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Missile Defense Porn: Watching the Wrong Bombshells

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- A top official at the government agency charged with protecting America from incoming nuclear missiles recently had to order his employees to keep their eyes on the sky and off pornographic websites they had accessed on secure computers.

As first reported by Bloomberg News, Missile Defense Agency Executive Director John James Jr. wrote in a July 27 memo that employees and contractors had potentially put the security of the MDA network at risk by visiting unauthorized websites and watching, and sharing, sexually explicit content.

“These actions are not only unprofessional, they reflect time taken away from designated duties, are in clear violation of federal and DoD [Department of Defense] regulations, consume network resources and can compromise the security of the network though the introduction of malware or malicious code,” he wrote. Those found in violation could potentially lose their security clearance, be suspended or dismissed from service at the MDA, the memo said, according to Bloomberg.

MDA spokesperson Rick Lehner told ABC News the agency-wide memo “reflects standard policy used by both government agencies and private industry” and said that of the 8,000-odd employees of the MDA, “less than a half-dozen” were involved in the alleged misconduct.

“Employees should not access inappropriate Internet sites for pornography, gambling, video games and unauthorized music and video sites, to name a few. If they do, there are consequences, including possible loss of security clearances and termination,” he said.

Though pornography websites have a reputation for hosting malware that can potentially infect visitors’ computers, Lehner said that at no time was the MDA network compromised.

“MDA has a highly-advanced monitoring system to detect intrusions, access to inappropriate websites, viruses and malware downloads, and it worked as designed,” he said.

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California Teacher Put on Leave for Allegedly Moonlighting as Porn Star

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(OXNARD, Calif.) -- A California science teacher who allegedly moonlighted as a porn star has been put on leave after fellow teachers used their smartphones to find the woman’s film credits.

The identity of the seventh- and eighth-grade teacher was not released by the Oxnard School District, which is meeting Wednesday night to discuss the matter.

In the meantime, the school district sent a letter to parents. The letter, obtained by ABC News, advises parents that no students are involved in the scandal, but asks them to strictly monitor students so they do not access these sites that the letter says “contain extremely graphic and inappropriate pornographic material.”

The letter particularly asks parents to make sure their children do not share links or content on Facebook or other social networking sites.

Rumors of the teacher’s acting sideline started as gossip among students last Friday, but once these rumors reached administrators, they decided to take action.

“Some students at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School started a rumor that one of the teachers at the school was involved in pornography,” Oxnard School District Superintendent Jeff Chancer told ABC News.

Administrators were unable to find the alleged movies because software within school computers prohibited access to inappropriate sites. After they could not verify the claims, administrators sent a memo assuring the school community this was all just a rumor.

However, teachers at the school searched sites on their smartphones, which could bypass the school’s protective firewall, and found X-rated material supposedly featuring their colleague.

“Administrators looked at the videos and they felt that it may be one of their teachers. So they contacted the district and we investigated it,” Chancer told ABC News.

“We contacted the teacher over the weekend, met with her on Monday morning, and at 8 a.m. we placed her on administrative leave,” he said.

The Oxnard School District will meet Wednesday night at a regularly scheduled board meeting and will discuss the future investigation and further action that will be taken.

“We will be talking about this situation in a closed session,” Chancer told ABC News.

“We are investigating the allegation now. We are working with legal counselors to determine which way we will go with it.”

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Couple Records Sex for Money to Support Toddler

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- When one couple found themselves in financial dire straits, they turned to performing live sex sessions streamed to a pornography website to pay the bills and support their 20-month-old daughter.

Tyler, 24, and Berkley, 21, who did not want their last name revealed, said they can usually make about $1,000 a week from doing five nights of amateur porn via webcam around midnight.

Their story is featured in "Amateur Porn," the first episode of Season 2 of Our America with Lisa Ling, which premieres Sunday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

"We did it once together, that first night," Tyler said. "Within 30 minutes we had made, like, $300. And I was like, I'm done with the normal 40-hour week. I'm done."

The website that hosts their videos is just one of 24 million pornographic sites on the Internet. Tyler and Berkley's clients will pay up to $7 a minute. About 75 percent of that goes to the hosting website, but the couple said it was still worth it because the money allows them to live comfortably.

Hair pulling, biting and ordering each other around are just some of the strangest things the couple said people have asked them to do during their live sessions. It's all filmed in their bedroom while their daughter sleeps in a different part of the house.

"We keep a baby monitor turned down really low so if we do hear a rustling or anything...we'll sign out, go tend to her and usually come right back to work," Tyler said.

The downside: The couple says the reality of performing sex for work is that it takes away their desire to be intimate in the off-hours.

"Because it is a job for us to have sex with one another, sex outside of work doesn't really happen," Tyler said. "It's a total sex killer."

Tyler and Berkley had been dating on and off for about five years when Berkley got pregnant at age 19. Even though they both had jobs, the couple struggled to make ends meet and their parents couldn't offer any financial help.

Doing amateur porn, they said, was a way to provide for their daughter and be responsible parents. Tyler added that their goal is to eventually make enough money to go to college or trade school and stop doing porn -- hopefully, he said, before their daughter is old enough to start school.

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Porn Prompts School Yearbook Recall

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(BIG BEAR CITY, Calif.) -- Yearbooks are supposed to house happy high school memories, not child pornography. But that's what officials believe they found amid the annual photos of Big Bear High School students.

"It appeared the male's hand was under the woman's clothing," San Bernardino County Sheriff spokesperson Cindy Bachman told ABC News.

On page 85, a photo of a school dance at the school in Big Bear Lake, Calif., shows a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy who appear to be engaged in a sex act that may have involved penetration.

The school and San Bernardino County detectives began recalling the yearbooks Tuesday and cutting out the picture. The school also offered to reimburse students if they choose to return the yearbook.

Bear Valley Unified School District issued a statement saying: "It was discovered that a background of one of the pictures contained material that was inappropriate. School and district administration are conducting an investigation into the matter and will take appropriate action based on their finding."

Child pornography is "the visual depiction of a person under the age of 18 engaged in sexually explicit conduct" according to federal law.

Most of the students have returned the yearbook for editing.

The Bear Valley School District declined further comment.

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Porn at the SEC: Agency Watchdog Investigates More Employees

Comstock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission still has a porn problem.

A new report from the SEC's inspector general David Kotz details how three employees and a contractor were caught checking out porn at work, the latest string of incidents uncovered by the agency's watchdog. Kotz only launches investigations after the SEC's security system flags employees for repeated attempts to access porn websites, but as he outlines in his new semi-annual report to Congress, he recently conducted probes into four workers.

In October of last year, Kotz looked into a staff accountant at the agency's Washington headquarters who used his work computer to try to access porn "hundreds of times." The employee successfully managed to get to "numerous sexually explicit photographs from his SEC computer, including graphic depictions of sexual acts," Kotz found, noting that much of the porn activity occurred during work hours. The employee initially did not deny that he had used his work computer to access the material, but later declined to testify as part of the inspector general's investigation. The probe culminated in Kotz recommending disciplinary action against the employee, including removal from his job. As of the end of March, SEC management had proposed that the employee be removed. 

But the staff accountant wasn't the only one at the SEC looking for porn on the clock.

Two other SEC employees and one contractor for the agency also were the subjects of investigations by Kotz's office. One of the employees -- an attorney who works at the agency's headquarters -- tried to access porn repeatedly during a two-month period. He was rebuffed by the agency's security system hundreds of times, but in "many instances" he was successful in getting to the sexually explicit images. The attorney later resigned.

Another attorney at headquarters was also on the prowl for porn at work. He used his work computer to access "inappropriate images of partially or fully nude women," according to Kotz -- a total of at least 70 images. The employee refused to testify as part of the investigation. As of the end of March, SEC management had recommended that he be removed from his post.

The contractor, meanwhile, used his SEC computer to check out numerous sexually explicit images, "including graphic depictions of sexual acts," Kotz found. When confronted by the IG's office, the contractor admitted to accessing the porn and had his contract with the SEC terminated by agency management.

It's not the first time Kotz has uncovered a slew of SEC employees spending their work hours looking at porn. Back in April of last year, Kotz released a report outlining how employees were checking out pornographic websites at the same time as the financial crisis was unfolding -- and when Bernie Madoff was swindling investors out of tens of billions of dollars.

The 2010 report, conducted at the request of Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, found 31 serious porn offenders at the SEC during a two-and-a-half-year period. While that was only a tiny fraction of the SEC's 3,500 employees, 17 of the alleged porn offenders were senior officers at the agency, making up to $222,000 a year. One senior attorney spent up to eight hours per day accessing porn, even filling boxes in his office with CDs and DVDs that contained porn that he had downloaded. Another employee -- an accountant -- tried to access porn sites a staggering 16,000 times in one month.

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FBI Warns That Sex Offenders Might Use Barbies to Lure Kids

Photo Courtesy - AFP/Getty Images(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) -- The FBI is warning against the potential misuse of a Barbie doll with video recording capabilities, cautioning that the popular toy could make it easier for sex offenders to surreptitiously film child pornography.

In a memo from the FBI that was mistakenly released to the press and obtained by ABC News, the FBI warned that the Barbie known as "Video Girl" could be a "pornography production method."  The doll is equipped with the ability to capture thirty minutes of footage through a concealed camera in the necklace worn by Barbie.

FBI Special Agent Steve Dupre from the Sacramento Field Office, where the memo -- dubbed a "Cyber Crime Alert" -- originated, declined to comment.

Mattel, the manufacturer of the doll, said in a written statement that the FBI has not said that there have been any incidents of this doll "being used as anything other than intended."

But law enforcement sources close to the investigation into the doll tell ABC News that Barbie dolls have been known to be used by sexual predators looking for ways to attract their young victims.  The combination of the concealed camera and the popular toy concerned officials, according to the source, who said law enforcement agencies nationwide were immediately made aware of the product.

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