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Lauren Scruggs Rejects $200K Settlement in Propeller Accident

ABC News(DALLAS) -- Injured model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs, who is recovering from a Dec. 3 plane propeller accident in which she lost her left hand and left eye, rejected a $200,000 settlement offer from the plane’s insurance company and will sue for more, according to court documents.

Legal documents obtained by Courthouse News Service that were filed by Scruggs in Dallas County, Texas, on March 12 claim that representatives from the insurance company verbally offered to pay her a total of $200,000 -- two sub-limit payments of $100,000 from two separate policies that covered the plane involved in the accident.

The 23-year-old model and fashion editor had just landed after viewing Christmas lights from above on Dec. 3 when she walked into a moving airplane propeller at a private airport north of Dallas.  The pilot, defendant Curt Richmond, left the propeller running while Scruggs exited the plane. According to a preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Administration in January, the pilot claims he tried to warn Scruggs and told her walk behind the airplane. The spinning propeller sliced off her hand and doctors were forced to remove her left eye weeks later.

Scruggs underwent intensive physical therapy, was fitted with a prosthetic eye last month and has met with prosthetic arm experts, according to her mother Cheryl Scruggs, who has documented her daughter's struggles and recovery on her blog.

In the court papers, Scruggs said that the plane's insurance company, Aggressive Insurance Services, explained that under the policies, the $100,000 sub-limit is the most they can pay out to a "passenger."

Scruggs believes that she was not a "passenger" because "she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it at the time of the incident," and should not be limited to the $100,000 passenger sub-limit.

Both policies define the term "passenger" as "...any person, other than the pilot, who is in the Aircraft or getting in or out of it."

While the insurance company holds that you remain a "passenger" after you exit the plane and are on the tarmac, Scruggs is challenging that definition. Scruggs has asked for the court for declaratory judgment -- to determine the interpretation of the term "passenger" and "getting out of" the plane, as well as cover court costs, attorney fees and "all other relief to which plaintiff is entitled."

Her lawyer had no immediate response to ABC News' request for comment.

Scruggs has picked up the pieces of her life since the accident. She resumed writing fashion commentary on her LoLo website, took to Twitter and shared photos of a family ski vacation last month.

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Fundraiser Held for Model Recovering from Propeller Accident

ABC News(PLANO, Texas) -- Friends and community members came out for a fundraiser Tuesday night to assist model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs with her medial bills after an accident with a plane propeller sliced off her hand and left her face disfigured.

The event, which took place at Sambucco 360 in Plano, Texas, featured a silent auction where local businesses donated gifts including a pearl necklace and earrings, while a local restaurant donated a cocktail party for 12.

"Tonight is about celebrating -- it is about celebrating that Lauren Scruggs is going to come back 10 times stronger than she was before this accident," LeeAnne Locken, the night's emcee, told the crowd gathered on Tuesday.

Scruggs was badly injured on Dec. 3 when she walked into a moving plane propeller that sliced through her face, shoulder and left hand.  She had just gotten off of the plane where she was viewing Christmas lights from above with a friend.

The communications graduate, who worked on the set of the hit TV series Gossip Girl, has been in severe pain since the accident and on Dec. 15 doctors performed surgery to remove her left eye.  Through it all, Scruggs and her family have remained positive, as she makes strides in her recovery -- walking, biking, even picking out her clothes and dressing herself.

"I'm really here for them -- it's a difficult time for them -- Lauren's got a long road ahead in recovery -- they're just a genuine family," attendee Eric Krisher said Tuesday night.

"By the grace of God, Lauren is doing amazingly well.  It is truly a miracle to think of how far she has come in such a short amount of time," Janee Harrell, Scruggs' friend told ABC News.  "Her mind and her outlook and her spirit is amazing … her beauty is truly from within."

Scruggs is working hard on occupational therapy now, and her pain is getting better every day.  Her family continues to pray that it will keep improving, and they say she is looking for natural alternatives to the pain medication she is on now.

Tuesday night's fundraiser reportedly raised over $10,000 for Scruggs.

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Model Lauren Scruggs Rapidly Recovering from Propeller Accident

ABC News(DALLAS) -- Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old Texas woman who accidentally walked into an airplane propeller, is now not only walking her way through rehab, she is eating her favorite foods, picking out clothes to wear and even working out on an exercise bike following surgery to remove her left eye.

Scruggs, who was badly injured in the accident 17 days ago when a moving airplane propeller sliced through the left side of her face and shoulder and severed her left hand, is making a rapid recovery, according to her family.  She walked into the propeller after viewing Christmas lights above Dallas on Dec. 3.

The model and fashion blogger is freely walking around the Dallas hospital where she is recovering, showering and dressing herself and riding a stationary bike.

The young woman's steps forward after last week's surgery to remove her left eye are providing hope for her family, who told reporters shortly after the accident that they didn't think she'd survive the tragedy.

"She really shouldn't be alive, so we feel blessed in that and although she has some challenges ahead, we're lucky to have her," her mother Cheryl Scruggs said.

Both Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs remain optimistic about their daughter's recovery.  In a web posting entitled "Miracle After Miracle, " Cheryl Scruggs writes that Lauren is responding "stunningly" and that she "has a healthy appetite and is eating well."

"Lo," as her family and friends affectionately call her, had just landed with a girlfriend after viewing Christmas lights from above in a small prop plane piloted by a family friend.  The young communications graduate, who had started a fashion website called Lolo and had worked in the wardrobe department of the TV show Gossip Girl, is thought to have turned to say a final goodbye to the pilot when the accident occurred.

The Federal Aviation Administration continues to investigate the accident.  The pilot, Kurt Richmond of Frisco, Texas, has not answered repeated requests for an interview. ABC News has learned that the Scruggs family does not blame Richmond for the accident.

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Lauren Scruggs Tragedy: Injured Model Now Eating, Walking on Own

ABC News(DALLAS) -- For the first time since Lauren Scruggs walked into the spinning propeller of a plane, the 23-year-old model and fashion blogger is now eating solid foods and walking the hallways of a Dallas hospital on her own in what her parents have called "a miracle."

Scruggs of Plano, Texas, accidentally walked into the propeller of a small plane after viewing Christmas lights above Dallas Dec. 3. The propeller sliced into her face and shoulder and severed her left hand.

She is now able to eat some of her favorite foods again, including sweet potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, her father said.

"It's just a miracle to see the progress that she's been making," Jeff Scruggs said. "She's got her spunk back, her personality."

Her father and friends have been posting updates on Scruggs' recovery at, and the latest blog indicates that she is now able to walk on her own. She was first able to walk down a hall last week with the help of a physical therapist, according to her family.

Although she is more alert and talking now, doctors at Dallas' Parkland Hospital remain concerned she might still lose her left eye, but are pleased with the healing of her facial nerves.

Although she still has a long way to go, Scruggs is now taking her own steps down the road to recovery. Her family has set up a donation fund for her, and donations can be made at any Frost Bank to the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund.

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Lauren Scruggs Tragedy: Propeller Accident Victim Takes First Steps

ABC News(DALLAS) -- Lauren Scruggs' recovery from losing her left hand and damaging her head and face after walking into the propeller of a small plane is progressing quickly -- so much so that she's walking with the help of a physical therapist.

The model and fashion blogger walked down a hall on Wednesday at the Dallas hospital where she is being treated, according to her family. Halfway through her first walk since she was struck by the propeller Saturday night, Scruggs said the number 30. When her parents and twin sister asked what she meant, the 23-year-old said "steps." She had been counting the whole time.

Scruggs had just landed with a girlfriend after viewing Christmas lights from above in a small prop plane piloted by a family friend. Peter Wasserman and Luke Dixon are the two paramedics who responded to treat her after the accident that severed her hand and sliced the left side of her face and shoulder when she walked into the propeller.

"I could hear her as soon as I got out of the ambulance, so I was thinking maybe not that bad. ...I mean, hey, she's awake," Wasserman said. "Then we got over there and saw the extent of her injuries. It was one of those things that kind of just takes your breath away."

The veteran paramedics say they have never seen injuries like Scruggs'. They said that as they lifted her into the medical helicopter, they didn't have much hope.

"We knew her airway was OK, she was talking to us, answering our questions," Dixon said. "So it went to immediately to controlling her bleeding. That was our number one priority in trying to stabilize her."

"We honestly didn't expect her to survive," Wasserman said. "The extent of her injuries, the lacerations she had to her head, the skull fracture. …We thought for sure there would be significant brain damage. I was praying as soon as I got there."

Doctors treating Scruggs at Dallas' Parkland Hospital caution that the young woman is still at risk for infection, might still lose her left eye, and will almost certainly not have her model good looks again.

For her family, however, and the men who helped save her, that she's talking and now walking is nothing short of miraculous. Dixon said he is paying attention to Scruggs' recovery.

"A lot of times you don't find out what happens to your patients," he said. "In this instance, with such a significant injury, it's nice to know she's doing considerably better."

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Parents Speak Out After Model's Propeller Accident

Courtesy Caring Bridge(NEW YORK) -- The parents of model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs said on Tuesday that their daughter is responsive and making a slow recovery after she suffered severe injuries from accidentally walking into the propeller of a small plane.

Scruggs, from Plano, Texas, edits an online fashion magazine and had also worked in the wardrobe department of the TV show Gossip Girl.  The 23-year-old suffered horrific injuries, including the loss of her hand, Saturday night after she had just finished riding in a single-engine plane to get an aerial view of Christmas lights with a friend.

The pilot had landed at a private airport north of Dallas when Scruggs exited the plane and walked directly into its propeller.  The blades sliced the left side of her face and shoulder and severed her left hand.  She is now stable at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

"Yesterday was a good day, there was a lot of really positive progress," Jeff Scruggs, Lauren's father, said on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday.  "They took out her tube in the afternoon.  She didn't speak right away...I said Lauren will you say 'hi' to Daddy, and she goes, 'hi.'  Later she told one of Cheryl's sisters that she loves her.  It's so encouraging to us.  She's really uncomfortable as you can imagine."

Scruggs, who started a fashion website Lolo, was not drinking at the time of the accident, according to her parents.  While it was dark out, investigators aren't sure why Scruggs didn't see the propeller.  Her family thinks she may have turned back to thank the pilot when she walked right into it.

"It was a really horrible accident," Jeff Sruggs said on GMA.  "I've been told she got out of the plane afterwards.  And I'm guessing she went up to thank the pilot.  She would have been grateful for him taking her up to see the Christmas lights around Dallas."

Cheryl Scruggs, Lauren's mother, told GMA that she was at the small airport at the time of the accident.

"I was inside, and someone came in and told me she had gotten hit," she said, holding back tears.  "I was there until the care flight got there.  I was just able to hold her and … that's the toughest part of it all, just seeing her waiting there and waiting for the help.  All I could do was tell her that I love her."

Her family says they believe it will only be a matter of time before the young communications major is back doing what she loves.

"They're telling us it's going to be a long recovery," Jeff Scruggs said.  "Obviously she's had a lot of trauma to her head, and she lost her left hand and her left eye is questionable.  We're praying she'll regain her sight."

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Model Survives After Being Struck by Plane Propeller

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(DALLAS) -- Model Lauren Scruggs was able to respond to voice commands on Monday by moving her arms and legs, less than two days after the 23-year-old walked into the propeller of a small airplane, leaving her body severely mangled.

Scruggs had just got off of a two-seater plane at a private airport in McKinney, Texas, Saturday night after looking at Christmas lights when she ran into the plane’s propeller.  Her left hand, shoulder and face were hit.

The model, who also founded a lifestyle magazine, was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where her left hand was amputated.  She underwent several surgeries over the weekend and is now in stable condition.  But the extent of her brain injury is still not known, family spokesperson Janee Harrell told ABC News.

How Scruggs ran into the propeller remains unclear.

“It’s speculative at this point, but what we’re thinking is the plane landed and they were picking up the next passengers,” Harrell said.  “It was dark and we think she probably turned around to thank the pilot.”

Harrell said Scruggs was not drinking at the time of the incident.

ABC News aviation consultant John Nance said incidents such as Scruggs’ are extremely rare and underscore the need for pilots to be especially clear in issuing safety directions.

“It sounds like this is a combination of a bad procedure by the pilot and the passenger not properly realizing her proximity,” Nance said.  “One of the things I’d have to look at is why in the world a pilot permitted a passenger to board or deboard while a propeller was turning.”

For now, Scruggs’ recovery remains uncertain, but Nance said the model is extremely lucky.

“It’s like walking into a big Cuisinart,” he said.  “I’m surprised it didn’t tear her in half.”

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