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UFO Sighting in Chicago?

Courtesy of Nicole Dragozetich(CHICAGO) -- A UFO was spotted in Chicago Saturday night. At least, that’s what some local residents believe they saw.

Several residents say they spotted what looked like UFOs gliding through the sky over Chicago’s South Side. Those who claimed to have witnessed the flying objects recalled seeing several orange-colored lights floating together, traveling in a straight line at first and then maneuvering into different patterns, according to a report by ABC News Chicago affiliate WLS-TV.

Nicole Dragozetich told WLS-TV that it was around 8 p.m. when she noticed several people staring up at the sky, and that’s when she looked up and saw the mystery objects. Dragozetich used her cellphone to capture the images on video.

Local authorities say they didn’t receive any reports about a UFO sighting.

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