back of the police car.

The footage was captured on March 24, 2010 by a camera at Uncle Bob's Self-Storage. The storage facility sent its surveillance video to the Houston Police Department and the District Attorney within a week of the incident.

Holley was found guilty in October 2010 of stealing cash, jewelry and a keyboard from a Houston townhouse. The surveillance video was not shown at his trial. He was put on probation for two years. His attorney, however, insisted that Holley had nothing to do with the burglary.

After the video was given to the police department last year, eight police officers were suspended without pay. Following separate investigations by the department's Internal Affairs Division and the Harris County District Attorney's Office, four officers -- Andrew Blomberg, Phil Bryan, Raad Hassan and Drew Ryser -- were indicted on misdemeanor official suppression charges and fired from the police department. Hassan and Bryan were also charged with violation of the civil rights of a prisoner.

Three other officers were fired, but not charged, and another five were suspended for two days.

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