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Girl Dies from New Year's Gunfire, Home Robbed During Hospital Vigil

Hemera/Thinkstock(ELKTON, Md.) -- A 10-year-old girl struck in the head by a stray bullet fired during a New Year's Eve celebration died Thursday morning as her family learned their home was robbed of its Christmas presents as they kept vigil over the little girl in a hospital.

Aaliyah Boyer, 10, from Lancaster County, Penn., was visiting family in Elkton, Md., when just after midnight on New Year's Eve, while watching fireworks, she was struck by a bullet, said Michael Holmes, a spokesman for the Cecil County Sheriff's Office.

"The wound in her head was caused by celebratory gunfire," Holmes told ABC News.

As the girl's family stayed at her bedside, thieves robbed the family's Maryland home, stealing Christmas presents, Aaliyah's mother told ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV. She also warned against scam Facebook accounts that have been set up to raise money off their loss.

Thursday morning the family agreed to donate Aaliyah's organs, WPVI reported. A 3-year-old girl who was in the same hospital is receiving Aaliyah's heart. Her lungs and liver were also donated, the station reported.

Police said a homicide investigation is under way in Maryland.

Cops are "searching door to door looking for information as well as searching those homes with known firearms," Holmes said.


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Day One of Legal Pot Marred by Deaths at Alleged Wash. Growing Center

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SEATTLE) -- The first day of legal marijuana use in Washington State was marred by an attempted robbery ending with two deaths at an alleged pot-growing facility just south of Seattle.

The possession of pot became legal in the state Thursday after voters passed a measure decriminalizing it in November. Day two kicked off with more celebrations under the Space Needle tower, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported, but the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department investigated an attempted robbery in Puyallup at an alleged growing center foiled by a homeowner who shot two alleged burglars in front of his 9-year-old son.

Officers say they arrived at the home of the man, 35, Thursday to find two masked men dead on the floor and marijuana plants in the attic, ABC affiliate KOMO-TV News reported.

While the law passed in November made it legal to carry and consume marijuana, Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department said cultivating and selling the drug outside of medical dispensaries is still a crime.

“When you’re engaged in that type of criminal activity, there is an element of risk,” Whitcomb told ABC News Friday.

The legislation leaves Washington in a “murky place,” Whitcomb said. Smokers who have purchased marijuana from a street dealer are in the clear.

But the dealer “is still committing a felony,” he said.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle sent out a statement Wednesday reminding residents that pot is still illegal under federal law and cannot be brought onto federal property.

“Regardless of any changes in state law, including the change that will go into effect on December 6th in Washington State, growing, selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal under federal law,” the memo from U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan said.

Federal officials have not said whether they will take action in Colorado and Washington where possession laws now conflict with nationwide drug classifications, but Seattle Police told ABC News Thursday that federal agents were hands-off on pot smokers in the state.

In an ABC News poll released shortly after the election, 48 percent of Americans expressed support for legalizing marijuana.

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Washington Good Samaritan Robbed of $900

ABC News(MARYSVILLE, Wash.) -- After a day at work that began at 5 a.m. Saturday, Peggy Ray was on her way to her daughter's soccer game when she witnessed a car fly through the air and crash into a drainage ditch. Though shocked, Ray then did what any decent person would: She leaped from her car and ran to help the victims.

When the Washington state woman returned to her car an hour or so later, the mother of six was in for another surprise.

While Ray, 36, assisted the badly injured driver and passenger, someone stole $900 from her purse.

"I don't normally have that much cash," Ray of Marysville, Wash., told ABC News, "but I was going to pay the rent."

The money she'd only just gotten from the bank was the last thing on Ray's mind when she went to the victims' aid.

"The car flew through the air like the 'Dukes of Hazard,'" she said. "They were stuck in the car and it was smoking."

Ray's first thought was to get the driver and passenger out before the car caught fire. But the ominous smoke soon stopped pouring from the vehicle because it was filling with water from the ditch.

Compounding the trouble, the woman in the passenger's seat complained of neck and back pain and the driver was bleeding badly and, Ray said, seemed disoriented. So, while another Good Samaritan helped calm the driver, Ray spoke to the woman.

"I told her to stay calm and I asked her to tell me about her family and what she was doing prior to the accident," Ray said. "They were in bad shape."

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and relieved Ray. She gave a statement to the police and returned to her car.

"I had left my doors completely open. I saw my purse in there and the envelope was out of it and laying on its side. I thought there was no way that envelope was empty."

The envelope was empty, though.

Ray ran back to police to report the crime. They told her that many people, at least 25, had stopped to catch a glimpse of the scene and believe the perpetrator was among them.

But all is not lost. A bystander at the scene called into a local paper after news of Ray's unfortunate circumstances spread and gave a description of a man whom he saw enter Ray's car, as well as the man's car.

"I just hope karma is paid and this man is caught," Ray said.

Some karma already has been paid, in the form of $750 donated to Ray and her family by the firefighters from the scene of the accident. Ray has also received money from a radio station, as well as from individuals and customers from the Starbuck's she manages.

Any money above the $900, Ray and her husband plan to give to charity. Ray also plans to react the same way if she ever happens upon another accident.

"The question I keep getting is, would I do it again? Absolutely," she said. "Only, I would lock my doors first."

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Rappers Rob Studio, Leave Song Behind

Joseph Devenney/Getty Images(LAUREL, Md.) -- After two rappers allegedly robbed a Maryland recording studio, they left behind something other than their fingerprints: a song.

The men recorded a song called “Larry Hoover,” for the notorious Chicago gang leader, before allegedly robbing three people in Copy Catz studio in Laurel, Md., at gunpoint, according to WMAR-TV, the ABC News Maryland affiliate.

“It is possible that the recording was just a guise or some kind of misdirection to come in here and do what they did,” studio manager Carlos Garcia told WMAR. Garcia was not present during the robbery.

The rappers did not have an appointment, but knocked on the door during another group’s session. A few members of the group stuck around and helped the soon-to-be-robbers record their three-minute rap. When the rappers were done, they went outside, and came back in armed with a gun.

WMAR reports that the rappers allegedly forced three people to hand over money and other belongings, but the value of what they stole is not clear to at this time.

“To all who have heard about the incident at the studio,” Garcia tweeted on Friday. “Thanks for your concerns. Nobody was hurt and nothing from the studio was taken.”

Garcia and his employees suspect the rappers are local because of references in their song. Because the Laurel rap community is small, he and the police hope someone will recognize the voices on “Larry Hoover” and identify the suspects.

“We’re working on the security videos of the area,” Laurel city spokesman Pete Piringer said. “We’re still looking for the bad guys. We’re hoping somebody might recognize the voices of these guys and come forward.”

Copy Catz Media did not immediately respond to’s requests for comments.

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Hooded Robbers Take $2 Million in Gems from California Museum

Joseph Devenney/Getty Images(MARISPOSA, Calif.) -- Robbers wearing black hoods hit the California Mining and Minerals Museum in broad daylight, using pick axes to break open the displays, officials said.

California investigators are still searching for the suspects who robbed what police estimated to be $2 million in gems from the museum, operated by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

“We do not have a listing of items or the [value] of the amount stolen yet, as we are beginning a detailed inventory this week,” the department’s deputy director of communications, Roy Stearns, told ABC News.

“The two people who work for state parks that were in the museum at the time of the robbery are shaken, but are not injured,” Stearns added. “The museum is now closed and will remain closed until further notice for repairs.”

The California Highway Patrol’s Central Division said in a prepared statement that “the suspects made verbal threats to employees at the museum during the robbery and stole an undetermined quantity of precious material.”

The suspects might find difficulties selling the stolen items because it is “uncommon for most citizens to possess such minerals,” authorities said. California Highway Patrol officials urged anyone approached and presented with suspicious items to contact them.

According to the museum’s official website, the robbers failed to make off with perhaps the biggest potential prize, the Fricot Nugget, a rare, 13- to 14-pound crystalline gold specimen.

Jeff from Lou’s Speedie Lube and Auto Repair, a nearby business, was surprised that a robbery of such scale could happen in Mariposa County.

“We are a small town and when crimes like this happen, we all hear about it,” he said. “Crime is very low here in Mariposa and I am surprised the police haven’t caught them yet. I am even surprised that the thieves could even breach all the security at the museum.”

The California Highway Patrol Central Division Investigative Service Unit, which is handling the investigation, urges anyone with information to call (209) 356-2900.

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Florida Woman Allegedly Pulls Gun During Sex in Moving Car

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office(PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.) -- A Florida woman pulled a gun on a man during sex and demanded money, causing him to lose control of his moving car, police said.

Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, fled the scene on foot after the vehicle struck a palm tree, went airborne and plowed through two front yards, according to police in Port Charlotte, Fla.

After a week-long investigation, Linscott was arrested Tuesday on an armed robbery charge.

Her left eye, visibly bruised in her mug shot, was injured as a result of the victim punching her in the face during the skirmish, which occurred during the early hours of Sept. 3, police said.

Hours earlier, Linscott, who was accompanied by a friend, met the victim and two of his friends at the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Port Charlotte, police said.  After the bar closed, the men invited the women to come to a private residence, where the victim and another woman went into a bedroom to have sex, according to police.

"The girl said she needed $250, which [the victim] said he didn't have.  She asked how much he had and he gave her $120," Bob Carpenter, a spokesperson for the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, said in a statement.

When the victim went to the bathroom, both women left the home, police said.  The victim then called Linscott's friend's cellphone and agreed to meet her at a local convenience store.  Instead of encountering the woman who left with his $120, the victim met Linscott, who claimed her friend had ditched her, police said.

Linscott got into the victim's Nissan Sentra, at which point she began touching the man and having sex with him while he was driving, the man told police.  Linscott allegedly then demanded money.  When the man told her he had already given her friend $120, she put a .357 Taurus revolver to the man's head, police said.

During the melee, the victim lost control of his car, striking a palm tree and barreling through two front yards before his vehicle came to a stop, at which point Linscott fled the scene.

The victim managed to drive his wrecked car to his two friends' home, where he gave them the gun that had been left behind and called police.

When deputies responded to the area, they saw an elderly man in a driveway who told them his daughter, Amanda Linscott, was in a crash and had been punched in the face, police said.

After gathering statements from all parties and examining evidence, there was reason to arrest Linscott on an armed robbery charge, police said.  She is being held at Charlotte County Jail without bond.

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Washington Woman Forces 10-Year-Old Son to Burglarize Home for Drug Money

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LYNNWOOD, Wash.) -- They are a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, only with a twist.

A Lynnwood, Wash., woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly coercing her 10-year-old son to burglarize homes so that she could buy drugs with the money.

Lynnwood Police told ABC affiliate KOMO that 33-year-old Marie Shafique forced her son to slither through an open window to try and rob a home. However, she didn’t know she was being watched by neighbors across the street and by a security camera that caught the whole incident on tape.

The homeowner, Michelle Geronimo, was inside her house when the boy allegedly tried to break in and told KOMO the boy was “peering inside” her window, which was “wide open.”

“I was just shocked that it was a little boy, and when you figure out what’s going on, it’s sad,” she said.

Shafique and her son tried to get away, but Lynnwood police apprehended her. When she was found, she was in possession of crack cocaine and a stolen computer.

She was arrested and bail was set for $25,000. Shafique is currently facing burglary and identity theft charges.

Rodeo Inn-Lynnwood manager Steve, who did not want to disclose his last name, confirmed to ABC News that Shafique had been living in a filthy motel room with her four young children and four dogs.

“It was pretty trashed. There was garbage everywhere and it was nasty,” he said.

Another hotel manager for the Rodeo Inn-Lynnwood Maria Santana told KOMO Shafique was staying at the hotel to get away from a bad relationship.

“She said, ‘I don’t have a lot of money, but I’m working for my kids,’” Santana said.

Santana said a nearby woman’s shelter paid some of the hotel costs. Steve, the hotel manager, said her boyfriend called to say he would come by sometime Friday to pay the remaining balance.

Shafique’s four children are currently in the care of their father.

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WATCH: Florida Man, 71, Shoots at Alleged Robbers at Internet Cafe

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(OCALA, Fla.) -- Two teens were shot and injured by a 71-year-old central Florida man who refused to stand by while the young men allegedly tried to rob an Internet café.

Samuel Williams was sitting in the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Fla., Friday night when two men, later identified as Davis G. Dawkins, 19, and Duwayne Henderson, also 19, allegedly stormed in brandishing a handgun and a baseball bat.

"Don't none of you [expletives] move," one of the teens reportedly yelled at the café patrons.

In a surveillance video released by the police department, Williams, who is seated at a computer in the corner of the café, is seen standing up and pulling out a .380-caliber handgun shortly after the two men are apparently seen storming into the café and swinging a bat at something off screen.

Williams is apparently seen firing two shots at Henderson, who quickly heads for the front door.  The 71-year-old then begins to fire at both of the young men, who appear to panic and hurriedly fall over as they flee the scene.

Both Dawkins and Henderson were arrested hours later, according to  They have been charged with attempted armed robbery with a firearm and felony criminal mischief.

Officials said it is unlikely that Williams will be charged with a crime for attacking the teens because the shooting seemed justifiable.

"Based on what I have seen and what I know at this time, I don't anticipate filing any charges," Bill Gladson of the State Attorney's Office told

Williams has a concealed weapons permit for his handgun, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Gladson, who said that he has reviewed the security footage, added that he is still awaiting a final report from the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Dawkins was released from jail on Sunday, having posted an $11,000 bond.  Henderson remained in Marion County Jail, having failed to post a $31,000 bond.

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VIDEO: Mom Stops Son from Robbing Store

ABC News(BRANDON, Miss.) -- A Mississippi man is in time out at the Rankin County Jail after his mother foiled his attempt to rob a convenience store, police said.

Roy Mitchell, 22, of Flowood, Miss., faces one charge of attempted armed robbery after he tried to hold up a clerk with a gun, which was later revealed to be fake, while paying for a bag of Dorito’s chips.  His mom, who had followed her son into the store to do some shopping, quickly intervened.

The incident, which occurred Tuesday morning at D’s One Stop Food Mart in Brandon, Miss., was captured on surveillance video.

“The mother sees the commotion, grabs the gun out of the boy’s hand and pushes him out of the store,” Chris Butts, assistant police chief in Brandon, told ABC News.

The alleged attempted thief’s mother, Sharron Mitchell, told the clerk she was sorry, and said her son was just playing and implored the clerk not to call the police, Butts said.

After the pair left the store, the “shocked” employee called police, who located mother and son in nearby Pelahatchie.

Mitchell was arrested and taken to jail, where he is being held on a $300,000 bond, Butts said, adding police recovered a black plastic pistol from the car.

Butts said he views Mitchell’s mother deserves credit for how she handled the situation.

“I kind of feel like she’s somewhat of a little hero,” he said. “If the clerk had a gun it could have been real messy.”

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Las Vegas Bellagio Heist Foiled

George Rose/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- A band of hapless thieves with no Ocean’s 11-like finesse were foiled while allegedly attempting to rob the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, leaving behind a wig, sunglasses and $115,000 in casino chips.

The botched heist took place Saturday night in the famed hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The incident began when a man pepper-sprayed a blackjack dealer and another swiped $115,000 in colorful chips from the casino table, according to ABC News’ Las Vegas affiliate KTNV.

A quick-thinking employee tackled the thief and wrestled him on the ground, as a shocked crowd gathered around the spectacle, authorities said. The accomplice was able to escape and officials believe there might have been a third person involved.

The thief was arrested and identified as Michael Belton, 24, of California. According to a statement from Belton, both men were from California and had plotted the heist in advance, KTNV reported. The plan was to enter the casino in disguises, commit the robbery and shed the disguises on the way back to the Strip in order to blend in with the tourists.

Police said the men had checked into the Mandalay Bay, but never entered, KTNV reported. Police said they are searching for a second man in connection with the incident, Carlos Rodriguez of North Hollywood, Calif.

Belton is being held on $60,000 bail at Clark County Jail on charges of felony robbery, conspiracy and burglary charges. He is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday.

This is the second time in recent years that a Bellagio robbery has been foiled. A would-be thief with a gun snatched $1.5 million in chips in December 2010. The robber, Anthony Michael Carleo, escaped on a motorcycle, but was arrested trying to redeem a $25,000 chip.

He was sentenced to three to 11 years in state prison for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

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