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Gerald Ford Honored with Statue at Capitol

Tom Williams/Roll Call(WASHINGTON) -- A statue honoring the late President Gerald Ford was dedicated Tuesday in the rotunda at the U.S. Capitol building.

Speaking at the ceremony on Tuesday, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell praised Ford’s leadership during the bitter days after Watergate, when McConnell said Americans had lost confidence in its government.

“That bitterness has yielded to a sense of pride that America, in her resilience, bounced back,” McConnell said. He said that Americans were overcome with “a sense of gratitude to the man who steadied the ship of state when scandal came.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi recalled Ford’s 1993 visit to the Capitol, when he celebrated his 90th birthday.

“He was like a rock star,” Pelosi said Tuesday. “Everyone surrounded him.  It he moved through the chamber, it was just...he was engulfed by members.”

Ford, who served as the 38th president, died in 2006 after suffering a number of health complications.

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