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Mom Accused of Giving Toddler Beer at Restaurant

ABC News (PHOENIX) -- A Phoenix mom was arrested after she allegedly put beer in her toddler’s sippy cup and a witness claimed the child fell out of his chair in a possible state of intoxication.

Officers arrested Valerie Marie Topete, 36, after they were called to a Peter Piper restaurant in Phoenix by witnesses who said they saw the mother of three pouring beer into her 2-year-old son’s sippy cup.

“Witnesses further stated the child did drink from the cup after the suspected beer was poured and, at one point, the suspect left the child alone with the alcohol in the cup.”

Topete said she gave her son beer after he “kept reaching” for the pitcher on the table. She initially denied her son drank from the cup but later said it was possible he could have, police said in a statement.

Officers determined the contents of the cup were “consistent with beer” and arrested Topete on one count of child abuse.

Her son was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, police said.

Topete’s other two children, ages 8 and 4 years old, were released into the care of their father.

ABC News was unable to reach Topete for comment.

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Missing LA Exec Possibly Spotted With Woman in Restaurant

Gavin Smith, 57, left, has gone missing. (ABC News)(LOS ANGELES) -- A Hollywood movie executive, who mysteriously disappeared earlier this month from a female friend's home, may have been spotted eating at a restaurant with a woman, according to a new report.

Gavin Smith, the 57-year-old father and husband who went missing on May 2, allegedly stopped at the southern California restaurant Taco Temple on the night of May 7, an eyewitness told NBC4 of Madison, Wisc.

David Brill, of Madison, told his local news station that he was traveling on business to Morro Bay, Calif., when he noticed a tall, blond-haired man matching Smith's description with a female companion.

"The next morning in the office, I noticed on the Yahoo main page that there was a news link to a missing Hollywood executive. I happened to click on the link, saw the photo, and said, 'Oh boy, that's the guy I saw in the restaurant the previous night,'" Brill said.

Smith was reported missing by his wife when he failed to pick up his son one Wednesday morning to take him to school and then did not call into work or his family. Smith's wife, children, and sister previously told ABC News that the former UCLA basketball star and 20th Century Fox movie executive would never abandon his family.

Brill was unable to be reached for confirmation by ABC News, but the TV station also reported that a waitress at the Taco Temple in Morro Bay confirmed Brill's sighting.

Marcy Carney said that she chatted with Smith and the woman while she waited on them.

"They were kind of quiet when they first came in and then once I got them talking, they seemed real friendly," Carney told the station.

She said that Smith said he would be staying in town for a night or two and then heading "up north." He paid for the food in cash and told Carney to keep the change, according to the report.

The restaurant told ABC News that they have a surveillance camera, but would not release the tape. Carney was not able to be reached by ABC News on Friday.

The family would not say why Smith, an 18-year veteran in the movie industry who has helped distribute movies such as Avatar and the Star Wars trilogy, was staying with a family friend in Oak Park, Calif. He had returned earlier that day from a movie convention in Las Vegas and was supposed to stay the night there, but the family said it was unusual that he left that home at 10 p.m. without warning.

"They had already gone to bed," Lisa Smith said. "So he was still downstairs watching TV when our friend went to bed. And he was going to be coming up to bed shortly."

The Smiths told ABC News that Gavin Smith's cell phone charger, shaving kit, and other belongings were all at the friend's house where he was staying. He was last seen wearing purple workout pants that had belonged to his teenage son, which the family says is a sure sign he had no intention of going out anywhere in public.

Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said that detectives were following all leads, but have gotten "lots of leads" since the disappearance.

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Restaurant Shakes Up Indiana Town with Billboard Campaign

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SOUTH BEND, Ind.) -- A northern Indiana restaurant is in hot water after displaying a controversial billboard campaign.

The South Bend-based restaurant said it did not intend for its billboards to be controversial, but rather, to be noticed. 

After numerous complaints, Hacienda took down billboards referring to the 1978 Jonestown cult massacre.  More than 900 people died when they drank punch laced with cyanide.

The Hacienda billboard featured the picture of a mixed drink that read, "We're like a cult with better Kool-Aid...To die for."

Hacienda executives have apologized for the campaign, saying the restaurant should not have used the billboards.

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