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Arizona Student Survives Trapped in a Blizzard for 10 Days

Hemera/Thinkstock (file photo)(FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.) -- After 10 days trapped alone inside her Toyota Corolla in freezing temperatures deep within a secluded mountain range, an Arizona woman has been rescued from her ordeal and is now recovering at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Lauren Weinberg, an Arizona State University student, survived on two candy bars and melted snow for water after her car became stuck in snow outside a forest gate near a line of cliffs with no one around for miles.  The 23-year-old sat in the car without a heavy coat or blanket for nearly a week and a half as another snow storm dumped more than two feet of snow around her.

"She did not have a lot in the way of provisions, she did not have a lot in the way of warm clothing," police told ABC News. "She had a cellphone with her. She told us that she couldn't use it because the battery was dead, and then I guess at some point because of the cold it became completely disabled."

Weinberg had last been seen leaving her mother's house in Phoenix on the night of Dec. 11.  She drove four hours toward Arizona's Mogollon Rim when a gate blocked her from traveling any farther.  It was when she attempted to turn her car around that she became stuck.

Park rangers found her on Wednesday about 45 miles southeast of Winslow, according to Coconino County sheriff's spokesman Gerry Blair.

"They took her out on a snowmobile.  She was taken to a waiting deputy to a point where you could get a four-wheel drive vehicle and then she was transported from there," Blair said.

Weinberg, an undergraduate student who is studying supply chain management, released a statement on Thursday thanking her rescuers.

"I am so thankful to be alive and warm," she said.  "Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, because they worked.  There were times I was afraid but mostly I had faith I would be found."

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Girls Trapped Under Elevator: ‘We’re Going to Die’

ABC News(OKLAHOMA CITY) -- Three Oklahoma City middle school students are safe after being trapped under an elevator at school, but a newly released 911 call gives a glimpse into what one of the young girls called an “agonizing” experience.

“Oh my God. We’re trapped under an elevator,” a girl’s voice can be heard saying in the 911 call. In the background, high-pitched screams from her friends yelling “please help us,” can be heard.

The two seventh-graders and one sixth-grader from the Classen School for Advanced Studies spent about 40 minutes trapped under the 500-pound elevator on Tuesday before being rescued. They lay on their backs and struggled to breathe with less than a foot of space between the bottom of the elevator and the ground.

One of the girls, 12-year-old Ambri Tygard, credits her friend’s combat boots with saving their lives. “[The elevator] came down right on her boot and stopped it,” Tygard told ABC News’ Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO.

Tygard said that she and her friends were on the first floor of their school when they decided to take the elevator. “I didn’t think it was unsafe or anything. I just thought it was normal, until I looked up [and] realized, ‘This isn’t the elevator. This is the shaft room,’” Tygard told KOCO.

But by the time Tygard had made this realization, it was too late because her friend had already closed the door and they were locked inside. Tygard said that within 30 seconds, the elevator that was three floors up came down right above them.

“I was like, ‘We’re going to die. We have to find a way out. There must be some way out,’” Tygard said.

The girls were rescued about 40 minutes later and taken out of the school on stretchers by paramedics. They suffered only minor injuries.

Tierney Cook-Tinnin, a spokeswoman for Oklahoma City Public Schools, told ABC News that the school’s principal said that the elevator is only used by students who are injured or handicapped and that the door to the elevator is always locked.

School officials are still investigating exactly how the incident happened. The school’s principal has interviewed a couple of the students, but since Tygard is still in the hospital, they have not spoken to all three girls yet.

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Teen Rescued after Sand Tunnel Collapses

ABC News(NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.) -- A day at the beach turned into a terrifying ordeal for a Newport Beach, Calif. teen who became trapped when the outsized sand tunnel he was digging with a friend caved in on him.

Video that was shot Wednesday at the scene shows beachgoers flocking towards the collapsed sand tunnel to help save the boy, identified as 17-year-old Matt Mina. More than 30 minutes passed before firefighters were able to pull the victim out because of the "precarious and unstable nature of the sand," according to Jennifer Schulz of the Newport Beach Fire Department.

The boy had dug two holes with a friend prior to the collapse and they were tunneling towards each other just before he found himself entrapped.

Schulz said in a statement, "Suddenly, the tunnel caved in and collapsed on the one boy completely burying him under the sand. One family member alerted the lifeguard while other beachgoers immediately jumped in and began digging with any utensils available on the beach."

Dirk Vanderwall was among those that darted towards the boy to help the rescue effort.

"It was very frantic," Vanderwall told ABC affiliate KABC. "We knew somebody was buried there. We didn't know how old the person was. But as we kept digging it was longer and longer, it took a long time, you just start thinking it couldn't be going well."

Footage shows the crowd erupting with cheers as the boy emerges alive and is taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated, He managed to escape with no injuries.

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