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Michelle Obama and Daughters in Las Vegas for Spring Break

The White House(LAS VEGAS) -- It’s spring break for the Obama daughters and mom has taken them out West.

Michelle Obama and her daughters visited Mount Rushmore to see the heads of the four U.S. presidents carved into the soaring mountainside.  Now, they have arrived in Las Vegas for a private family visit.

At the depths of the recession, President Obama warned Americans not to waste money on convention trips to Vegas, to the dismay of Las Vegas leaders.  But during the political campaign, he has been a frequent visitor on official and political trips to the swing state of Nevada.

The first lady’s schedule with her daughters is to remain private before she travels to California for publicly announced events.

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Texas Warns Spring Breakers to Steer Clear of Mexico

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(AUSTIN, Texas) -- The Texas Department of Public Safety issued an advisory to "Spring Breakers" this week urging them to avoid traveling to Mexico given the rising level of drug-related violence.

"The Mexican government has made great strides battling the cartels, and we commend their continued commitment to making Mexico a safer place to live and visit," said DPS Director Steven C. McCraw.  "However, drug cartel violence and other criminal activity represent a significant safety threat, even in some resort areas."

The DPS, which oversees such statewide law enforcement agencies as the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol, has issued similar warnings for several years.  This year's bulletin, however, follows the detailed warning issued by the U.S. State Department in early February recommending that travelers avoid some of Mexico's major tourist destinations and keep low profiles.

The State Department ramped up its warnings from previous years due to increases in reported threats.  The DPS notes that the new State Department warning urges visitors to bypass all or part of 14 Mexican states, up from 10 in 2011.  The biggest tourist hub affected by this year's warning is Acapulco, where the State Department urged Americans not to travel more than two blocks inland from the boulevard that runs along the popular beaches.

The Texas warning reemphasizes the State Department's finding that the number of U.S. citizens murdered in Mexico rose from 35 in 2007 to 120 in 2011.  The warning also highlights the persistence of sexual assault around resorts, the use of popular bars and nightclubs as havens by drug dealers, and the high number of narcotic-related homicides reported in Mexico -- 12,903 over the first nine months of 2011.

Though only a small percentage of U.S. travelers are victimized, Mr. McCraw claims, "Many crimes against Americans in Mexico go unpunished, and we have a responsibility to inform the public about safety and travel risks and threats."

Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhan chastised Texan officials for their advisory.

"As their number one trading partner and largest export market, Mexico believes Texas should be able to more objectively evaluate facts, providing nuance and context, and in doing so, dispel the notion that their motivation is a clear-cut political agenda," Sarukhan said in a statement Tuesday.

Texas is itself a major destination for Spring Break revelers.  Local officials on South Padre Island said they expect an increase in visitors to the beach resort this year, with close to 50,000 arriving this month.

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America’s Top-10 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If trashy is what your heart desires in a vacation, has got you covered.

The site, a lifestyle and entertainment destination for college guys, has just released its America’s “Top 10 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations” list.

Neal Lynch, the site’s editor-in-chief, told ABC News, “Typically, people associate 'trashy' with things of poor quality; however, we associated the word with enjoying guilty pleasures. Like reality television -- but in real life, where you can have the most amount of fun with the least amount of money.”

Lynch cautions that a fatter wallet may be necessary to enjoy the full experience at the number-one destination on his list.

Here it is, starting with number 10.

10.  San Diego.  ”We know that most of the people who live in the San Diego area head to other destinations for Spring Break,” Coed writes, “but that just means the people left partying here are extra trashy.”

9. Lake Havasu,  Ariz. According to the list, Kokomo Havasu and Martini Bay are two of the rowdier destinations.

8. Fort Myers, Fla. Lana Kai is where it’s at if you’re interested in checking out the daily “booty contest” during high season.

7. Panama City Beach, Fla.  Coed says the cast of Jersey Shore was among last year’s celebrity visitors. Enough said.

6. Miami Beach. The Jersey Shore cast factors in again as part of the trash factor. They taped a season here.

5. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Coed makes a distinction between North and South Myrtle Beach and advises that if it is trashiness you’re after, South Myrtle Beach is where you want to be.

4. Daytona, Fla. This city’s high number of underage-drinking arrests helped win it a spot on Coed’s list.

3. South Padre Island, Texas. Coed poses the question, “How can it get any trashier than South Padre, a beach that essentially exists for the sole purpose of having wild parties?”

2. Key West, Fla. Garden of Eden, a clothing-optional bar, is a Key West hot spot the magazine suggests visiting.

1. Las Vegas.  Last year MTV took over the Palms Casino Resort during spring break, according to Coed. And, after all, “anything involving MTV Spring Break is bound to bring out the trash in anyone.”

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