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Wisconsin Spa Shooting Suspect Wanted to Leave the State

Brookfield Police Department(BROOKFIELD, Wis.) -- Radcliffe Haughton had pleaded for help to leave the state before he allegedly opened fire at a Wisconsin spa on Sunday, shooting seven women and killing three, including his estranged wife.

"Need to get out of Wisconsin, HELP...," he wrote on Facebook Oct. 8, the same day his wife Zina Haughton, 42, filed for a restraining order against him.

He asked a day later, "Can anyone help me get out of Wisconsin?"

After a tense six-hour manhunt on Sunday, authorities found Radcliffe Haughton's body in a locked section of the Azana Salon & Spa, where he had apparently shot himself, Brookfield Police Chief Daniel Tushaus said.

Aside from Zina Haughton, the deceased victims were identified Monday as Cary L. Robuck, 35, of Racine; and Maelyn M. Lind, 38, of Oconomowoc.

Four injured women, ranging in age from 22 to 40, were taken to Froedert Hospital.  One victim was released from the hospital on Monday, while the other three women remained in satisfactory condition, according to Kathy Sieja, hospital spokeswoman.

Randall Haughton Sr., who shares a name with his son, said Monday morning that he had spoken to his son recently and invited him to come to his home in Winter Garden, Fla.

"My home was always open for my children to return," the elder Haughton told ABC News.

Police were called to the spa several weeks before the shooting because Radcliffe Haughton allegedly slashed the tires of his wife's car.  He was arrested and charged for the incident, and later ordered to turn over all guns in his possession to the sheriff's department.

A judge granted Zina Haughton's request and issued a four-year restraining order on Thursday, Tushaus said.

Investigators say they are still unclear why Radcliffe Haughton allegedly snapped, although they say he and his wife had been estranged for some time.

Witnesses say Zina Haughton's daughter, Yasmeen Daniel, 20, also worked in the spa and witnessed the shooting, which unfolded at 11:09 a.m. CST on Sunday.

"She had said her stepfather was in there trying to shoot as many people as he could," said Sallie Konruff, a witness at the scene.

Zina and Radcliffe Haughton have a 13-year-old daughter together, who was living with her father until the shooting, the source said.

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Wisconsin Spa Shooting Was Carried Out by Estranged Husband

Brookfield Police Department(BROOKFIELD, Wis.) -- A man who had been ordered to stay away from his estranged wife barged into a Wisconsin spa where his wife worked and shot seven women, killing three of them, before shooting himself to death, police said on Sunday.

It wasn't yet clear whether the wife of Radcliffe Haughton, 45, was among the dead.

Police said that it appears that Haughton started a small fire in the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, Wis., that was extinguished by the building's sprinkler system.  Initial reports that Haughton left behind a bomb turned out to be false.

"We believe this incident is domestic violence related," Brookfield Police Chief Daniel Tushaus said at a news conference Sunday evening.

Tushaus said that on Oct. 4 police were called to the spa because Haughton allegedly slashed the tires of his wife's car.  She sought a restraining order on her husband on Oct. 8, and on Oct. 18 a judge issued a four-year restraining order, Tushaus said.

Sunday's shooting erupted at 11:09 a.m CT in Brookfield, and shortly after SWAT teams surrounded the spa with their guns drawn, preparing for a gun battle.

Tushaus said that police rescued up to 12 clients and employees when they first arrived and began a painstaking search of the 9,000 square foot building that includes two floors.  The chief said the building included many treatment rooms, often locked.

"We were expecting an armed encounter," Tushaus said.

They found Haughton in a locked section of the building where he had apparently shot himself, the chief said.

The four injured women ranged in age from 22 to 40 and were taken to Froedert Hospital with what were described as non-critical injuries.

The hospital was briefly placed on lock down and only patients with a police escort were being accepted.  Employees wishing to enter had to show identification.

Sheriff deputies searched the hospital before lifting the lockdown, apparently worried that the gunman had followed the victims to the hospital.

A "be on the lookout" alert was issued for Haughton and hours later, a black 2003 Mazda driven by the suspect was recovered outside of Brookfield, however police declined to say where it was found.

Tushaus said police believe the gunman took a taxi to the spa.

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Several Dead in Georgia Spa Shooting

AbleStock/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- Several people are dead after a shooting Tuesday night at a health spa in Norcross, Georgia.

Police say the incident at the Su Jung Health Sauna resulted in five fatalities, including the shooter, in what appears to have been a murder-suicide.

Details about the victims and the shooter have not been released. Investigators are uncertain about the relationship between the perpetrator and the victims.

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