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Girl Reunited with Stolen Puppy After Offering Piggy Bank Reward

Courtesy Mabanag Family(SAN FRANCISCO) -- A 10-year-old girl who offered everything in her piggy bank to get her 5-month-old puppy Meeko back finally got her wish.

Marissa Mabanag was reunited Thursday with Meeko, her shih tzu-yorkie mix, after a woman spotted the puppy in a Walmart parking lot in Los Banos, Calif., more than 100 miles from the family’s San Jose, Calif., home.  Blanca Del Real came forward, saying a woman gave her the puppy after finding it wandering around in the parking lot, according to ABC News affiliate KGO-TV.

“I just found him and I don’t know whose he is,” said Del Real.

Meeko was stolen from Mabanag’s home on Monday along with thousands of dollars worth of electronics.  Despite all the goods that were missing, it was Meeko that weighted heavily on the minds of the Mabanag family. Mabanag issued a public plea for help in locating her lost pup.

“Thank you to everybody who made this happen,” said Mabanag Thursday.  “I can’t believe he is in my arms.”

In June, Meeko was a surprise for gift for Mabanag’s last day of school.  Mabanag named her after the raccoon in the film Pocahontas.

“I am so happy he’s back with my family.  That is all I care about,” said Mabanag.

The police and fire unions put together a $5,000 reward for Meeko’s return and Councilman Ash Kalra kicked the reward up to $6,000.

Del Real accepted their reward but declined to take Mabanag’s piggy bank, according to KGO.

“This is not just a dog, it’s not money, it’s my daughter’s heart,” said Mabanag’s mother, Marie.

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Puppy Survives Euthanasia Attempt, Now Hundreds Look to Adopt

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(SULPHUR, Okla.) -- Hundreds of people across the nation and beyond are trying to adopt a puppy in Sulphur, Okla., that survived an attempt to euthanize it.

Animal Control Officer Scott Prall arrived at the local animal shelter at the end of his shift Feb. 18 where he found six or seven malnourished puppies. His supervisor instructed him to kill the dogs because the local shelter was overcrowded. There were 22 dogs in a facility with only 12 cages.

Prall injected each puppy, along with two larger abandoned dogs, with two supposedly lethal doses of a sedative. The first was given in the foreleg and the other was injected into the heart, meant to ensure the dogs' deaths.

"Each dog had a shot administered into them," he said. "We all figured the shot would basically put them down because of their weight and everything."

The dogs were pronounced dead by a doctor who checked them thoroughly for any signs of life. None of the dogs had a heartbeat. Prall placed all of the bodies into a large trash container that was set to be emptied the next day, putting the bigger dogs' bodies on top of the smaller puppies'.

Prall left after that and returned the next day, expecting the trash container to be empty. He was not only surprised to find that it hadn't been emptied but that one of the puppies was alive.

"That dog, he was just sitting on top of the other dogs," he said. "Just sitting on top, just looking at me."

Prall was amazed that the puppy had survived not only the injections but other conditions as well.

"He wound up surviving in the 30s during the night, and wound up surviving two large dogs being put on top of him," he said.

He immediately took the puppy to veterinary technician Amanda Kloski, who noted the dog's story on an adoption website, catching the attention of Marcia Machtiger of Pittsburgh, who donated $100 so Kloski could board the dog for a week.

The dog was given the name Wall-E by a little girl from Sulphur, after the lone survivor on Earth in the Disney movie of the same name.

Machtiger promptly posted the story on her Facebook page.

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