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Gunman Sought in Fatal Florida Road Rage Shooting

iStockphoto(TAMPA, Fla.) -- Police were searching Sunday for a gunman following an alleged road rage shooting in Tampa, Fla., that left one man dead.

The victim, whom authorities have identified as 47-year-old Fred William Turner Jr. of Orlando, Fla., was driving on a Florida highway when he called 911 to tell dispatchers he was being followed by a man with a gun after leaving a nearby store, ABC Tampa affiliate WFTS-TV reported.

"We know that at one point in time, this person did pull up beside him and showed him a hand gun," Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee told ABC’s Good Morning America.

"During the time he was on the call with the Highway Patrol, they actually heard the shooting. There were a series of shots," he said.

Authorities responded to the scene to find Turner shot and killed in his car on the side of the roadway.
It is unclear what provoked the alleged dispute between Turner and the suspect, who fled after the shooting.

Law enforcement officials are looking for a gray, Ford Taurus with tinted windows, WFTS-TV reported.
From a man pulling a gun in a road rage fight in North Carolina to a bruising brawl in the middle of a California highway recently, aggressive drivers are a growing threat on the roads.

According to the Department of Transportation, road rage incidents are up 170 percent since 2007, and there have been more than 1,000 deaths attributed to road rage since 2007.

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Georgia Boy, 4, Shot in Road Rage Incident

Comstock/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- Atlanta police are hunting the impatient driver who became enraged when a minivan didn't move quickly enough when a light turned green and then fired a gun at the mini van, injuring a four-year-old toddler strapped into his car seat.

The mother of Korda, the boy who was hurt, said that the driver behind her turned angry when she didn't accelerate at a green light fast enough on Tuesday.

"Once he blew his horn, I blew my horn back like, okay, I hear you," Tammitha Williams said.

When Williams made a turn, the angry driver followed her.

"The next thing I know, he's behind me, he's weaving back and forth in traffic like coming beside my car and I'm like, what's wrong with this man? He jumped back behind me and that's when I heard the gunshot," Williams said.

The bullet penetrated the back door and then went through the backseat of the van. It was strong enough to go through Korda's car seat.

"I was panicking, I was praying because I didn't know where he got hit or anything, so I'm just praying, asking God to make sure he's OK," Williams said.

Williams said that Korda remained surprisingly calm.

"He didn't cry at all, he was a big boy...I cried like a baby myself," she said.

Korda was shot in his buttocks.

"I got a big hole in my van, not only in my van. I got it in my heart because they really hurt my baby," Williams said. "I don't know this person, but he hurt could have been a whole different outcome, he could have been dead and gone, I could have been burying a 4-year-old."

Dekalb County Police Chief Bill O'Brien said it was only a matter of inches that saved Korda's life.

"We are very lucky because we could just as easy be working a homicide case today," O'Brien said. "He's [Korda's] extremely lucky, a matter of inches in any direction, it could have hit him in the spine. If the shot had been fired a little higher, it could have even hit him in the back of the head."

Police have recovered ballistic evidence and believe the shooter was a man driving with a woman in a white SUV.

Korda will return to the hospital next week for a procedure, but doctors say the bullet hit soft tissue and luckily, he will fully recover.

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