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Man Attacked by Shark While Snorkeling in Hawaii 

Hemera/Thinkstock(KIHEI, Hawaii) --  A 61-year-old man from Oregon is recovering from a shark bite he got while snorkeling in Hawaii on Friday.

Tom Kennedy of Lake Oswego, Ore., was snorkeling near a shore in Kihei, Hawaii at about 9:35 a.m., when a 10 foot shark attacked him.

The shark bit Kennedy’s left calf. Experts said the shark appeared to be a tiger shark.

“I kept watching behind because I was concerned it would come back again,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said at some point, the shark let go of his leg and he swam as fast as he could to get away.

“It released me and I started swimming as fast as I could…as I went further and started to bleed, I could see I was trailing blood, which was my next concern,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy managed to get away from the shark and back onto his paddleboard.

One of his fellow snorkelers, an emergency room nurse, began first aid and helped get him safely back to shore. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Doctors said Kennedy was lucky the bite didn’t hit any major arteries.

As he recovers, the bloody bandage on his leg is Kennedy’s reminder of just how lucky he is to be alive.

“It could have been this, or you could have been struck by lightning, the odds are about the same,” he said.

After Friday morning’s incident, officials closed the waters 2 miles in each direction, and will meet Saturday to determine when it’s safe for beach goers to go back in.

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Live Shark Lands on Calif. Golf Course

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.) -- Employees at San Juan Hills Golf Club got a huge surprise this week when they found a live, 2-foot-long shark on the 12th hole.

“One of our marshals saw something flip-flopping near the 12th hole tee box,” the club’s director of operations Melissa McCormack told ABC News. The marshal’s job, McCormack says, is usually to ensure the proper pace of play on the course and provide assistance to customers who need it.

“It was absolutely the weirdest thing we’ve seen here,” McCormack said.

An unusual sight on land anywhere, the little leopard shark’s presence at San Juan Hills was made even more startling by the course’s location four miles from the Pacific Ocean in San Juan Capistrano.

The marshal tossed the shark into the back of a golf cart and quickly drove to the club house, where he was joined by McCormack and fellow employee Bryan Stizer. They placed the shark in a bucket of salt water and Stizer drove it to the ocean where, McCormack said, things were not looking good for their young friend.

“Bryan put it in the water and it just floated there for a minute,” McCormack said. However, proving that it was not a true land shark, the creature came around. “Then it just took off and swam away.”

So how did the lucky shark wind up four miles inland?

Eagle puns aside, a bird of prey probably gave it a ride. According to McCormack, they noticed puncture wounds near the shark’s gills, hinting that a large bird, perhaps an osprey, wanted to make it into a meal but lost its grip somewhere along the way. She said the osprey is common bird in the area, one often known to prey on large fish.

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Shark Attack Kills California Surfer ANGELES) -- A California surfer was mauled and killed by a shark off the Santa Barbara coast Tuesday, officials said.

The victim was 40, but not immediately identified.

The shark moved in for the kill shortly before 11 a.m. PT as the victim was surfing near Surf Beach in Lompoc, Calif., according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. That is near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

A fellow surfer pulled the victim from the water, called 911 and started first aid procedures until the Vandenberg Air Force Base Fire Department arrived, police said.

Air base spokeswoman Lt. Mary Vasta did not state the cause of death, saying only, "[Paramedics] started CPR and then ceased CPR, and we are not sure why they did that."

But Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Marc Williams confirmed the surfer had been bitten by a shark and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Williams said a shark expert would try to determine what kind of shark was involved on Wednesday.

The victim was not affiliated with the air force base.

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Great White Shark Spotted off Southern California Coast

Santa Barbara Waterfront Department(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) -- While Shark Week plays on the Discovery Channel, the California city of Santa Barbara may be having its very own Great White Shark Week.

Officials said an experienced young surfer off the coast of Leadbetter Point spotted what may have been a great white within feet of where he was in the water Tuesday evening.

“All the details from his sighting were enough for me to decide this was a credible one,” said Harbor Operations Manager Mick Kronman.

It was reported that the shark’s dorsal fin and tail fin were both out of the water when spotted.

The reported color, girth and six- to seven-foot spread between the shark’s fins lead officials to believe it was a great white.

The city’s Waterfront and Parks and Recreation departments have taken necessary precautions by posting warning signs at 14 locations near city beaches, and one on each of five lifeguard towers between Leadbetter Point and East Beach.

“When there is a sighting, we post the beach for 72 hours stating that people can swim at their own risk,” said Waterfront Facilities Manager Karl Treiberg.

If there are no other sightings or evidence of shark attacks on marine life, the signs will be removed by the end of the week.

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According to officials, there have been three attacks by sharks on marine life in nearby waters since April 27.

“Two of the attacks took place in Santa Barbara waters ending in the death of two sea lions, and a third attack on a harbor seal in Carpenteria left the mammal injured but still alive,” said Kronman.

Sharks rarely attack human beings.  Officials said the beaches would be completely shut down in the event of a shark attack on a person.

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911 Calls of Cape Cod Shark Attack Victim Released

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The man who barely survived what is believed to be a great white shark attack in the waters off Cape Cod, Mass., said he worried about blood loss during the ordeal and that he's in no hurry to return to the water that he loves.

"It will take some gentle effort to get back in the water, but I hope one day," Chris Myers said on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday from the Boston hospital where he is recovering.

Myers was swimming with his teenage son J.J. off the coast of Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass., around 3:30 p.m. Monday when he was apparently pulled under the water by a shark.  Police say Myers was bit in both legs below the knees in possibly one single, crushing blow.

The harrowing moments after the father of two emerged from the water can now be heard on the 911 calls received after the attack.

"A shark attack, he's bleeding, he's wounded.  His whole ankle's been bit, we need 911!" according to screams recorded during the calls.

Beachgoers had just watched helplessly as Myers was pulled under the water while he and his teenage son were bodysurfing.  Myers soon surfaced and screamed for help.

His son J.J. told GMA the attack seemed unreal.

"I heard him scream and turned around, and saw the back and the fin of the shark up out of water," he said.  "At that point it hit me when it was happening.  But at the same time, I thought that none of it was real.  It really seemed like a movie.  None of it seemed real until I was on the beach."

After the shark attacked, the father and son attempted to get back to land as quickly as possible.

"We really didn't have a lot of options," Chris Myers said.  "We were motivated, so we swam, hard.  I was thinking as I was swimming, my lungs were fine, my kick was fine, I was starting to feel kind of dizzy and wondering if I was losing blood.  My concern was that I wouldn't make it back to shore, but we were able to do it."

J.J. stayed by his side as emergency medical personnel raced his dad to the hospital.

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Dr. Greg Skomal, Massachusetts' top shark scientist, says the attack most likely involved a great white.

"Given what we now about the other species in the area ... it's not likely to be a Blue or a Mako, or any of those other coastal sharks.  All this add up to the white shark being a candidate," he said.

A great white shark was also spotted trailing a kayaker three weeks ago at Nauset Beach, about 25 miles south of Monday's attack.  That's a total of four shark sightings this summer off the coast of Cape Cod.

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Massachusetts Man Hospitalized After Shark Attack Near Cape Cod

Comstock/Thinkstock(CAPE COD, Mass.) -- A man bitten by a shark Monday as he body-surfed with his teenage son off the coast of Ballston Beach near Cape Cod, Mass., is expected to live, officials said.

The attack happened around 3:30 p.m. when Chris Myers, a father of two, was pulled under the water by a shark.  Police say the shark bit Myers in both legs below the knees in possibly one single, crushing bite.

“They dragged him out and they had to carry him up here and they had to wrap it around his legs and he was bleeding through the gauzes,” a witness said.  “It was bad.  Both his legs were pretty bad.”

Myers was conscious and alert when authorities loaded him into an ambulance.

“It was pretty deep.  You could see muscle and bone,” Truro police officer Scott Holway said.  “It was like his flesh had been ripped.”

Several witnesses say they saw a shark fin appear before the attack.  They watched helplessly from the beach as Myers was pulled under the water by the shark.  Myers soon surfaced and screamed for help.

Witnesses were able to reach Myers after the attack and bring him safely to shore.  After Myers was raced to the hospital, authorities posted notices to swimmers but did not close the beach.  

Sharks have been more visible along Cape Cod this summer.  Experts say that’s because of a drastic increase of seals in the area.

“The elbow of the cape has these large, dense concentrations of gray seals now, and these white sharks go to the area to feed,” said Greg Skomal, a senior biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.  “Because the seals are so abundant, now the white sharks are paying more attention.”

A great white shark was spotted trailing a kayaker three weeks ago at Nauset Beach, about 25 miles south of Monday’s attack.  That’s a total of four shark sightings this summer off the coast of Cape Cod.

“It’s a little alarming, I have to say,” a beachgoer said.  “With kids and boys that are pretty brave to go far out deep in the water, it’s a little alarming especially with the seals coming so close.”

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Massachusetts Shark Sends Kayaker Running ‘Like a Little Child’

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(CAPE COD, Mass.) -- Walter Szulc will likely never forget the first time he went kayaking thanks to the great white shark that appeared directly behind him, trailing his kayak.

He was kayaking 100-150 yards off the waters of Cape Cod, Mass., on Saturday when hundreds of beachgoers saw the shark’s dorsal fin about 10 feet behind him.  People began to point in Szulc’s direction while yelling “shark.”

A nearby surfer watched in horror as the 12-to-14 foot great white approached.  Szulc credits that surfer for saving his life because he was the first person to point out the shark.

“I looked back and that’s when the shark was right behind me,” Szulc said.

More than 3,000 swimmers at Nauset Beach were asked to get out of the water when the shark was sighted.

“Everyone was very relaxed and the shark put on quite a show moving back and forth out in front of the beach, but it was done in a very orderly fashion,” Harbormaster Dawson Farber said.

It was the third great white sighting in Cape Cod in the past couple of weeks.  The sharks are drawn to the area because of a huge spike in the seal population. Seals are essentially shark bait.

Author Jonathan Kathrein, who survived a shark attack, said the fear of sharks is overrated.

“The reality is sharks aren’t trying to eat people and statistically in almost every shark attack, the person who’s attacked survives,” Kathrein said.

Szulc credits his own survival to instinct.

“I just reacted.  I thought it was either it or I’m getting in so I just paddled like no tomorrow,” he said.  “I kind of ran out of the water like a little child.”

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California Man Survives Shark Attack

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(MONTEREY, Calif.) -- A 27-year-old California man was bit several times on Saturday in yet another shark attack while he was surfing the waters off Marina State Beach, in what seems like a busy season for sightings in the Pacific Ocean.

About 150 yards from shore, Eric Tarantino was on his surfboard when the shark came out of nowhere, striking him in the arm and neck. Injured and bleeding, he was able to paddle to shore and out of harm’s way.

A friend and fellow surfer, Brandon McKibben, was about ten yards from the attack and somehow managed to get away, as well.

 “I looked over at that point and I saw quite a bit of blood come out of his arm and going into the water around him,” McKibben said.

After the two of them swam to shore, nearby surfers used towels as tourniquets to stop the bleeding in Eric’s arm and neck. Brandon told me that while Eric was still lucid and conscious, he looked pale and was going into shock.

Paramedics arrived and airlifted Eric to a nearby hospital for what the park ranger said appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. According to local reports, Eric is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.

Eric’s surfboard was placed in the back of a state park ranger’s patrol car, where stunned fellow surfers stopped to examine the board’s new marks: gashes and a missing 19-inch chunk.

Brandon told me that another friend was attacked about four years ago, near the same spot. And despite this string of shark activity, he still plans on going back in the water.

It’s been a bad year for sharks, with sightings up and down the west coast putting beachgoers on edge.

In Oregon, one man was thrown from his board after a shark took a huge bite.

Last week, another man, George Thomas Wainwright was killed by a 10-foot great white in Australia.

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375-Pound Shark Jumps Aboard Fishing Boat in Texas, Texas) -- Jason Kresse doesn't have to worry about getting verification for his whale of a fish story because it's all over the media.

The 29-year-old Freeport, Texas resident and his pals were just minding their own business Monday while fishing for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico when they heard something slam into the side of their boat.

Before the fishing party could react, a 375-pound mako shark had jumped into the back of the boat.

As valiantly as they tried to toss their visitor back in the water, especially since they didn't have a permit to catch sharks, Kresse and his pals couldn't get near the flopping mako.

Unfortunately for the shark, it died on board.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department didn't cite the crew with any violation because it was an accident they clearly couldn't have foreseen.

Kresse, who still can't believe what happened, is getting a mount made to display his unintentional trophy.

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