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Convicted Sex Offender Confesses to 1970s Murders

Portland Police Bureau(BROWNSVILLE, Texas) -- Oregon police are investigating the claims by a convicted sex "predator" that he committed three to four homicides in Portland between 1970 and 1993.

Jeffrey Paul Cutlip called police in Brownsville, Texas, Saturday to admit to the murders.

Homicide detectives from Portland arrested Cutlip, 63, in Brownsville on Sunday for his involvement in a 1975 and a 1977 homicide in Portland. Police will not release information about the victims or the homicides until the victims' families have been notified and Cutlip is fully investigated.

"The next step is seeing what he says and seeing what they [detectives] can come up with," Officer Billy Killebrew of the Brownsville Police department told ABC News.

Records show Cutlip has previous convictions of first-degree sodomy and first-degree burglary from December 1982, and he is listed as a "predator" on Oregon's sex offender database. He was arrested in Brownsville in April for failure to register as a sex offender, Killebrew said. Oregon Department of Corrections records show Cutlip targeted women strangers "using threats and weapons to gain compliance."

"He said he had been involved in three or four murders between 1970 and 1993," Killebrew said. It is unclear why Cutlip was only arrested for involvement with two murders.

Portland police flew two detectives to Brownsville Sunday to question Cutlip. He is currently in the Cameron County Jail awaiting extradition to Portland. Extradition could take weeks if he fights it, according to Portland police.

Cutlip has been in Brownsville for almost a year, Killebrew said.

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Cross-Dressing Sex Offender Wanted in Florida

Creatas/Thinkstock(POLK COUNTY, Fla.) -- A cross-dressing man is wanted by Florida authorities for allegedly failing to register as a sex offender.

Brelon Small, 34, is a transvestite who goes by several names, including Brelon L. O'Neal, Bieosha Small, Lashay Small, Bonnie O'Neal, Andrea Washington, Andrew Washington and Tareane Williams.

Small was convicted in 2006 of lewd and lascivious conduct toward a child. He was charged in November with failing to register as a sex offender.

Records show Small also has been arrested on concealed weapon, resisting arrest, petty theft and drug charges.

Small is alleged to have absconded because he no longer lives at the Davenport address on file at the Florida Sexual Offender Registry, according to state documents.

Anyone with information about Small's whereabouts is asked to all Det. Doug Tanner at (863)-298-6200, extension 1266.

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Teen Girls Housed With Sex Offenders in Wichita Program

Ozanam(WICHITA, Kan.) -- A state-funded residential program in Kansas was investigated last week for housing foster girls as young as 16 with juvenile criminal offenders, including "gang members, sex offenders and drug dealers."

Since 2008, there have been 142 police incidents reported from the complex, operated by the Ozanam Pathways program, including three allegations of rape, according to Wichita police Deputy Cheif Tom Stolz.

Stolz said that authorities completed an investigation of Ozanam Pathways's apartment complex in Wichita July 22, but found no evidence of an "acute public safety matter," noting that "food was in the fridge," and "the premise was clean."

But the deputy chief was not convinced that housing young girls with male juvenile offenders, some as old as 21, made sense.

"That is a questionable policy that we would put those kids in same proximity in one another," Stolz told ABC News.

"They are put in contact with manipulators or predators who sell drugs or already had sexual assault on their records or run with gangs who are very savvy and sophisticated. As a police officer for 30 years, that doesn't make good policy sense to me, for whatever that's worth," he said.

At the Ozanam Pathways apartment in Wichita, five teenage girls, classified as "child in need of care," and the 10 males, some of whom are juvenile offenders, live in separate apartments in a complex on West University. They also share a common courtyard space in the middle of the complex.

Ozanam president Doug Zimmerman said the Pathways program has a similar arrangement for "child in need of care" teen girls and juvenile offenders, including sex offenders, in their supervised apartment in Kansas City.

The Kansas Justice Juvenile Authority, which retains custody of offenders and refers some of them to Ozanam's pathway program, said in a statement to ABC News they are working to reform the current system, but that change requires action from the state legislature, and "it cannot be solved overnight."

Stolz said conditions at Ozanam Pathways apartment in Wichita were brought to police attention by a former employee on July 18.

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Grandmother, Sex Offender Fight for Custody of Child in Florida

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) -- A judge's ruling giving custody of a 3-year-old girl to a registered sex offender over her grandmother has created confusion and outrage in Jacksonville, Florida.

"I was absolutely appalled.  Very concerned for the well-being of this little girl," State Rep. Janet Adkins told ABC News affiliate WJXX-TV in Jacksonville.

Trista Crews, the mother of the girl, died a month after her daughter, Miranda Wilkerson, was born.  At the time, she was married to registered sex offender Donald Coleman, though Coleman, whose offense was impregnating Crews when she was 14 and he was 38, had filed for divorce.

In his divorce petition, Coleman claimed that Crews was pregnant with another man's baby.  Despite the claim in his divorce filing, Coleman is still Miranda's legal father because he was married to Miranda's mother at the time she was born, which apparently played into the judge's ruling.

Reporters were not allowed in the courtroom when the decision was reached last week, and lawyers and family members were barred from speaking about the ruling to the media.

Adkins told WJXX-TV that she and the Florida Department of Children and Families are trying to determine whether anything can be done to return Miranda to her grandparents, with whom she grew up.

"I find it absolutely incredible that the law would say you are going to take a child out of a family, the only family this child has ever known, and to put this person with a complete stranger who is not any relation, I find that just appalling," she said.  "My biggest concern is for that child's safety."

According to court documents acquired by WJXX-TV two days after the ruling, Coleman's motion for custody claimed that the girl's maternal grandmother, Rita Manning, was not allowing him to see Miranda.

The motion also detailed Manning's arrest record, which included a 1995 case that was eventually dropped in which she was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Manning was also charged with child neglect in 1997, when her daughter got pregnant by Coleman.  Manning was eventually sentenced to probation, according to the documents obtained by WJXX-TV.

Coleman was sentenced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, but Manning agreed to her daughter's marrying him that same year because the 14-year-old was expecting a baby, she said.  Since then, the Colemans had two more children together.

The custody transfer of Miranda occurred last Wednesday, after Manning petitioned to adopt the child.  Outrage over the case has grown since the judge's decision, which forced Miranda to leave her grandmother and move to Georgia, where Coleman lives.

Miranda's grandmother will have the opportunity to appeal the judge's decision.  She could also report the case to the Department of Child and Family Services.  But for now, when Miranda turns 4 in a couple days, Manning said she doesn't know if she will be able to wish her a happy birthday in person.

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Sex Offender Fakes Death Second Time; Allegedly Kills Homeless Man

WFAA Dallas-Ft. Worth(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- A convicted sex offender allegedly killed a homeless man in an attempt to fake his own death and evade rape charges, police in Fort Worth, Texas said.

Michael A. Gilbert, 42, shot a homeless man who he thought resembled him, stuffed him in his car's trunk and set the vehicle on fire in Eugene McCray Park, police said.

The car's license plate linked Gilbert to the car, but dental records proved the dead man was not Gilbert. Police are still trying to identify the dead man.

There were two outstanding warrants for Gilbert's arrest. One is for a sexual assault with a minor under 17 and the other is failure to register a change of address, Fort Worth Police Officer Sharron Neal said.

This isn't the first time Gilbert attempted to fake his death. Using the alias "Michael Brown," he called authorities in Biloxi, Miss., in 2002 and said that his cousin was drowning. Gilbert was faking his own death to avoid returning to jail over a parole violation, police said. He was charged with sending false distress signals and sentenced to six months in jail.

No body was ever found, police said.

When police came to arrest Gilbert on two outstanding warrants Tuesday, he didn't go quietly. After a seven hour standoff at West Chase Apartments, SWAT officers used tear gas to get into his apartment. Police found Gilbert hiding in the attic. He attempted to slit his throat during the arrest.

Gilbert is being treated at a hospital and when he's well enough, he'll be moved to jail.

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Castration Cuts Pedophile's Prison Stay

Dick Luria/Photodisc(BATON ROUGE, La.) -- A 78-year-old convicted child molester will be released from prison this week, only after he underwent a court-ordered surgical castration.

Francis Tullier pled guilty to more than 500 counts of child molestation in 1999 for molesting six young girls in the 1970s and 1980s.

As a condition of a plea deal given to Tullier at sentencing, he agreed to undergo surgical castration. The surgery was to be performed within six months of his incarceration, but Tullier fell ill and only recently had the operation.

Only two states in the U.S. -- Louisiana and Texas -- allow for the surgical castration of sex offenders. Seven states, however, have provisions that allow for their chemical castration.

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More Underage Victims in Youth Pastor Case?

Photo Courtesy - KRDO-TV Colorado Springs/ Facebook(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) -- Colorado Springs Police investigating the case of a 21-year-old pastor charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl are worried there might be other victims. Justin Amoroso, who worked as a youth pastor before the scandal broke, was arrested on Wednesday.

The arrest affidavit says Amoroso met with the girl at church last August, and the two allegedly had sex as many as 15 times.

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