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Alleged Lousiana Cop Shooters Linked to Sovereign Citizens Movement

Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW ORLEANS) -- At least several of the seven suspects arrested in connection with the ambushing and killing of two Louisana deputies and the wounding of two others have been linked to the sovereign citizen movement, officials said on Sunday.

The suspects were arrested after a shootout early Thursday morning at a trailer park outside New Orleans, where the two deputies were killed.  The two had gone to the trailer park in pursuit of suspects from an earlier incident in which two other deputies were shot and wounded.

The gunmen first opened fire on deputies patrolling a parking lot near a steel plant and oil refinery in LaPlace, La., around 5 a.m. CT., according to St. John the Baptist Sheriff Mike Tregre.

Deputies Brandon Brandon Neilsen, 34, and Jeremy Triche, 28, were "ambushed" by at least three men inside a trailer home, one of whom exited the back of the home with an assault-style weapon.

That gunman "ambushed my two officers," Tregre said.

More than 20 shots were fired between the two locations, from multiple weapons, suggesting a large-scale and sustained shootout.

Sovereign citizens believe any form of government is illegitimate and the only law is the one they create, said Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News consultant.

"Because they believe in particular law enforcement is not legitimate, they can be quite violent.  Since 2000, they have linked at [least] six law enforcement deaths to sovereign citizens," Garrett said.

The seven were all charged in connection with the shooting of one of the deputies who was wounded, as investigators attempt to determine exactly what happened last Thursday.

The sovereign citizens movement has been labeled a domestic terrorism organization by the FBI.

"The FBI are very concerned about them, both from a violent standpoint and also from a white collar crime standpoint," Garrett said.

The sovereign citizen movement has its roots in right-wing anarchist ideology that originated with a group called the Posse Comitatus in the 1970s, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Along with violence, the ADL said members of the sovereign citizen movement have been known to enage in "paper terrorism," using "fraudulent legal documents and filings, as well as the misuse of legitimate documents and filings, in order to intimidate, harass and coerce public officials, law enforcement officers and private citizens."

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Facebook Clues in Tulsa Shooting Spree

Alvin Watts (L) and Jacob England (R). Tulsa Police Department(TULSA, Okla.) -- Police say their investigation of the deadly shooting spree in Tulsa, Okla., will include the racially charged Facebook postings of a man arrested Sunday morning in connection with the attacks, although they say it's premature to describe the incident as a hate crime.

Two white men were arrested in connection with the random attacks that left three black pedestrians dead and two in critical condition last Friday, police said.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested at a house north of Tulsa around 2 a.m. Sunday morning and are expected to be charged with three counts of murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill, according to officials.

"I'm just really amazed at how quickly we were able to apprehend these two subjects," Task force commander Maj. Walter Evans said at a news conference on Sunday.  "But there are still a whole lot of unanswered questions that we have to have answered."

The shootings occurred nearly two years to the day after a black man shot England's father to death, according to his Facebook posting.

But the FBI's James Finch, who was part of the task force handling the case, on Sunday called it "very premature to talk about hate crimes.  We have yet to analyze all the information to understand the motivations of the subjects in this case."

Although police were reluctant to call the killings a hate crime, others were less so.

"Somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people," Tulsa Councilman Jack Henderson said on Sunday.  "That person happened to be a white person.  The people they happened to kill and shoot were black people.  That fits the bill for me.  That's a personal feeling."

The five men were shot early Friday morning in four separate incidents during a span of less than two hours on the same side of town and not far from one another, police said.

Police identified the dead men as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31.  There was no connection between the suspects and victims, police said at a news conference on Sunday.

Two males were critically wounded in the shooting spree.  All of the victims were targeted while they were out walking, and apparently did not know each other.

"We have not been able to find any commonality between the victims other than they were walking on the street," Sgt. Dave Walker of the Tulsa Police Department said.

One of the victims who survived the attack described the shooter as a white male in a white pick-up truck, a detail that proved critical in finding and arresting the suspects.

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Man Lies to Police, Gets Manslaughter Charge After Police Shoot Suspect

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(PASADENA, Calif.) -- An alleged robbery victim has been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter after his 911 call falsely claiming he was robbed at gunpoint led police to shoot an unarmed suspect, prosecutors charged.

Oscar Carrillo, 26, of Pasadena, Calif., admitted to police he lied about two suspects being armed when he called 911 to report the robbery of his laptop.

"Two guys just stole my backpack and put a gun in my face right now," Carrillo told the dispatcher in the 911 recording.

Carrillo said he made the allegation to speed up police response.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez called for an independent review into the shooting on Wednesday. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's officer-involved shooting team is also investigating the incident.

"The actions of the 911 caller set the minds of officers," Sanchez said at a press conference.

Carillo called the cops last Saturday and told the dispatcher he was following the suspects in his car. When police arrived, both teens took off in different directions.

One of the teens, Kendrec McDade, reached toward his waistband and police, fearing he had a gun, opened fire and killed him. McDade, 19, was unarmed.

"When you gun him down from inside your patrol car like he's a dog in the street, the community is outraged," Caree Harper, who is an attorney representing McDade's family, told ABC News.

She said she couldn't rule out racial motivations in the shooting.

The two officers involved in the shooting, whose names have not been released, are on paid administrative leave. The race of the officers was not immediately known.

The alleged second suspect, a 17-year-old, was arrested and charged with two counts of commercial burglary and one count of grand theft.

Police have not recovered the alleged stolen backpack. However, KABC reported police said surveillance video shows the teens were involved in a theft.

Harper said that with much of the attention on Carrillo's arrest, the actions of the officers deserve more scrutiny.

"They're held to a higher standard. They are the ones whose fingers are on the trigger," she said. "Those officers are independently in control of people who they shoot."

Harper said she believes police need to be working much more swiftly.

"I want my client, the minor client who is being held in custody to be released immediately. I want the surveillance tapes to be released immediately," she said. "And I want the chief to stop accusing my dead client of allegedly being involved in any criminal activity."

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Missing Montana Teacher: Suspects Have Lengthy Criminal Records

Ryan McVay/Thinkstock(SIDNEY, Mont.) -- The two men charged with aggravated kidnapping in the disappearance of missing Montana teacher Sherry Arnold have had numerous run-ins with the law.

Though the FBI will not say what led them to Lester Vann Waters Jr., 47, and Michael Keith Spell, 22, the two men were taken into custody last week and are being held at the Williams County Correctional Center in Williston, N.D., while they await extradition to Montana.  Both men had been living in an unincorporated area near Parachute, Colo.

Waters has an extensive criminal record in Florida with charges including a weapons offense, narcotic possession, theft, trespassing and leaving the scene of a crash injury.  He has served time in Florida jails at least three times.

Records also show that Waters has used about a dozen aliases and has been charged with giving police a false name when arrested.

Spell was arrested and charged with drug possession, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sexual contact without consent in Colorado in May 2007, but the charges were dropped for unknown reasons.

Investigators have remained tight-lipped about the details of the investigation, providing very little information about the connection between Waters and Spell or what led them to the conclusion that Arnold is dead.

FBI investigators have said they believe that Arnold is dead, but they have not yet been able to locate her body.

On Monday, investigators asked farmers and ranchers in remote areas of Montana and North Dakota to search their properties for disturbed soil or grass near vacant farms.  They believe Arnold could be buried somewhere in the area.

Arnold, 43, a married mother of two and stepmother of three, disappeared on Jan. 7 around 6:30 a.m. while jogging near her home in Sidney, Mont.  A single running shoe was the only trace left behind.

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Congresswoman Wounded in Arizona Shooting Rampage

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- Police are on the hunt for a second man who may have been involved in the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a Tucson, Ariz., grocery store Saturday that left six people dead and 13 critically injured.

Giffords is in critical condition and not fully conscious, but doctors remain optimistic about her recovery. The dead have been identified as 63-year-old U.S. District Judge John Roll, 30-year-old Gabriel Zimmerman (Giffords' director of community outreach), 76-year-old Dorthy Murray, 76-year-old Dorwin Stoddard and 79-year-old Phyllis Scheck, according to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Early Sunday morning, authorities released a photo of a white male between 40 and 50 years old with dark hair, calling the unidentified man a person of interest in the shooting. The person of interest was seen at the location of the event and may be connected to the suspect, according to authorities.

Meanwhile, the alleged gunman, 22-year-old Jared Loughner, remains in custody and has invoked his right to silence, authorities said.

A total of 19 people were hit by gunfire during the shooting, which began just after 10 a.m.

Five of the victims died on the scene, and 9-year-old Christina Greene died at a nearby hospital. Greene had just been elected to her school's student council and was coming to the event to meet Gifford, sources told ABC News. Greene was born on Sept. 11, 2001 and featured in a book about babies born on the day of the nation's worst terrorist act.

Overnight, authorities investigated a suspicious package at one of Giffords' field offices in Tucson. It turned out to be a non-explosive.

Giffords, 40, was shot in the head and was taken to University Medical Center, where she underwent brain surgery and was listed in critical condition. Dr. Peter Rhee, trauma director at UMC, told reporters that the bullet went through her brain, but he said she was responsive to doctors' commands.

President Barack Obama, speaking at a nationally televised news conference, called the shooting an unspeakable tragedy and said FBI Director Robert Mueller was dispatched to Arizona to coordinate the investigation.

Giffords, a Democrat, was holding a "Congress on Your Corner" event at a Safeway supermarket in northwest Tucson when the shooting occurred.

Giffords, a representative for Arizona's 8th District who just won reelection to a third term, has been the target of conservative political opponents in recent months. In March of last year, Giffords' office was vandalized just after she voted in favor of the health care reform law. The intruders destroyed a glass door and a window at her Tucson Congressional offices. At the time, Giffords' press secretary C.J. Karamargin said the office had received many phone calls with "nasty and rude and hateful comments" from opponents of the health care bill.

Recently Giffords, who supports gun rights, has been receiving angry letters from anonymous sources, ranting about the supposed national gun registry and border control.

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