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Crippled Carnival Splendor Out Until Mid-January

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(MIAMI) -- Carnival's Splendor cruise ship, which stranded more than 3,000 passengers in open water after an engine fire, will be out of service until mid-January 2011 while investigators search for the cause of the fire and repair the ship, Carnival said Tuesday.

Any guests who were scheduled to make sail with the Splendor in the meantime will receive a full refund for the cruise fare, as well as air transportation costs, plus a 25 percent discount on a future cruise.

Carnival's parent company, Carnival Corp., said in a statement the incident would cost the company about seven cents per share in the fourth quarter -- or $56 million. At the usual one trip per week and an estimated 3,000 passengers per trip, the announcement could affect as many as 24,000 travelers.

The company said it is booking passengers for the Jan. 16, 2011 voyage. But this means the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years travel plans of thousands will be upset.

The U.S. Coast Guard is leading the investigation into the fire that stranded the 4,500 on board off the coast of Mexico on Nov. 8 without power. Until they were dragged by tugboat to a San Diego port four days later, passengers lived without hot or cold air, hot food and few lights. For more than day, the toilets did not flush, causing what some described as "disgusting" conditions.

Carnival is the world's biggest cruise ship operator, with lines including Holland America, Princess and Cunard.

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Probe Begins to Determine Cause of Fire That Left Cruise Ship Adrift

Photo Courtesy - U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Dylan McCord(SAN DIEGO) -- Now that Carnival's cruise ship Splendor is docked, an investigation will begin to determine what caused the fire in the ship's engine room, leaving the vessel stranded and powerless off the Mexican coast.

On Friday, federal investigators and engineers from Carnival will be on the ship trying to figure out what caused the fire that left nearly 4,500 onboard stranded.  The investigation will be headed by Panama, the country where the ship is registered.  The National Transportation Safety Board and the U.S. Coast Guard will assist with the probe, since the majority of passengers were U.S. citizens.

Meanwhile, crew members are getting their full pay and are staying at hotels, paid for by Carnival, while they wait to receive word on the future of the ship and how long it may be out of service.

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Crippled Cruise Ship Splendor Docks in San Diego

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(SAN DIEGO) -- More than three days since nearly 4,500 people were stranded without power or hot food aboard a damaged Carnival cruise ship, the vessel finally arrived Thursday in San Diego.

Carnival's massive 113,000-ton Splendor cruise ship, which is twice the size of the Titanic, suffered a fire in its aft engine room early Monday morning at the beginning of a tour of the Mexican Riviera that forced passengers to scramble to the deck as a precaution. Eventually, they were allowed back around the ship as it floated listlessly off the Mexican coast for hours before tugboats arrived to drag the vessel to San Diego.

"We really did feel like it was out of a movie," passenger Chris Desaunier said. "And then at the aft part of the ship, the back of the ship, the smoke in that area was really very, very intense."

The fire knocked out all but emergency operations -- there are few lights, no air-conditioning, heating or hot food, and there were no functioning toilets for more than a day.

Before the U.S. Navy began executing military-style air drops of food and supplies late Tuesday, passengers said they were left only with cold and sometimes rotting food to eat.

But for the most part, many said the passengers have been making the best of the situation.

"I also want to tell you that the guests have been magnificent and have risen to the obvious challenges and difficult conditions aboard," Carnival senior cruise director John Heald wrote in a blog once the ship regained Internet access.

Carnival announced late Tuesday it was canceling the Splendor's next voyage, set to begin Nov. 14 from Long Beach, Calif. The company said it would offer those guests a full refund of their cruise fare and air transportation costs, as well as a 25 percent discount on a future cruise.

For those on this cruise, Carnival is offering a full refund as well as another free trip.

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