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Bus Aide Arrested for Allegedly Bullying 5-Year-Old Boy

George Doyle/Stockbyte(PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla.) -- A school bus aide in Port Saint Lucie, Fla. was arrested and charged with stalking after surveillance footage showed her allegedly bullying a 5-year-old boy.

Newly released surveillance videos show Daneta McPherson, 37, yelling at the boy and threatening to take him home with her.

In the video, McPherson is seen towering over the child, reducing him to tears as she berates him on the bus.

On at least one occasion, McPherson grabbed the boy and caused him to hit his head on the side of the bus, according to the police report.

A school employee first reported the alleged abuse to police and provided them with videos in December. After a four month long investigation, McPherson was arrested on Thursday.

"He's an innocent victim," Port Saint Lucie assistant police chief Richard Del Toro said. "It's a violation of public trust, as far as I'm concerned."

McPherson was released from jail on $20,000 bond. Calls to McPherson were not immediately returned Saturday.

The director of communication for the St. Lucie County Schools told Good Morning America that McPherson was still with the school district, but in a role away from students.

Her status with the school is pending the legal process, the spokeswoman said.

The boy's family declined to comment.


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Gunman Shoots Bus Driver in Alabama, Takes Child as Hostage

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(MIDLAND CITY, Ala.) -- A gunman shot and killed a school bus driver in Midland City, Ala., Tuesday afternoon and escaped the scene with a 6-year-old passenger, prompting a hostage situation that is still ongoing Wednesday morning.

The suspected gunman is identified as Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 60-something military veteran, a police source told ABC News.  Dykes and the child are in an underground bunker behind his home.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said Tuesday night that the police had information that the little boy "is OK right now."  The boy was delivered some needed medication, police told ABC News.

The police have not identified the child nor the dead bus driver.

"Extremely sensitive situation. ... Our agents are working very hard with the locals for the best possible outcome to this situation," a federal law enforcement source told ABC News Wednesday morning.

Some people in the area were evacuated Tuesday evening, and everyone in the immediate area was notified of the situation, according to Olson.

"Stay at home and pray," Olson told homeowners living in the area.

Olson said multiple agencies have responded to the hostage situation.  The FBI has assumed the lead in the investigation, and SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams were surrounding the bunker as of Tuesday night.

The incident began a little after 3:30 p.m. local time Tuesday.  An unidentified girl, who was on the bus, told ABC News Radio the bus driver had stopped to drop off some children.  The alleged gunman boarded the bus and handed the driver a note, she said.

"And then I don't know what happened after that but he started telling them he needed a kid because of the law coming after him," she said.

Dykes got on the bus and originally demanded that he get two children as hostages.  All the children on the bus managed to escape except the 6-year-old boy, a police source told ABC News affiliate WDNH.

"He shot the bus driver, and the driver's foot was on the gas and we went backwards.  And everybody started screaming.  And then the bus driver was still there and we all got off the bus and went to a neighbor's house," the girl said.

Dykes was scheduled to be in court Wednesday for a trial related to charges of menacing, according to court records obtained by WDNH.

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Girl, 7, 'Not Right' After Seeing Sister, 13, Shot Dead on Florida School Bus

George Doyle/Stockbyte(MIAMI) -- A young Florida girl is "not the same" after seeing her older sister, 13, shot dead on a school bus early Tuesday, allegedly by a 15-year-old boy.

"She's not right. She's not the same 7-year-old after seeing what she saw," the mother of the two girls told reporters in an interview in English and Spanish. "She was just screaming. So hurt."

The 13-year-old shooting victim, Lourdes Guzman-DeJesus, was sitting a few rows from her 7-year-old sister Tuesday morning in Homestead, Fla., when the 15-year-old shot her, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The 15-year-old is in custody and faces charges of manslaughter and carrying a concealed firearm. Though the charges allow that the shooting could have been an accident.

Police responded to shots fired inside a private bus around 6:45 a.m., and found several dazed students, including Guzman's little sister, officials said.

"It's traumatic, and now you are going to have to question them and ask them what they saw," Miami-Dade County police detective Alvaro Zabaleta told ABC News. "It's a sad situation."

Lourdes, known to her family and friends as "Jina," was shot an unknown number of times and airlifted to Miami Children's Hospital, where she died from her injuries, police said.

The boy's first first court hearing was Wednesday morning, where it was decided he would remain in juvenile custody until Dec. 11, according to the Miami Herald. On that date, prosecutors will decide whether he will be charged as an adult.

"He has to pay for what he did," DeJesus told reporters.

The shooting happened just a few minutes away from Palm Glades Preparatory Academy, a charter middle school that the victim attended.

A firearm was recovered on the scene and all of the students, plus the bus driver, were transferred to the homicide unit, where Miami-Dade County police began the delicate task of questioning the students about what happened, officials said. The bus did not have a surveillance camera.

Other officers combed the scene for clues and gathered the students' belongings, police said.

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Girl, 7, Sees Sister, 13, Shot Dead on School Bus in South Florida

Hemera/Thinkstock(MIAMI) -- One student is in custody and another six are in shock after watching a 13-year-old girl being shot aboard their school bus Tuesday morning in Homestead, Fla. An unidentified male student is in custody for the crime, according to authorities.

“It’s traumatic, and now you are going to have to question them and ask them what they saw,” said Miami-Dade County police detective Alvaro Zabaleta. “It’s a sad situation.”

Cops walked next to the bus with dazed students, including the 7-year-old sister of the teenage girl who was shot an unknown number of times and airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital, where she died from her injuries. Other officers combed the scene for clues and gathered the students’ belongings.

Police have released little information about what they believe sparked this deadly early-morning incident, which happened about 6:45 and just a few minutes away from the victim’s school. The shooting occurred on a private bus that was dropping off both elementary and middle school students to three separate schools. Police believe one of the students on the bus brought the weapon onboard but have said little, including whether the shooting was accidental or deliberate.

A firearm was recovered on the scene and all of the students, plus the bus driver, were transferred to the homicide unit, where Miami-Dade County police had to begin the delicate task of questioning the students about what happened. The bus did not have a surveillance camera.

Grief counselors were dispatched to Palm Glades Preparatory Academy, which the victim attended.


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Ohio Woman to Wear ‘Idiot’ Sign for Passing Bus on Sidewalk

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(CLEVELAND) -- The Cleveland woman who was caught on camera swerving onto a sidewalk in order to pass a school bus full of children will have to stand at the intersection wearing an “idiot” sign, a judge has ruled.

Sheena Hardin, 32, received her sentence Monday in a Cleveland Municipal Court where she pleaded no contest to the charges of not stopping for a school bus and reckless operation on a street or highway.

Judge Pinkey S. Carr ordered Hardin to stand at the intersection of E. 38th Street and Payne Avenue next Tuesday and Wednesday mornings wearing a sign that says “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus,” court records show.

The sign, according to the judge’s orders, must be written on 22 x 22 white poster board with the text written in all capital letters in black marker.  Hardin must wear the sign from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. both days.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District bus driver Uriah Herron captured the video of Hardin driving on the sidewalk last September so that she wouldn’t have to stop to wait for the children in the school bus to load and unload, according to local ABC News affiliate NewsNet5.

Hardin pleaded not guilty to the charges at a court hearing in September but reversed her plea in court Monday.

Judge Carr also ordered Hardin to pay $250 in court costs and suspended her license for 30 days, according to court records.

Neither Hardin nor her attorney, Eric Levy, returned messages for comment placed by ABC News.

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Bullied Bus Monitor Announces Her Retirement

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The world’s most famous bus monitor is calling it quits. Karen Klein, the victim of a taunting incident last month that made national headlines, has announced her retirement at age 68.

A video that went viral showed the Greece, N.Y., grandma riding on a bus as a group of boys mocked her physical appearance and brought up the suicide of her son. The ten-minute taunt resulted in all four middle-school students getting suspended for a year.

Meanwhile, Klein's humiliation spurred an outpouring of donations from people who contributed to a charity set up by a Toronto man, Max Sidorov, at the fundraising site Indiegogo. The total amount raise just exceeded $700,000.

Klein said she's grateful for all the kind words and the money that's come her way, but insists that the reasons for leaving her job have nothing to do with the bullying incident. She remarked, "I enjoyed working with the kids. But I guess it's my time to leave. That's what I've decided."

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Tormented NY Bus Monitor Won't Press Charges Against Kids

George Doyle/Stockbyte(NEW YORK) -- Karen Klein is living proof that it's not just children who are the victims of bullies.

The 68-year-old school bus monitor from upstate New York now knows she has defenders in every corner of the world after a video posted on YouTube called "Making the Bus Monitor Cry" showed Klein being tormented for 10 minutes by a group of middle-school aged boys, who called her fat and even brought up the suicide of her oldest son.

The outpouring of sympathy for Klein and rage directed at her young taunters is unprecedented, even in this age of many videos going viral.

A Toronto man's plea for people to send money to a fundraising website so that Klein could go on vacation or possibly retire from her job of 20 years in Greece, N.Y., has raised in excess of $450,000. That's coming from more than 15,000 people who chipped in $20 or less.

Clearly overwhelmed by what's happened, Klein says that she does not want charges brought against the four boys who verbally tortured her.

Local police say that while the youngsters' behavior was despicable, serious threats made against the boys and their families are equally intolerable.

Meanwhile, Athena Middle School in suburban Rochester, N.Y., is considering disciplinary action.

A father of one of the seventh-graders said his son is aware of the ramifications of what he did, explaining, "No one has denied accountability, and they've taken responsibility for their actions."

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Police On Alert After Man Points Gun at Children Boarding School Bus

File photo. iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- Roughly 150 police officers in an Atlanta suburb are on full alert after witnesses say they saw a man pointing a rifle at school children boarding buses on Monday.

Clayton County School spokesman David Waller says the incident occurred around 7 a.m. when two neighbors saw a man lying on the ground next to a bus stop, wearing a ski mask and holding a rifle.

"The suspect raised the rifle to his shoulder as if he were preparing to shoot, and one of the men yelled out at him," Waller said. "While one man yelled and called police, the other man ran after him."

That's when the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired at the man running toward him.

"He stopped, and the suspect dropped his rifle and took off," Waller said.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the loaded rifle along with a notebook filled with numbers.

Waller believes the groups of numbers in the notebook coincide with school buses that move through the area.

"It is a worry," said Waller. "We certainly don't want anybody to panic. But when somebody points a loaded rifle at a school bus, it's always a cause for great concern."

Police are now riding school buses and guarding each stop.

Clayton County Police Officer Phong Nguyen says the suspect has been described as between 18 and 25 years of age.

"We don't know who the subject is right now, so we don't know motives and intentions," Nguyen said. "A witness stated that's what he saw and that's what we're going by."

Police are currently canvassing the neighborhood and escorting school buses. They will continue to do so until the end of the day on Friday, which also happens to be the end of the school year.

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Miami School Bus Crashes Into Home; Other Driver Flees

George Doyle/Stockbyte(MIAMI) -- Authorities in Miami are searching Thursday for the driver of an SUV who crashed into a school bus with children on board and then walked away from the scene.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said the black SUV crashed into a Miami-Dade County yellow school bus after the driver ran a stop sign around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.  The impact of the crash sent the bus careening into the front of a nearby home.

“I just turned around and I see a bus inside the house,” one of the home’s residents, Dominique McDuffie, told local ABC affiliate WPLG.

On board the bus were two special needs children and two adults, all of whom suffered only minor injuries and received treatment on the scene, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials.

Eyewitnesses said the driver appeared distracted after the crash and fled the scene as the two adults worked to evacuate the children from the bus.

“I saw the guy. The guy was on the phone, talking. I just heard him say that he ran the stop sign, and then he was talking on the phone and the next thing you know, he disappeared,” a neighbor said, according to WPLG.

Authorities are asking anyone with information on the accident to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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Student, 13, Drives Bus to Safety When Driver Faints

George Doyle/Stockbyte(MILTON, Wash.) -- A middle school student who jumped into the hot seat when his school bus driver passed out on the way to class Monday morning is being hailed as a "quick thinker" for leading the bus, and 15 other students, to safety.

Seventh grader Jeremy Wuitschick is being praised by the local police chief for his actions when the driver of his school bus started gasping for air and waving his hands frantically in the air, losing control of the bus.

Wuitschick hopped out of his seat and grabbed the steering wheel, pulling the bus over to the side of the road before pulling the keys from the ignition, Milton Police Chief Bill Rhodes said Monday.

"I'll tell you, I'll give the kid credit for fast thinking. He did the right thing and we're going to do something for him. The kid definitely deserves credit," Rhodes told ABC News.

Police officers were notified of a school bus driving erratically through town around 8 a.m. Monday, but by the time a officer arrived at the scene, Wuitschick had it under control. He had pulled the bus over in front of Discovery Primary School, which is adjacent to the school where the students were headed, Surprise Lake Middle School.

"I knew something was wrong," Wuitschick told ABC affiliate KOMO. "It was pretty scary. I was just acting on instinct. It was all happening really quickly."

Jeff Short, assistant superintendent for the Fife school district, said the students had been trained in emergency situations on the school bus, including how to shut down the bus in an emergency.

A staff member at the school, John McCrossin, happened to be driving behind the bus when the driver lost consciousness, and rushed onto the bus to administer CPR once Wuitschick had pulled over to the side of the road, Rhodes said. The kids told McCrossin they had already called 911.

The bus driver, whose name has not been released, was taken to the hospital. Emergency service personnel told school administrators he was suffering from a problem related to the heart. Short said his condition was "grave."

Rhodes said that there were no traffic accidents or other injuries.

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