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Missouri Powerball Jackpot Winner to Come Forward

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- One of the two winners of the record $587.5 million Powerball jackpot will be announced at a news conference on Friday, according to Missouri Lottery officials.

The Missouri ticket was sold at the only gas station in the tiny town of Dearborn, which has a population of 496.  Many residents there hope the new multi-millionaire is a neighbor that understands the needs of the small farming town and will be able to help invest in the community that has been ravaged by a drought this past summer.

The other winning ticket was sold in Arizona at the 4 Sons Market, a convenience store in Fountain Hills, a suburb of Phoenix.  The winner has not yet come forward, and lottery officials will only say that the ticket was sold sometime Wednesday.  

Officials apparently know exactly when the ticket was sold, but are reluctant to release that information because they don’t want people reviewing the convenience store’s surveillance cameras to learn who the winner might be.

Both winners will split the big prize, which comes to $293.75 million apiece.  If they decide to take the cash payout, they will each receive $192.875 million before taxes.

The Multi-State Lottery Association says Wednesday night’s drawing also produced 58 $1 million winning tickets and eight $2 million tickets.

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Winning Tickets for Powerball Jackpot Sold in Arizona, Missouri

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Winning tickets for the record Powerball jackpot worth more than $587 million were purchased in Arizona and Missouri.

Missouri Lottery official Susan Goedde confirmed to ABC News Thursday morning that one of the winning tickets was purchased in the state, but they would not be announcing a town until later Thursday morning. 

Powerball's website reports the other winning ticket was purchased in Arizona.

Arizona lottery officials said they had no information on that state's winner or winners but would announce where it was sold during a news conference later in the day.

The winning numbers for the jackpot were 5, 23, 16, 22 and 29.  The Powerball was 6. 

Before the numbers were drawn on Wednesday, the jackpot swelled to $587.5 million, according to lottery official Sue Dooley.  The two winners will split the jackpot each getting $293.75 million.  The cash payout is $192.5 million each.

An additional 8,924,123 players won smaller prizes, according to Powerball's website.

"There were 58 winners of $1 million and there were eight winners of $2 million.  So a total of $74 million," said Chuck Strutt, Director of the Multi-State Lottery Association.

Hopeful players bought tickets at the rate of 131,000 every minute up until an hour before the deadline of 11 p.m. ET, according to lottery officials.

The jackpot had already rolled over 16 consecutive times without a winner.  That fact, plus the doubling in price of a Powerball ticket, accounted for the unprecedented richness of the pot.

"Back in January, we moved Powerball from being a $1 game to $2," said Mary Neubauer, a spokeswoman at the game's headquarters in Iowa.  "We thought at the time that this would mean bigger and faster-growing jackpots."

That proved true.  The total, she said, began taking "huge jumps -- another $100 million since Saturday."  It then jumped another $50 million.

The biggest Powerball pot on record until now -- $365 million -- was won in 2006 by eight Lincoln, Neb., co-workers.

Lottery officials put the odds of winning the $587.5 million Powerball pot at one in 175 million, meaning you'd have been 25 times more likely to win an Academy Award.

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No Powerball Winner; Jackpot Grows to Record $425 Million

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The Powerball jackpot has swelled to $425 million, the largest in the lottery’s history, after no tickets matched the winning numbers in a drawing Saturday night.

The Powerball numbers for Saturday were 22-32-37-44-50, and the Powerball was 34.

Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer said the jackpot could get even bigger before Wednesday, because sales tend to increase in the run-up to a big drawing.

The previous top windfall was $365 million. The jackpot was claimed by eight co-workers in Lincoln, Neb., in 2006.

While millions of Americans can have fun dreaming about how they’d spend the jackpot, the odds of winning are 1 in 175,000,000, according to lottery officials.

To put that in perspective, a ticket holder is 25 times less likely to win the jackpot then they are to win an Academy Award.

Even still, the old saying holds true: “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

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