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FedEx Finds Radioactive Material Lost in Transit

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(KNOXVILLE, Tenn.) -- After a Thanksgiving Day scare, FedEx on Friday located radioactive material that had fallen out of a box while being shipped from North Dakota to Tennessee.

The missing radioactive rods, used to calibrate hospital CT scanners, are believed to have fallen out of a box Thursday that became wet in transit from a hospital in Fargo to a company that processes the material in Knoxville.

After the federal government issued an alert and several state agencies began investigations, FedEx located the errant container in Knoxville.

"The box had become separated and was set aside to try to match it to the shipper because there was no label on it," FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz said. "Everything was intact and nothing had been tampered with."

FedEx said it routinely ships small amounts of radioactive material, which adhere to state and federal guidelines.

An official with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission described the amount of material, 684 megabecquerels, as "a very small amount" and "nothing that would pose threat to public health or safety."

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