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Long Island Serial Killer Hunt: Police Release Sketches of Victims

Suffolk County Police Department(NEW YORK) -- Police released sketches of two unidentified victims dumped on a Long Island beach by at least one serial killer, including a man dressed as a woman and a woman who may have worked as a prostitute.

The skeletal remains of a female toddler found this past April were linked by DNA to the skeletal remains of a woman found seven miles away, police said.

"It is likely that these two individuals were mother and child," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said Tuesday.

In addition to the sketches, Dormer released pictures of jewelry and other personal details about the five unidentified sets of remains found along on a stretch of beach off of Ocean County Parkway in Long Island, N.Y.

"We are hopeful that the release of this additional information will aid our investigation in helping identify the unknown victims and their killer or killers," Dormer said at a press conference.

Since December of last year, New York investigators have found 10 sets of human remains in Suffolk and Nassau County. Five of those remains have been identified as prostitutes, and the rest remain a mystery.

One of the sketches released was of a slightly built male victim who police said was wearing female clothing at the time of his death. Police said the Asian man was between 17 and 23 years old and approximately 5- feet-6. The man was missing both his top and bottom molars and one of his top front teeth, police said.

The death could have occurred between five and 10 years ago, police said.

The toddler is non-Caucasian and was wearing hoop earrings and a rope necklace, Dormer said. She was between 16 and 32 months old. The child's adult relative had two bracelets on when she was murdered, one bracelet with Xs and Os with stones resembling diamonds and a snake chain, police said.

The two could have disappeared between one and five years ago, police said.

Another victim identified as Jane Doe 6 was described as having been between the ages of 18 and 35 and approximately 5-feet-2. Her head, hands and right foot were recovered on April 4. Dormer said that DNA taken from those remains were linked to a torso found in Manorville, N.Y., in November 2000. A sketch showed a Caucasian woman with hair to her shoulders.

"To narrow the focus this woman would have been last seen alive in the late summer or fall in 2000…Consider that this woman may have been working as a prostitute in New York City during that time … This woman may have had a tattoo or other identifiable characteristic on her right ankle," Dormer said.

A forensic artist is working on a third sketch of a woman whose legs were found in April. DNA from her remains has been linked to remains discovered on Fire Island in Nassau County, N.Y., in 1996.

Suffolk County police, who are being assisted by Nassau County cops as well as state police and the FBI, have been tight lipped about the investigation. Law enforcement sources told ABC News that all of the victims appear to have been slain elsewhere, dismembered and transported to the beaches for disposal.

Four of the identified bodies were found wrapped in burlap in December 2010 and were prostitutes. They have been identified as Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Lynn Costello. All of the women advertised their services on Craigslist.

The most recent set of remains to be identified belonged to prostitute Jessica Taylor. In April, authorities recovered Taylor's skull and hands. The rest of her body had been found 30 miles away in Manorville, N.Y., in 2003, the same area where Jane Doe 6's torso was found.

Dormer made an appeal for help from New York City's escorts.

"We also want to reach out to the people in the escort business to come forward with information. We are not interested in their occupation and feel that their information will be very valuable to this investigation," Dormer said.

The Suffolk Police have not identified any suspects in the killing and will not say how many killers they believe may have used the beach as a dumping ground.

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NY Police Sketch Lookalike Wrongly Jailed for Seven Months

Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- All charges have been dropped against a New York man who was jailed for almost seven months after he was "recognized" from a police sketch and four mugging victims picked him out of a lineup.

Charges were dropped on Thursday after cellphone records and activity on his MySpace page during times that the muggings occurred showed he was not near the scenes of the crimes.

Lanell Dowling, 26, was arrested on April 3, 2010 and accused of four counts of robbery for mugging four older women in Brooklyn, N.Y. over the course of two days in March 2010.

After the release of a police sketch of the assailant, a tipster called police to say that the sketch looked like Dowling and police tracked him down.

Dowling was living with his mother Denise Dowling, 47, a Greyhound Bus driver. She said that after arriving home at 4 a.m. from a long shift, police showed up at her house at 6 a.m. looking for her son. She told police that her son was at his girlfriend's house in Queens and gave them the address. When Denise Dowling called her son, he said he would go to the police precinct because he said he had nothing to do with the crime.

Lanell Dowling said that he was "grabbed on the street" by the police on his way to the precinct and taken to a line-up. All four mugging victims picked Dowling out of a line up, but his attorney, Jay Schwitzman, said that his client was the only one in the line-up that looked remotely like the sketch.

The 67th police precinct in Brooklyn said they could not comment on the case unless the New York Police Department's public information office gave them permission. Requests for comment from the NYPD were unanswered.

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