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Runaway Bulldozer Destroys Two Homes, Rams Third

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WEST ODESSA, Texas) -- Police in West Odessa, Texas, are trying to figure out what started a runaway bulldozer that plowed through a neighborhood, flattening two mobile homes before it crashed into a house.

Sgt. Gary Duesler of the Ector County Sheriff's Office said officers responded to reports of an unmanned bulldozer ripping through the western Texas neighborhood Saturday night, and when they arrived the bulldozer was lodged in one of the homes.

The construction vehicle travelled nearly a mile, ripping through several barbed-wire fences before leveling the two mobile homes and then eventually ramming into a house. No one was hurt in the incident, Duesler said.

Mary Chavez was hosting a birthday party for her grandson in her backyard when she noticed the bulldozer. At first, she said, she wasn't alarmed because many people do construction work on their lots in the neighborhood, but that quickly changed.

"When we saw it, no one suspected it was without a driver until we heard a man yelling, 'Hurry, it doesn't have a driver,'" she said.

At that point, she said, everyone started running towards the front of her house.

The bulldozer was finally stopped and turned off when neighbors chased down the construction vehicle, and one of them, Eleuterio Sanchez, broke a window with a brick, and jumped inside to bring it to a halt.

The bulldozer was being rented by construction company, Southwest Disposal Service, and a manager for the company, who asked to remain anonymous, told ABC News the bulldozer was stolen from their property before it went tearing through the neighborhood.

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