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Florida Woman Allegedly Pulls Gun During Sex in Moving Car

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office(PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.) -- A Florida woman pulled a gun on a man during sex and demanded money, causing him to lose control of his moving car, police said.

Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, fled the scene on foot after the vehicle struck a palm tree, went airborne and plowed through two front yards, according to police in Port Charlotte, Fla.

After a week-long investigation, Linscott was arrested Tuesday on an armed robbery charge.

Her left eye, visibly bruised in her mug shot, was injured as a result of the victim punching her in the face during the skirmish, which occurred during the early hours of Sept. 3, police said.

Hours earlier, Linscott, who was accompanied by a friend, met the victim and two of his friends at the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Port Charlotte, police said.  After the bar closed, the men invited the women to come to a private residence, where the victim and another woman went into a bedroom to have sex, according to police.

"The girl said she needed $250, which [the victim] said he didn't have.  She asked how much he had and he gave her $120," Bob Carpenter, a spokesperson for the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, said in a statement.

When the victim went to the bathroom, both women left the home, police said.  The victim then called Linscott's friend's cellphone and agreed to meet her at a local convenience store.  Instead of encountering the woman who left with his $120, the victim met Linscott, who claimed her friend had ditched her, police said.

Linscott got into the victim's Nissan Sentra, at which point she began touching the man and having sex with him while he was driving, the man told police.  Linscott allegedly then demanded money.  When the man told her he had already given her friend $120, she put a .357 Taurus revolver to the man's head, police said.

During the melee, the victim lost control of his car, striking a palm tree and barreling through two front yards before his vehicle came to a stop, at which point Linscott fled the scene.

The victim managed to drive his wrecked car to his two friends' home, where he gave them the gun that had been left behind and called police.

When deputies responded to the area, they saw an elderly man in a driveway who told them his daughter, Amanda Linscott, was in a crash and had been punched in the face, police said.

After gathering statements from all parties and examining evidence, there was reason to arrest Linscott on an armed robbery charge, police said.  She is being held at Charlotte County Jail without bond.

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Texas Teacher Convicted of Group Sex With Students

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A jury found a Texas high school teacher and mother of three guilty today of having sex with four male students while being videotaped.

Brittni Colleps, 28, a former English teacher, was convicted of 16 counts of having improper relationships with students. Since the men were all 18 at the time of the sexual relationships, she was not charged with statutory rape.

The case against Colleps has been filled with graphic testimony and cell phone video that allegedly showed Colleps having group sex with the four students in her home during April and May of 2011.

Prosecutors said the group sex occurred while her children and husband, an Army specialist, were away.

The video was shown to the jury this week.

Colleps faces 20 years in prison for the convictions and is expected to be sentenced later today.

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Texas Teacher Accused of Having Group Sex with Students on Video

ABC News(DALLAS) -- A former Texas high school English teacher and mother of three is on trial, accused of having sex with five male students.

The evidence against Brittni Colleps, 28, includes cellphone video that allegedly shows group sex between her and four students at her home.  Prosecutors say it happened while her children and husband, who is an Army specialist stationed out-of-state, were away.  The graphic video was shown to the jury this week.

“She [Colleps] said that she craved, that I had something that she wanted,” one of the students involved testified.

Police say the alleged incident took place at her Arlington, Texas home in April and May of 2011, according to ABC News affiliate WFAA-TV.  Since all of the students were 18 at the time of the alleged incident, Colleps is not facing statutory rape charges.  Instead, she has been hit with five counts of having an improper relationship with a student.

One student told WFAA that one of the teenage boys was bragging about the alleged incident and another student put the claim in her diary.  A teacher at the school found the diary in a classroom and that’s when the school notified police.

Some of the students, who were attending Kennendale High School, took the stand on Tuesday but were not identified because of their ages and the nature of the crime, according to WFAA.

One of those students said his relationship began with an innocent text message: “Hey… It’s Coach Colleps.  Do you know what time the baseball game starts?”

Soon after that, the student says that he and Colleps were exchanging almost 100 texts a day.  The prosecutor says that the relationship progressed into explicit text messages and then an agreement to meet for sex.

One of the young men she is accused of sleeping with has publicly stated that she didn’t commit a crime.

Colleps’ husband, Christopher, is sticking by his wife despite the accusations.

“If you know Brittni, you know she’s an empathetic loving, loyal person.  Brittni is a loving mother and continuously puts the needs of our children above her own,” Christopher Colleps said before the trial began.

Brittni Colleps was suspended by the school district and her contract was not renewed this year, so she is out of work during the trial.  If convicted, she could spend 20 years in prison.

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Philadelphia Cop Has Sex With Teen, Offers Her $100

Photodisc/Thinkstock(PHILADELPHIA) -- A veteran cop on the Philadelphia police force has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl in a motel room in a nearby town.

Anthony Dattilo, a 12-year veteran cop, was arrested Thursday on charges relating to the sexual assault of a teen girl whom he allegedly offered $100 to have sex with him.

Police were first directed to the Bensalem, Pa., motel room early Wednesday morning when relatives of the 14-year-old girl reported that she was sending text messages saying she was being held against her will by a man who was forcing her to have sex with him.

When police arrived at the motel in search of the possibly-abducted girl, Dattilo answered the door and identified himself as a Philadelphia cop.

Police found two women inside the motel room with Dattilo, including the 14-year-old and her cousin, a 21-year-old woman who had previous sexual relations with Dattilo in exchange for money, according to Bensalem Police Sgt. Andrew Aninsman.

While interviewing the women, police found that the 21-year-old had coerced the teenager to go with her to the motel room with Dattilo, telling her that she would be paid $100 for sex with him. The girl repeatedly said no, but was brought to the motel anyway, Aninsman said.

Dattilo allegedly had sex with the 21-year-old while the teen was forced to watch, and then proceeded to fondle the girl, which he was doing when police arrived, police said.

Dattilo was detained by police Wednesday and then released during the investigation. He was later arrested on Thursday and is being held on $500,000 bail.

He faces charges including sexual assault and promoting prostitution, Aninsman said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey confirmed Dattilo's arrest Friday to ABC News affiliate WPVI. He said authorities are working to remove Dattilo from the force.

Calls to the Bensalem and Philadelphia police departments were not returned.

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Are the Secret Service Getting Special Treatment in Prostitution Scandal Investigation?

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Secret Service is investigating itself in the Colombia prostitution scandal, rather than turn the probe over to the independent Inspector General who typically looks into allegations of misconduct by Department of Homeland Security officials.

The approach appears to be the result of a special carve-out for the Secret Service forged a decade ago -- setting it apart from the standard described in a 2009 internal DHS memo, which specifically asserts that the Inspector General is "statutorily responsible for conducting and coordinating all investigations" of wrongdoing by other Homeland Security employees.

On Wednesday, Sen. Charles Grassley told ABC News that he is not comfortable allowing the Secret Service's own internal affairs division to oversee the investigation -- especially because it remains unclear whether the raucous behavior in Colombia was a one-time lapse, or the sign of a broad systemic problem.

"An investigation by the agency's own Office of Professional Responsibility is necessary, but it doesn't provide transparent, independent oversight without an Inspector General's outside perspective," the Iowa Republican said Wednesday. "There's too much at stake to leave any doubts that an independent investigation wasn't conducted."

Grassley asked Napolitano during her appearance before a Senate committee Wednesday whether the department's independent, investigatory arm, the Office of Inspector General, would step in and undertake its own probe into the matter.

Napolitano responded that there is a standing agreement -- "a memorandum of understanding" -- between the Secret Service and the Inspector General that governs how internal investigations are conducted. "In these types of cases, where there is alleged misconduct, [the Inspector General] actually supervises the investigation but they use the investigatory resources of the Secret Service. That's how we are managing this one."

That is not, however, how the Inspector General's office described the arrangement in response to questions from ABC News Wednesday, in an exchange that occurred after Napolitano gave her answer to the Senate.

Spokeswoman Rachael Norris told ABC News that the inspector general is "closely monitoring" the Secret Service's investigation and will review it when it has been completed.

"We're monitoring their internal investigation at this time," Norris said. "We are not conducting an additional investigation at this time."

The Inspector General's subordinate role appears to date to 2003, when the Secret Service was moved from the Department of Treasury into the newly created Homeland Security department. Both the Secret Service and the Coast Guard, which was moved from the Transportation Department to DHS the same year, retained their internal investigative powers.

Investigation of misconduct in those two agencies appears to differ from the manner in which the Inspector General handles oversight of other agencies within Homeland Security. In a Dec. 16, 2009 memo, written to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Inspector General took issue with efforts by that agency's internal affairs division to investigate misconduct by its own Border Patrol agents.

"The Office of Inspector General is the organizational element within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that is statutorily responsible for conducting and coordinating all investigations of suspected criminal wrongdoing by DHS employees, and has specific oversight responsibility for internal investigations performed by components," asserted Thomas M. Frost, then the assistant inspector general for investigations, in the memo.

Grassley said he believes the approach should be the same in the case of alleged Secret Service misconduct.

"The Inspector General should take a more active role because we can't be left with any questions that the protection of the President and national security are at risk," he said.

Grassley has also engaged in a war of words with the Obama administration over its handling of his question about the possibility that any White House advance staff joined in the partying in Colombia that occurred in advance of the president's arrival there.

Press Secretary Jay Carney said the White House Counsel's office conducted its own internal review and concluded no White House staff had participated. Grassley has sent the White House a letter asking that the details of its internal review be made public.

The Inspector General's office told ABC News it has not deviated from its standard procedure in this case. And Napolitano told senators she has "full confidence" in the Secret Service's ability to conduct its own internal review.

"Director Sullivan has the President's and my full confidence as this investigation proceeds," she said. "The investigation will be complete and thorough and we will leave no stone unturned."

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President Obama is ‘Angry’ About Secret Service Scandal, Carney Says

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Now that the allegations against the dozen U.S. Secret Service agents and officers have been investigated and proven accurate, President Obama is “angry,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday.

The president had previously stated he was withholding judgment until the allegations were investigated.

“Yes,” Carney said when asked if the president was “angry.” “I think he said as much in the interview he did with Jimmy Fallon last night. But he also believes that the actions of these individuals do not represent the Service as a whole… 99 percent of the men and women who work for the Secret Service are absolute professionals.”

“Of course he is angry,” Carney said of Obama's feelings. He added that the agents exhibited "inappropriate behavior, behavior that is not acceptable for people who work for the U.S. government or representing the American people abroad.”

Carney noted that the job of U.S. Secret Service agent is “not just about protecting an individual and his family, it’s about protecting the presidency, a vital function in our democracy.”

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Cross-Dressing Sex Offender Wanted in Florida

Creatas/Thinkstock(POLK COUNTY, Fla.) -- A cross-dressing man is wanted by Florida authorities for allegedly failing to register as a sex offender.

Brelon Small, 34, is a transvestite who goes by several names, including Brelon L. O'Neal, Bieosha Small, Lashay Small, Bonnie O'Neal, Andrea Washington, Andrew Washington and Tareane Williams.

Small was convicted in 2006 of lewd and lascivious conduct toward a child. He was charged in November with failing to register as a sex offender.

Records show Small also has been arrested on concealed weapon, resisting arrest, petty theft and drug charges.

Small is alleged to have absconded because he no longer lives at the Davenport address on file at the Florida Sexual Offender Registry, according to state documents.

Anyone with information about Small's whereabouts is asked to all Det. Doug Tanner at (863)-298-6200, extension 1266.

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California High School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sex with Student

Jetta Productions(FRESNO, Calif.) -- A California high school teacher is under investigation after her arrest on charges that she allegedly had sex with a student.

Megan Denman, 29, a social sciences teacher at Fresno’s Hoover High School, was arrested Monday on one count of sex with a minor and two counts of oral copulation with a person under 18, according to  the Fresno Police Department and the Fresno United School District.  

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The investigation is ongoing, and no evidence has emerged that other students were involved or that any illegal activity took place on school property.

Denman was released from Fresno County Jail Tuesday evening, according to ABC News affiliate KFSN.

“As we all know, there have been incidents throughout the state of teachers taking advantage of the student-teacher relationship,” said Fresno Unified Superintendant Michael Hanson said in a news release.  “Unfortunately, we have learned of an alleged inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student in our own district.  Words cannot describe my deep disappointment in this alleged breach of teacher-student relationship. ”

Denman has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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Gay Cruise Passengers Arrested for Sex on the Ship

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Two Americans traveling on a gay cruise were arrested on the Caribbean island of Dominica for having sex on one of the ship's balconies.

Gay sex, known as "buggery" on the island, is against Dominican laws. Public indecency and having sex in view of the public are also against the law there, according to police superintendent David Andrew.

John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis K. Mayer, 43, pleaded guilty Thursday to the charge of public indecency. They were fined $2,400 and were released following payment, Andrew said.

Police in Dominica were alerted to the behavior by people on shore who could see the balcony, according to Andrew. Police then boarded the ship, which was docked at the Roseau port, and arrested the men.

Hart and Mayer were part of a gay cruise group from California sponsored by Atlantis Events, which runs gay tourism trips around the world and markets itself as running the largest gay cruise in the world. The group chartered a Celebrity Cruise ship for the trip to Dominica.

Neither Atlantis Events nor Celebrity Cruises responded to requests for comment.

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Woman Sues College Over Roommate's Sex

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(EASTON, Mass.) -- Sometime college dorm rooms make for strange bedfellows.

Such was the case for Lindsay Blankmeyer, a former student at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass., who filed a suit against the school claiming that her roommate's alleged inappropriate sexual behavior drove her into a deep depression.

Blankmeyer is seeking $150,000 in damages in the suit, which was filed Wednesday at U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, citing violations of the Rehabilitation Act, the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments, and Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws.

According to court documents, she alleged that during her senior year, her roommate engaged in online and actual sex right in front of her. According to the suit, the roommate "would have sex with her boyfriend while [Lindsay] was trying to sleep just a few feet away," and would also "engage in sexually inappropriate video chatting" while Blankmeyer was in the room.

Stonehill College told ABC News that it "responded swiftly and professionally to the concerns of the student in this case, seeking to help resolve the matter."

"The issues between the student and her roommate were first attempted to be resolved through mediation with a residence director," Stonehill spokeswoman Kristen Magda Magda wrote. "The student was then presented with multiple options for housing on campus, including a private room. The college also made special arrangements for the student to complete her degree while living at home. At no time did the student notify college staff that her concerns involved sexual activity by her roommate."

However, Blankmeyer alleged in her lawsuit that that the resident director "did nothing to alleviate the problem," and that her mental health began to deteriorate as a result.

Before a scheduled group mediation, Blankmeyer alleged that the roommate "grabbed Lindsay while she was sleeping and began shaking her and yelling at her. Lindsay was terrified and pretended to remain asleep," according to court documents.

Blankmeyer already suffered from previous diagnoses of depression and attention deficit disorder, for which Stonehill had agreed to grant her extra time on exams and papers. She was, however, briefly hospitalized during her freshman year, according to the lawsuit.

When Blankmeyer's parents and psychiatrist "all asked if Lindsay could have a single room ... Stonehill refused Lindsay's request ... and in following weeks and months Lindsay fell into a dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo extensive psychiatric and medical treatment," according to court documents.

Blankmeyer said the college offered her two unattractive options: She could move to a different dorm that had a hard-partying reputation and room with a girl she didn't know, or she could move to a "small cubicle-like space" that was previously used as a study lounge.

The lawsuit alleged that Blankmeyer eventually moved to a hotel room, and became so depressed that she completed her bachelor of arts degree from home in New York in September 2011.

A call to one of Blankmeyer's attorneys, John Tocci of the Boston law firm Tocci, Goss & Lee, was not immediately returned.

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