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‘Spider-Man’ Bandit Strikes Again

Hemera/Thinkstock(WILMINGTON, N.C.) -- Like the “real” Spider-Man, he always manages to slip away -- but this guy is no hero.  The costumed bandit, dressed as Spider-Man villain “Venom,” has robbed several convenience stores in Wilmington, N.C., driven by a base appetite for Newport cigarettes and cash.

“He came, demanded me to open the register and get the cash and he was holding his gun like this,” clerk Mark Headstrong told ABC News affiliate WWAY, describing the robbery that occurred more than a week ago. “I responded to his request because he was holding a gun.”

The most recent robbery, the fourth to occur in a three-week period, happened Oct. 16. Just like the other stickups, the man entered a convenience store in the morning toting a gun and wearing a Venom mask, which is a black version of Spider-Man's mask. The thief demanded Newport cigarettes and cash, and although the cops were called to the scene, the suspect slipped away. A police K-9 team tried, unsuccessfully, to track him.

“We’re looking for any information of people that are selling cigarettes on the street,” Wilmington Police Dept. Lt. Tom Witkowski told WWAY. “This person has gotten a fair amount of cigarettes each time he’s committed one of these robberies, and we have information that he may be turning around and selling them on the street.”

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