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Casey Anthony Latex Mask for Sale Online

Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- While Casey Anthony, the Florida woman acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee has remained in hiding, plenty of merchandise related to her notoriety has popped up.

A latex mask of Anthony is up for sale on the online auction site eBay.  According to the listing, the “Tot Mom” mask is only one of nine in existence.  User "prophunter" says they were made for a film.

As of Wednesday morning, the mask was going for $25,100 after receiving 87 bids.

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Florida Grandmother Pleads No Contest to Attempted Sale of Grandson

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(HOLLY HILL, Fla.) -- A Holly Hill, Fla., grandmother accused of trying to sell her newborn grandson last year, pleaded no contest Thursday to two felony charges of illegal sale of a child and using a cell phone to commit a crime.

Patty Bigbee tried to sell her infant grandson for $75,000, Keith Kameg of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told ABC News.

"The parameters of the case are very unique," Kameg said. "In terms of a baby sale, it's very rare and not something you encounter every day, thank goodness."

The Missouri Lottery confirmed that in 2008, Patty Bigbee won a $1 million lottery prize in Hazelwood, Mo. Reports are that Bigbee blew through the money in two years and became desperate for money.

Bigbee tried to sell her grandson to her estranged daughter, Danielle Skiver, who she had given up for adoption in 1983, according to affidavits, which described the case panning out as follows:

Bigbee initially reached out to Skiver over Facebook and began a relationship over the social networking site.

Skiver discussed with her mother her desire to have more children. After Bigbee told Skiver she had a grandchild who had been abandoned by her other daughter, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, 22, Skiver agreed to adopt the child.

Skiver said there was no initial communication about money for the child, but after she agreed to adopt Bigbee asked her for a fee of $75,000.

Skiver subsequently contacted authorities and agreed to cooperate with police in a sting operation of Bigbee's the sale of the child.

Skiver and her husband, Guy, released a statement to ABC News expressing their relief that Bigbee finally made a plea.

"We are very pleased that Patty finally made the right choice to admit her guilt," the statement read. "We will be speaking at her sentencing on August 11 and hope that justice prevails and that she serves all 10 years that she is facing. We all love [the baby] very much and we see him as much as allowed and pray that one day he will join our family. We are not allowed to speak on any court proceedings."

Last year, the baby boy was put into the care of the state Department of Children and Families.

Patty Bigbee's sentencing has been set for Aug. 11.

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Everything Must Go: Closed Sahara Casino Selling Historical Items

Ethan Miller/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- It was an iconic Las Vegas casino that opened in 1952.  But the Sahara closed its doors last month, and through Sunday the owners are selling off all of its contents at a massive liquidation sale.

On Thursday, the first day of the sale, dozens waited in line outside of the Sahara in temperatures approaching triple digits for their chance to buy a piece of the landmark. Inside, Terry Ching was purchasing a pair of chairs from the casino floor.

"This is a piece of history," Ching said. "This was a palace at one time."

Barb Kuhla, on vacation from Florida, had her eye on one of the most popular items of the day -- a camel lamp.

The sale's organizer, Don Haze, says virtually everything is up for grabs -- from pool chairs to bedding and kitchen equipment.

Among the big-ticket items, there's even a $12,000 chandelier.

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House of Homicide Up for Sale in Maryland

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(SILVER SPRING, Md.) -- It has three bedrooms, 2.5 baths and is in a nice neighborhood in Silver Spring, Md. The asking price: $515,000. There's just one catch -- three people were murdered there.

The price was reduced on the single-family home by $20,000 earlier this month, according to

Brian Betts, 42, the principal at Shaw Middle School in Washington, D.C., was murdered in this home on April 15, 2010.

Alante Saunders, a teenager who encountered Betts in an online gay chat room and arranged to meet him at his home, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the case, while three other teenagers pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

The site had also been the scene of a double murder in 2002 when a parolee, Anthony Kelly, broke in and pistol-whipped and shot a nine-year-old girl, Erika Smith, then shot her father, Greg Russell, at least six times. Kelly is in prison on a life sentence.

Rene Sandler, an attorney for Betts' family, said the principal had no idea of the house's bloody history when he bought it in 2003. "Three days after Brian settled on the property, he learned from a neighbor what happened and tried to rescind the deal," she said.

That wasn't possible — in Maryland, realtors have no legal obligation to reveal if a crime has occurred in a house for sale. So Betts lived with the property's history.

After his death, Betts' family wanted to bulldoze the house and establish a memorial there, Sandler said. "If they had their way, no one would live in it," she said.

But the house now belongs to Fannie Mae and it is up for sale. "I don't believe honestly there's been much action," Sandler said.

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Cops: Mom Was in on Plot to Sell Baby for $75K

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(BRADENTON, Fla.) -- The mother of an eight-month-old Florida boy whose grandmother is accused of trying to sell him was allegedly also in on the plot, hoping to get a new car with the money, police said Tuesday.

Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, 22, of Bradenton, Fla., was charged Tuesday with one count of being a principal to the illegal sale or surrender of a child. She was held on $50,000 bond.

Fleming, who was already in jail on unrelated charges, is currently being held in the Manatee County Jail.

Fleming's mother, Patty Bigbee, 45, of Holly Hill, Fla., was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of trying to sell her grandson for $75,000.

Police said the only motive in the attempted baby sale was money.

"They obviously had a lack of humanity," Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Wayne Ivey said. "They were going to sell this baby and take the proceeds to buy cars and other goods that they felt they needed to live their life."

Fleming and the little boy's father reportedly discussed having more children to also put them up for sale, police said.

Bigbee had tracked down another of her daughters, whom she had given up for adoption, and approached the daughter about taking Bigbee's grandson. Bigbee said she could no longer care for the boy, Ivey said at a news conference Tuesday. When Bigbee allegedly started asking the woman for money in exchange for the child, the daughter contacted police, according to the FDLE. Bigbee allegedly first asked for $75,000, but eventually said she was willing to take $30,000 for the little boy, police said. The two met Friday afternoon in Daytona Beach to complete the transaction, according to the FDLE.

After the child and money changed hands in a parking lot near the Daytona Speedway, police arrested Bigbee, charging her with the illegal sale or surrender of a child and communication fraud.

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