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Seahawks Dominate Super Bowl XLVIII

ABC News Radio(EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.) --  The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history.

The Seahawks dominated from start to finish, and it all culminated in a 43-8 thrashing of the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium.

Seattle took a quick 2-0 lead, scoring on a safety on the first play from scrimmage.  A high snap from Broncos center Manny Ramirez sailed over Manning's head and rolled into the end zone.  On the ensuing possession, Steven Hauschka drilled a 31-yard field goal to give the Seahawks a 5-0 advantage.

The Broncos were held without a first down in the first quarter.  Kam Chancellor picked off Manning with less than a minute remaining.  The Seahawks converted the interception into points when Marshawn Lynch barreled into the end zone on a 1-yard touchdown run to begin the second quarter.

Things got even worse for Denver when Malcolm Smith returned a Manning interception 69 yards for a score to make it 22-0.  The Seahawks headed into the break with a comfortable three-score lead.

Percy Harvin wasted no time in increasing Seattle's lead when he returned the second-half kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown to blow the game open.

The Seahawks were the first team with no players with Super Bowl experience since the 1990 Bills, who lost Super Bowl XXV.  They became the 19th NFL franchise to win the big game.

In the loss, Peyton Manning threw for 280 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.  Demaryius Thomas set a Super Bowl record with 13 receptions.

Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was named Super Bowl MVP.

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Ravens Defeat 49ers in Historic, Unusual Super Bowl

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(NEW ORLEANS) -- The Baltimore Ravens emerged Super Bowl champions on Sunday after one of the strangest and most incredible Super Bowl games in recent memory.

It's the second championship for the Ravens, who pulled out a 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers at the Superdome in New Orleans.

The Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle in American sports, and each year becomes the most watched television event in history.  This year, Jennifer Hudson kicked things off with a touching performance of "America the Beautiful" with a choir of students from Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Alicia Keys accompanied herself on the piano for a long, jazzy rendition of the national anthem, before the coin toss, which resulted in San Francisco receiving to start the first half.

Although the game looked at one point like it was going to be a complete blow-out, with the Ravens leading 28-6 at the beginning of the third quarter, the 49ers got some unusual help that turned the showdown into a much more exciting battle.

About a third of the way into the third quarter, right after a record-tying Ravens rushing touchdown, the power went out at the Superdome, knocking the lights and air conditioning out in the indoor stadium.  The crowd of more than 71,000, along with a lot of antsy players, coaches and staff, waited for 34 minutes for the power to fully come back on and the game to resume.

In a statement, the NFL said authorities were "investigating the cause of the power outage," and law enforcement sources told ABC News it was just an issue with the building.

That didn't stop many people on Twitter from jokingly blaming Beyonce, the halftime performer who reunited shortly with her former band Destiny's Child, for shutting down the power.  After her performance, even her husband Jay-Z got in on it, tweeting "Lights out!!! Any questions??"

The 49ers quickly followed the long delay with a touchdown, getting themselves right back into the game.  Then just a few minutes later, they found themselves in the end zone again, and it appeared the power outage had flipped the momentum towards the 49ers.

With a score of 31-29 and more than 7 minutes left in the game, San Francisco looked poised to make the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, but the team, trying for its sixth title, wasn't able to overcome the Ravens lead.

Baltimore was able to run out the clock, and the game ended with a final score of 34-31.  Purple and gold confetti fell as the Ravens rushed onto the field and celebrated -- with some colorful language from quarterback Joe Flacco audible on the live broadcast, who was caught saying "f***ing awesome" on CBS' cameras.

The game was already historic thanks to the match-up of John and Jim Harbaugh, the first head coach brothers to ever face each other on football's biggest stage.  It was also the final game for the future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, who is, as of the conclusion of the game, retired from football.

This is the fifth season in a row that the Ravens have made it to the playoffs, led by Coach John Harbaugh, and SB XLVII MVP quarterback Joe Flacco.  It's the team's first Lombardi trophy since 2000.  Their victory Sunday night made them the only team left in the NFL to have never lost a Super Bowl in multiple appearances.

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New York Giants Defeat New England Patriots, 21-17, to Win Super Bowl 46

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images(INDIANAPOLIS) -- The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots, 21-17, Sunday night to win Super Bowl 46, the second time in four years that the Giants have beaten New England to win football’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. For the Giants, it was their fourth Super Bowl championship.

It was a nail-biter right down to the end of the game in Indianapolis as the Giants pulled off a long drive to move ahead of the Patriots with just under a minute left in the game.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was the architect of the 88-yard march down the field with his team down 17-15 at the time.

With 57 seconds left, Pats quarterback Tom Brady tried to pull off a miracle comeback deep in New England territory but a Hail Mary pass with no ticks on the clock missed its mark in the end zone, securing the victory for New York.

For his efforts, Manning was named the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player, an award he captured in 2008 when the Giants beat the Patriots, again on a last minute drive, 17-14.

Manning opened the game with nine straight completions, a Super Bowl record. Not to be undone, Brady, one of the NFL's elite quarterbacks for years, fired 16 consecutive completions of his own, another record for the big game.

The Patriots led at half-time, 10-9, and scored another touchdown in the third quarter to make it 17-9, forcing the Giants' defense to buckle down and keep their nemisis off the scoreboard the rest of the way. It was good enough to enable the Giants to chip away at the lead until Manning worked his magic.

When they get home, the Giants will be saluted with a ticker tape parade Tuesday in New York City's vaunted Canyon of Heroes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced late Sunday night.

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Camel Predicts Super Bowl Winner

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If a clairvoyant camel is to be believed, the New York Giants will take home the Super Bowl trophy next Sunday.

Princess, a 25-year-old camel who lives at the Popcorn park Zoo in Lacey township, N.J., has accurately predicted the winners of five of the past six Super Bowls, the zoo’s general manager, John Bergmann, told ABC News.

Bergmann writes the name of one team on his right palm and the other on his left palm. He then places a graham cracker in each hand. Whichever cracker Princess nibbles is the winner.

“She chose without hesitation this year,” Bergmann said.

Princess has honed her prognosticating skills by predicting the outcome of New York Giants and New York Jets games since 2006, after a local radio station contacted Bergmann about getting an animal involved in the deejay’s weekly picks pool.

“Overall, she has actually had 88 right and 51 wrong,” Bergmann said. “That’s pretty good.”

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Is Obama Rooting for the Patriots or Giants?

ABC News(LAS VEGAS) -- President Obama picked a Super Bowl winner two years ago in an ABC News interview, but the president on Thursday refused to weigh in this year, saying that he’ll get into trouble if he makes predictions.

“I can’t call it.  I can’t call it,” Obama told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview.  “When the [Chicago] Bears are not involved, I can’t make predictions because I will get into trouble.  But both are great teams.  Brady obviously one of the best quarterbacks we’ve ever seen.  Eli Manning playing as well as he’s ever played, and it’s going to be a fun Super Bowl.”

When asked if in his daydreams, he is either Manning or Brady, Obama replied: “I can’t throw a spiral as well as either of those two guys, so you know, but I’m a huge fan of both teams.  I’m a little frustrated that my Bears who were pretty hot got hurt. Cutler, our quarterback, got hurt, then Matt Forte, our best running back got hurt. So, we were on a good trend there. Next year.”

Two years ago, Obama told Sawyer he was rooting for the New Orleans Saints “as the underdog.”  They ended up winning.

“You know to say I tell you, I love Drew Brees,” Obama said Thursday, referring to the Saints’ quarterback.  “I love what that team has meant to New Orleans, obviously recovering from Katrina and they are consistently an outstanding team.  I’m sure they’re gonna get another chance.”

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Bears Fan Obama Welcomes Super Bowl Champion Packers to the White House

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama swallowed his pride for his hometown Chicago Bears and welcomed the Green Bay Packers to the White House Friday to celebrate their Super Bowl victory.

Obama, a die-hard Bears fan, admitted that welcoming the rival team was no easy task, especially given that the Packers beat his beloved Bears in the championship to advance to the Super Bowl.

“I'm just going to come out and say it. This hurts a little bit. This is a hard thing for a Bears fan to do,” the president said at the top of his remarks. “It doesn't hurt as much as the NFC championship game hurt, but it still hurts. You know, you guys come into my house, to rub it in.”

In the “interest of good sportsmanship,” the president congratulated the Packers on their fourth Super Bowl victory and record 13th NFL championship.

Obama still had a few scores to settle, however, and singled out cornerback Charles Woodson for giving him a hard time last season. After the Packers beat the Bears, Woodson sent the president a signed jersey that read: “See you at the White House.”

“Charles, you're a man of your word. And I've now learned something that every NFL quarterback already knows too well: Don't mess with Charles Woodson,” Obama said.

The president also praised the Packers for their charity work in communities across Wisconsin and Michigan.  “So even a Bears fan can admit that the relationship between Green Bay and its team is something special,” he said.

The team presented the president with a personalized jersey and shares in the team, which is publicly owned. As a new partial owner, the president immediately had a few suggestions, including trading Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the Bears.

Looking ahead, the president said it was good to have football right around the corner. “Like every football fan, I was thrilled to have the lockout ended. Nobody likes long, frustrating negotiations with a rigid opposition taking it to the brink,” he said in a nod to debt debate.

As for this upcoming season, Obama told the Packers to “enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Bears fans have two dates circled on our calendars: September 25th and Sunday Night Football on Christmas Day! And if you guys are on a roll by then, just keep in mind that there's only one person here who can ground all planes in and out of Green Bay if he has to,” he concluded.

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NFL, Cowboys Sued for Millions Over Super Bowl Seating Snafu

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Now that the glow from Super Bowl 45 has worn off, some fans want what they say is their just due for shabby treatment they received last Sunday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

A Los Angeles law firm Wednesday filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of close to one thousand people who were either moved from the seats they had as season-ticketholders or were forced to watch the game from a monitor set up in the arena because of construction problems.

The NFL offered about 400 spectators triple refunds, tickets to next year's Super Bowl and allowed them on the field for the post-game activities.

But that wasn't enough to placate the fans who filed the lawsuit that seeks more than $5 million in travel and ticket reimbursement and damages.  The NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones were named as defendants.

Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti explained, "The NFL and Jerry Jones sold something to fans they weren't able to deliver, and they knew they weren't able to deliver it."

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400 Ticketholders Locked Out of Seats at Super Bowl

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(ARLINGTON, Texas) -- It was a glorious night for fans of the green and gold -- unless you were one of more than 1,200 ticketholders to get booted from your seats at the Super Bowl.

"We drove from Green Bay, Wisconsin, through bad, bad weather to get here and we can't get in.  They're holding them like animals outside of that gate.  Like cows," said one female ticketholder.

The fire marshal deemed four sections of temporary seating unsafe.  The NFL found new seats for 850 of the fans, but 400 were locked out.  All were promised a refund of three times the ticket value, but for some no price was worth the chance to witness the championship.

"But we have this letter refunding our money back which we don't care about.  We just want our seats," said another ticket holder.

The NFL apologized, saying "The safety of fans attending the Super Bowl was paramount in making the decision...We will conduct a full review of this matter."

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Super Bowl XLV: Last Chance to Watch NFL Before Labor Stoppage?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(DALLAS) -- On Sunday millions of people around the world will tune in to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. But could this be the last National Football League game for some time?

The current labor contract between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, the players' union, expires March 4. Unless a new agreement is reached, the league could be headed for a work stoppage. That means no spring practice, no free agency deals and, potentially, no 2011 season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said repeatedly in Dallas Friday that the owners and league are committed to reaching an agreement before the deadline.

The standoff between the league, team owners and players centers on two key issues. First, there's revenue sharing. NFL players currently receive 60 percent of the league's $9 billion in annual revenue, but team owners say that's unsustainable, given the economic downturn. They want to reduce the players' share by 9 percent to 18 percent.

Second, there's the schedule. The league wants to add two more regular season games, for a total of 18. Players say that would increase their risk of injury, and they deserve compensation.

Goodell was scheduled to meet with officials from the NFL Players' Association on Saturday, the first formal negotiating session since November. The NFL commissioner met with the head of the players union, DeMaurice Smith, in New York Monday.

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Super Bowl in Super Weather Mess: Dallas Hit with Bitter Cold, Ice

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(DALLAS) -- The week long party that traditionally leads up to the Super Bowl was brought to a standstill in Dallas this year by a winter storm that coated the area with ice and plunged temperatures into the teens. Around Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, wind chill readings even hit the subzero mark and the region is expected to receive up to an inch of snow over the next 24 hours.

Since a major storm Tuesday, which temporarily shut down Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, temperatures have remained below freezing, keeping portions of the city frozen, and preventing city crews from clearing all the roads.

"All we need is a couple of warm hours and some sunlight and this will all be a memory, explained David Schechter, senior reporter at ABC affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas. "Many are saying this is the worst weather event since the 1980's."

Adding to the misery in Dallas is the decision by, Oncor, the local power company to implement rolling power blackouts. According to Schecter, some area residents said they had to suffer through the outages, while hotels and other facilities associated with the Super Bowl got special treatment.

Cowboys Stadium, for example, was exempt from the electrical outages at the request of local officials, while two hospitals that were not supposed to be affected experienced them.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said some hotels experienced "brief but expected" blackouts without any problems, and a hotel spokesman said both team hotels have backup generators so any power outage was brief.

Temperatures are expected to be above freezing Friday afternoon for the first time in more than four days and the National Weather Service forecast for game day on Sunday calls for highs in the mid-50s.

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