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John Edwards Sex Tape Testimony Will Be Allowed, Court Rules

Sketch by Christine Cornell(GREENSBORO, N.C.) -- The sex tape made by John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter may yet play a significant role in Edwards' trial as the judge cleared the way Monday for testimony surrounding the steamy video that was made as Edwards was preparing to run for president.

Prosecutors and Edwards' lawyers have agreed the video itself won't be shown to jurors.

But the two sides have agreed that testimony about the tape can be introduced.

Among the questions that Edwards' lawyers may seek to be answered, they said in court Monday while the jury was out, was whether former Edwards aide Andrew Young stole the video from Hunter, whether he tried to sell it, and whether he threatened Edwards with it when the effort to hide Hunter was unraveling.

Earlier questions about the video were put on hold until Judge Catherine Eagles made a ruling about it.

The ruling came during a day of often angry and emotional testimony from Young's wife, Cheri Young, who told the court she was disgusted by Edwards' financial scheme to hide his girlfriend's pregnancy, but agreed to help after Edwards personally assured her that it was legal.

"I heard Mr. John Edwards tell me on the phone that he checked with the campaign lawyers and this is legal. Get the money in," she testified that Edwards said to her. "He was very short and very angry."

It was the second time jurors heard a witness testify that Edwards had insisted that the financial scheme was legal. Andrew Young has also testified that he was assured by Edwards there was nothing illegal in what they doing to hide Hunter's pregnancy.

Edwards is accused of using campaign donations to hide his mistress. If convicted, Edwards could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

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John Edwards Judge Won't Block Sex Tape Testimony

Steve Exum/Getty Images(GREENSBORO, N.C.) -- The judge in the John Edwards trial Friday rejected a bid by Edwards' former mistress to sharply restrict what the court and the public can hear about a sex tape the couple made together.

The tape shows Rielle Hunter, who later gave birth to Edwards' child, and it shows enough of Edwards to be able to identify him.

Judge Catherine Eagles rebuffed the request Friday, after she had earlier ruled that the video itself was inadmissible and would not be introduced during the trial.

Hunter, who was a videographer on Edwards' failed bid for the presidency in 2007, is expected to testify later in the trial.

The tape came up when Edwards' lawyer Abbe Lowell was grilling key prosecution witness Andrew Young about the final conversation that Edwards and Young during a car ride on Aug. 18, 2008 in a wooded area. By this time their friendship had been severely strained by the extraordinary efforts to keep the secret of Hunter's pregnancy.

During their conversation Young told Edwards, "If he wasn't going to tell the truth about what transpired, then I was going to tell the truth."

Young told Edwards that he had saved voicemails, text messages, emails and photographs.

"You also told Mr. Edwards you had a private video of Miss Hunters?" Lowell asked.

At that point, the prosecution objected and the subject was not pressed.

Young said that Edwards was sweaty and "at one point I was scared for my life."

"Did you think John Edwards was going to shoot you?" Lowell asked.

"Not personally," Young answered.

"You thought there was a gunman in the woods who was going to come and shoot you?" the lawyer asked.

"That thought did cross my mind," he answered.

"Were you afraid there was a gun or a tape recorder?" Lowell asked.

"Both occurred to me," Young replied.

Edwards is on trial for allegedly using more than $900,000 in campaign donations illegally to hide Hunter and her pregnancy.  His defense, however, says the money was used to hide the affair from Edwards' wife and was not related to his presidential campaign.

They emphasized that point Friday by noting that in a book Young wrote about the affair he said that during the Aug. 18 car ride Edwards told his once trusted aide that he had already confessed to his wife, Elizabeth Edwards. "I have told Elizabeth and you can't hurt me," was the quote.

During his testimony this week, however, Young has said to the court that Edwards said simply, "You can't hurt me."

They have also depicted Young as a greedy liar who used the scandal for his own financial profit.

In Friday's testimony, Young conceded that he included as affair-related expenses trips with his family to Disneyland, Legoland, skiing in Aspen, and a trip to Mexico.

He also admitted spending $200,000 of the money to put in a pool at his home and wire it for audio.

Young testified earlier this week that he was told that hiding Hunter was the "most important" job in the campaign, even after Edwards dropped out of the race because he was hoping to become vice president or attorney general.

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Attorneys Seek Court Order to Press John Edwards on Sex Tape

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.) -- Attorneys for a former aide to John Edwards Thursday sought a court order to compel the two-time presidential candidate to provide additional information in a dispute over ownership of a sex tape Edwards allegedly made with his mistress.

Edwards gave a sworn deposition in the case last month.

The details of the court filing are shielded from public view because of a broad protective order sought by Edwards' attorneys in advance of the deposition and issued last year by the judge. But if the court were to grant a hearing on the motion, it is possible that a transcript of Edwards' deposition, or portions of it, could be entered into the public record.

Edwards' testimony was taken in Chapel Hill last month in connection with the civil suit filed by his mistress, Rielle Hunter, against Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri.

Andrew Young, a former close aide to Edwards, claimed in 2007 that he was the father of Hunter's child, but retracted that assertion last year and published a tell-all book, writing that he took the fall for Edwards as part of an elaborate and expensive cover-up of the affair designed to protect Edwards' political aspirations.

Hunter brought the suit in January 2010, days before the publication date of Young's book, The Politician. At the center of the suit is Hunter's allegation that Young took from her a "personal and private" videotape that depicts Edwards and Hunter in a sexual encounter, as well as a series of photographs that include images of Edwards with his daughter, Quinn, who turned 3 last week.

Attorneys for Hunter and Edwards, who is not a party in the lawsuit, have pointedly accused Young of trying to sell the sex tape and of using it to promote his book and a forthcoming film adaptation by Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

But Young contends he found the tape discarded in a box of trash in a rented Chapel Hill home that Hunter once shared with his family, and claims that Hunter uploaded the photographs to a computer they all shared while hiding out in a California mansion.

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Victim of Secret Dorm Sex Tape Posts Facebook Goodbye, Jumps to His Death

Photo Courtesy -- Tyler Clementi | BRUNSWICK, N.J.) -- Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi, 18, posted a goodbye message on his Facebook page before jumping to his death after his roommate secretly filmed him during a "sexual encounter" in his dorm room and posted it live on the Internet. Items belonging to Clementi were found by the George Washington Bridge last week, according to authorities.  Clementi's post on his Facebook page, dated Sept. 22 at 8:42 p.m., read, "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry."  Clementi's body has not been recovered, but police have pulled an unidentified male body from the Hudson River just north of the bridge.  Paul Mainardi, the attorney representing the Clementi family, released a statement confirming Clementi's suicide.  Two students, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, have been charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy after allegedly placing a camera in Clementi's room and live streaming the recording online on Sept. 19, according to a written statement by New Jersey's Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan.  Both Wei and Ravi surrendered to police. Wei has been released on her own recognizance and Ravi posted $25,000 bail.  Lawyers for both Wei and Ravi did not respond to messages left by ABC News.

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