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Miss. Detective Fatally Shot by Suspect in Interrogation Room

Comstock/Thinkstock(JACKSON, Miss.) -- A detective was shot and killed in a police interrogation room when a murder suspect overpowered him before turning the gun on himself, according to investigators.

Det. Eric Smith, 40, was shot by the suspect, 23-year-old Jeremy Powell, on Thursday evening after Powell was able to take Smith's service weapon from him, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) spokesman Warren Strain told ABC News' Jackson, Miss., affiliate, WAPT.

Powell was arrested on Thursday as a suspect connected to a murder that occurred on Monday. He was taken to the Jackson Police Department headquarters and was being questioned by Smith on the third floor, according to WAPT.

"We heard that shots had been fired," Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman told WAPT. "Upon our arrival, we found the suspect is deceased and we have a police officer deceased."

The police department was put on lockdown after the shooting.

Smith was a veteran police officer who began working for the Jackson Police Department in 1995. He received the Jackson's Best Award in 2012, an award given in Jackson to city employees who go above and beyond the call of duty, WAPT reported.

"Det. Smith was an excellent officer, from all reports," Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson told reporters. "He had just received and been recognized as one of Jackson's best and, obviously, the men and women of the police department are taking this pretty hard."

Police have not released further details on the killing and did not respond to requests for comment.

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Denver Cop Shot and Killed at Jazz Concert

Comstock/Thinkstock(DENVER) -- A female police officer was fatally shot Sunday night while trying to break up a fight at a jazz concert in Denver, according to police.

The officer, who was identified by The Denver Post as a single mother and a seven-year veteran of the Denver Police Department, was struck in the head just after 8 p.m.  She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The shooting sent hundreds of City Park Jazz concert-goers running in panic.

"We were just sitting here listening to the music, and all of a sudden we saw everybody running, saying, 'Everybody get down.  Everybody get down," a woman who attended the concert with her two young daughters told ABC News affiliate KMGH-TV.

"We first thought it was a fight.  But everybody was running, saying, 'Somebody got shot,'" the woman said.

One person was taken into custody Sunday night, but it is not clear if he or she is the alleged shooter.

"We did make one arrest for an individual with a weapon ... It is not confirmed if that individual was involved in the shooting," Denver Police Chief Robert White said.

White said he hopes to know more details by Monday.

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Ouch! Boy Won't Get $50,000 Prize for Lucky Hockey Shot

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(MINNEAPOLIS) -- The 11-year-old boy who wowed hockey fans by hitting a puck through a tiny slot in a board 89 feet away has lost the $50,000 jackpot attached to the miracle shot.

The company that insured the charity event, Odds on Promotions, said that 11-year-old Nate Smith isn’t eligible to take home the $50,000 because the raffle ticket that allowed him to take the hockey shot was in his twin brother’s name.

The honesty of the twin boys’ father is what led the event organizers to realize that Nate had posed as his twin brother Nick when he made the shot.

“I called into the organizers. We told them that Nate made the shot. We did the right thing,” Pat Smith told ABC News on Aug. 15. “I just think that honesty is more important than any prize or money you could get.”

The twins had hoped to use the money for their college savings and to donate funds to their local hockey association, Smith said.

Nate made the lucky shot at a celebrity fundraiser hockey game in Faribult, Minn., on Aug. 11. He took aim from the center ice and fired the puck 89 feet straight in a goal which measured a mere three and a half inches. The puck is three inches wide.

The promoters say they will donate some money to charity instead of forking over the check.

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Twin Boy's $50K Hockey Shot in Jeopardy

Twins Nate and Nick Smith of Owatonna, Minn. (Pat Smith)(FARIBAULT, Minn.) -- Nate Smith made all the sports highlight reels and won $50,000 for making an impossible hockey shot in a charity fundraiser. But the 11-year-old hockey fan now stands to lose the bonanza because of his father's honesty.

Nate was posing as his twin brother Nick when he made the shot.

"I just felt I had to do the right thing," dad Pat Smith told ABC News on Monday. "I just think that honesty is more important than any prize or money you could get."

Nate made his shot at a celebrity fundraiser hockey game in Faribault, Minn., last Thursday. He took aim from the center ice and fired the puck 89 feet straight into a goal that measured a mere three and a half inches. The puck is three inches wide.

It happened during the annual "Shattuck vs. the World" game attracts Shattuck-St. Mary's alumni who play in the NHL and raises money for the Faribault Youth Hockey Association.

Pat Smith, the twins' father, purchased three raffle tickets at the Shattuck – St. Mary's school hockey game for a chance for one of his kids to make an unforgettable shot across the ice and win $50,000.

"We thought we'd go to the fundraiser and support those guys, nothing else. So I went over to purchase a few tickets with Nate, who was with me," Pat Smith said.

When asked by his dad if he should put Nate's name on the tickets, Nate declined, saying with a cast on his arm recently removed, Nick had a better chance of scoring a winning goal.

The family didn't expect that Nick's ticket would be drawn, so Nick headed outside shortly before halftime. Nevertheless, he told Nate to take the money shot if his raffle ticket was drawn.

Nate took to the ice in his twin brother's place and in a play which had the entire arena on its feet, effortlessly swung his hockey stick to hit the goal in the $50,000 shot. "I was shocked . . . I couldn't believe it," said Nate.

However, the boys may never see the check.

"After he made the shot, we had to sign some documents and stuff, and I thought oh boy, we don't want to mess that up," Pat Smith said. "I didn't have time to really think it through and I said yeah, it was Nick's shot."

"The next day we felt so badly, I called into the organizers, we told them that Nate made the shot. We did the right thing," the dad said.

The insurance carrier for the event, Odds on Promotions, has not indicated whether it will accept Nate making a shot in Nick's name. The company did not return calls to ABC News on Monday.

The twins are hoping to get another stroke of good luck and said if they receive the prize, they will save the money for college and donate funds to their local hockey association.  

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White Supremacist David Lynch Shot in Head at Home

John Foxx/Thinkstock(CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif.) -- One of the country's leading white supremacists was gunned down in his California home, shot in the head and torso as his pregnant girlfriend watched, police said.

David Lynch, 40, an organizer for the American Front, one of the country's oldest skinhead groups, was killed in his home early Wednesday morning. Lynch's 33-year-old girlfriend, who is five months pregnant, was shot in the leg.

Police have not identified the woman who called 911 to the home that she and Lynch shared in Citrus Heights, Calif. Paramedics took her to a nearby hospital where she is recovering.

When police entered Lynch's home they first had to step over a doormat which reads: "Come Back with a Warrant."

Soon after police responded to the 911 call, they arrested Charles Demar, 36, another white supremacist and acquaintance of Lynch. Authorities are calling Demar "a person of interest." They charged him with drug possession.

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One US Marshal Killed, Two Wounded in West Virginia Raid

Deputy U.S. Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller. Photo Courtesy - U.S. Marshals Service(ELKINS, W. Va.) -- One U.S. marshal was killed and two others were wounded in a raid on a home in Elkins, W. Va., Wednesday morning.

The raid began at 8:30 a.m. when the three deputy marshals were attempting to arrest Charles E. Smith, who was wanted on cocaine charges.  As the marshals made their move, according to authorities, someone inside fired a shotgun blast.

The marshal who was fatally wounded was identified as Deputy U.S. Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller, 24, of Bridgeport, W. Va., who had worked for the U.S. Marshals Service for slightly over a year.  The two wounded officers were not identified.  One remains hospitalized, while the other was treated and released.

The suspect, Smith, 50, was also killed in the incident.

Hotsinpiller's death comes less than a day after a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was shot and killed in Mexico, along with another agent who was wounded.

This all comes after a particularly violent stretch in late January in which 10 police were shot in roughly a day's time: two in Port Orchard, Washington; another in Lincoln City, Oregon; four officers in Detroit who were wounded when a gunman stormed their precinct; and in St. Petersburg, Florida, two local officers were killed and a U.S. deputy marshal was seriously injured after serving a warrant.

While law enforcement fatalities are down this year compared with the same time last year, the number of officers killed by gunfire is up sharply.  According to the National Law Enforcement memorial, 13 officers have been killed by gunfire so far this year, a 44 percent jump compared to the same time last year.

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Michigan Mom Amy Henslee Found Dead, Suspect in Custody

Photo Courtesy - WZZM-TV(BANGOR TOWNSHIP, Mich.) -- Amy Henslee, the Michigan mom of two who vanished from her home three days ago, was found shot to death early Friday morning, police said.  Her body was found buried with the body of another woman.

"Unfortunately, the investigation that began with the disappearance of Amy Henslee this past Monday evening culminated [Friday] morning with the discovery of her body and also the body of Tonya Howarth," Van Buren County Prosecutor Juris Kaps said.

Junior Lee Beebe, 34, is being held in connection to the murders.  Beebe is the cousin of Henslee's husband.  Beebe is expected to be charged with two counts of open murder Friday and will be arraigned later in the day, Kaps said.

"It appears that they both died of multiple gunshot wounds," he said.

Howarth, 36, was dating Beebe, the prosecutor said.  Investigators are still determining the relationship between Henslee and Howarth.

Henslee, 30, left willingly from her home Monday morning with Beebe, investigators said.  She left with just her black coat and Puma sneakers.

"Everything indicated that there was no physical confrontation when she left," Van Buren County Sheriff Dale Gribler said.

It's not clear how police tracked Henslee to Beebe's trailer in Bangor Township, six miles from her home in Hartford Township.  At the trailer, Michigan State Police discovered a pool of blood, and nearby they discovered the buried bodies of Henslee and Howarth, Kaps said.

The bodies were identified by photographs and tattoos.

Kaps indicated that Beebe has a record. "He has some prior contact with criminal justice system," the prosecutor said.

Police initially said that they believed Henslee was still alive and had left home voluntarily.  But on Friday they concluded that Henslee and Howarth were murdered on Monday morning, the day Henslee disappeared.

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Supporters of Slain Border Agent Seek Justice, Answers

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- Less than one month before a gunman went on a bloody rampage in suburban Tucson, killing six and wounding 13, a similarly gruesome scene played out in a dark canyon just outside the city.

Bandits armed with AK-47s attacked a group of U.S. Border Patrol agents, including Brian Terry, a three-year veteran of the force who was shot in the back and killed.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers, friends and family of Terry gathered Friday for a memorial service at a Tucson sports arena. And some voiced frustration that justice for their fallen comrade hasn't come fast enough.

"The FBI is being completely mum on where the investigation is at," said National Border Patrol Council President T.J. Bonner in an interview. "We're pressing to get some answers not only for our organization but the family."

Bonner said the lack of details on the investigation was particularly troublesome in light of federal investigators' robust response to the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at an event two weeks ago.

"It's incumbent upon the FBI to be more forthcoming about what they know and what they don't know," he said.

Federal law enforcement officials contacted by ABC News said four suspects are in custody, detained immediately following the shooting Dec. 15, but that a fifth suspect remains at large. Some observers believe he likely escaped to Mexico.

"We've got to hunt them down and put them in jail, whether they're drug traffickers, alien smugglers or, in this particular case, people who shoot and kill border patrol agents," said Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton.

An FBI spokesman declined to discuss the ongoing investigation or identify the names of the men in custody but said that the suspects were being held on "immigration charges."

No murder charges have been filed in Terry's death.

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Two Miami Cops Shot While Making Arrest

Photo Courtesy - WPLG/ABC News(MIAMI) -- Two Miami police officers were shot and killed in a shootout Thursday when they tried to serve an arrest warrant.

The gunman was also shot and killed.

The cops were part of a U.S. marshals task force when the gunfire broke out.

Other details on the operation were not immediately available from officials.

U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Jeff Carter said in a statement, "Initial reports are two local police officers assigned to a U.S. Marshals task force in Miami were shot while executing an arrest warrant this morning."

The Miami Herald reported two schools, the Thena Crowder Elementary School and Little River Elementary School, were locked down in the wake of the shooting. 

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Family Dog Shot by Cop for Barking?

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(ATLANTA) -- An Atlanta teen is devastated after he says cops shot and killed his beloved golden retriever, Boomer, for doing what he's supposed to do: bark.

"I feel like my best friend is gone," said 19-year-old Jonathan King. "Boomer was doing what he was supposed to do, barking at someone who isn't supposed to be on my land," said King.

King said that an officer from the Clayton County Police Department was called to his mother's subdivision in Jonesboro, Ga., to investigate a disturbance. While King says he did not witness the shooting, a neighbor told him that he saw the dog approach the cop and then immediately fall to the ground upon being shot.

Clayton County Police Lt. Tina Daniel told ABC News' Atlanta affiliate WSB that the officer, who has not been named, was approached by Boomer, who "began barking and running" toward him. Daniel told WSB that the officer commanded the dog to stop but it did not, leading him to shoot and kill him.

“Never once in seven years has Boomer bitten anyone,” King said, “and I have hundreds of people who can testify."

Holding back tears, King told ABC News that seven-year-old Boomer had given his family a "sense of security" since their father died of cancer eight years ago. 

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