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Millions of Bees on the Loose after Truck Crash in Utah

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ST. GEORGE, Utah) -- A flatbed truck carrying 460 beehives crashed Sunday, releasing 25 million bees onto Interstate 15 in southern Utah, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Although the hives were contained by a net placed over the truck, the bees escaped, causing major mayhem on the highway.  While the cause of the crash was unknown, the swarms prevented crews from moving the truck, causing miles of traffic on the interstate.  The slowdown caused one car to hit the back-end of a semi-trailer, starting a fire.

Several people were stung in the melee near St. George, including a police officer and others who tried to help the driver and his wife, who were both taken to the hospital for minor injuries and bee stings, Highway Patrol Trooper Dan Altenes told the Tribune.

Altenes also said officers are working with local beekeepers to find the best way to remove the insects.  Larry Lewis, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, said the bees will likely try to stay close to their queens.  No one knows if the queens stayed in their hives during or after the crash but, for now, residents are being cautioned.

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Some Passengers Still Unaccounted for in Nevada Train-Truck Crash

Robert Hill(FENLEY, Nev.) -- Five people were still unaccounted Sunday night following the collision of a passenger train and truck in the Nevada desert last Friday night, which killed at least six people and sent 20 others to the hospital.

The Zephyr train was headed from Chicago to California when Amtrak officials said a truck slammed into it about 70 miles east of Reno while attempting to pass through the railroad crossing even as lights flashed and the gates were coming down.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the accident, the truck was part of a three-vehicle convoy employed by John Davis Trucking in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

It left skids marks of more than 100 yards before hitting the side of the train at a 45-degree angle.  Since visibility was excellent, the drivers of the other trucks said they couldn't understand why the lead driver, who was also killed in the collision, kept going.

There were also reports late Sunday that John Davis Trucking was cited previously for numerous violations for crashes and unsafe conditions.  Investigators also want to check cellphone records of the driver to determine if he might have been distracted while approaching the train.

As far as those who remain unaccounted for, an NTSB official admitted the number was "spongy" because it couldn't be determined how many people might have gotten off the train after it left Chicago.

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Nevada Train-Truck Crash: Death Toll Climbs

Robert Hill(FENLEY, Nev.) -- The death toll stands at six, following Friday’s fiery truck-Amtrak train crash that occurred east of Reno, Nev.

The truck plowed into the side of the train Friday around 11:20 a.m. PT in a moment of sudden impact that set off a huge fireball.

Since then investigators have been combing through the charred and gutted wreckage looking for clues.

Investigators also plan to review the background of the tractor trailer driver.

"Investigators will look at the truck driver's driving and medical records, as well as autopsy results to determine whether any drugs were involved," National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson told ABC affiliate KOLO-TV in Reno.

"They'll also check to make sure railroad lights and crossing gates were working," he added.

According to the Nevada State Police that the driver tried to slow down at the last minute but was unable to stop. Officials said they found extensive skid marks from the truck, indicating the driver had slammed on the breaks.

The preliminary investigation and witness statements indicate the truck driver was going northbound on U.S. 95 and the gates were operational and flashing before the collision. Witnesses said it appeared that the driver tried to slow down at the last minute but couldn't.

What remains confusing is that witnesses indicate that at least the signal gates there were working, although it's unclear whether the signal lights were working as well, investigators said.

The train was travelling from Chicago to Emeryville, Calif., when the tractor-trailer crashed into the side of the train at a railroad crossing in the town of Lovelock. There were approximately 204 passengers and 14 crew members aboard Train 5 of the westbound California Zephyr.

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NTSB Investigating Nevada Train-Truck Crash

Robert Hill(FENLEY, Nev.) -- The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the fatal crash in Nevada Friday, which involved a semi tractor-trailer and an Amtrak train.

The crash reportedly occurred on Friday around 11:20 a.m. Pacific Time just east of Reno. The train was travelling from Chicago to Emeryville, Calif., when the tractor-trailer crashed into the side of the train at a railroad crossing in the town of Lovelock.

Nevada Highway Patrol officials have confirmed that at least five people were killed in the crash, with several others injured. Among the dead are the truck driver and an Amtrak crew member.

There were approximately 204 passengers and 14 crew members aboard Train 5 of the westbound California Zephyr.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval issued a statement Friday saying that he visited those affected by the crash at a shelter in Fallon, and also expressed his gratitude to emergency workers for their response.

“I would also like to thank the emergency response crews and volunteers in Churchill County,” Sandoval said in a statement. “Their calm and brave response to today’s tragedy has comforted many.”

Investigations are continuing into the cause of the crash.

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Streets Around White House Locked Down for Suspicious Truck

Comstock/ThinkstockUPDATE: The vehicle in question was cleared and no hazards were found. At the White House, reporters have been given the all clear. Reporters are now free to move about and construction crews are back at work on the "Big Dig" on the North Lawn.

(WASHINGTON) -- All car and pedestrian traffic was stopped for several blocks in a perimeter around the White House on Wednesday morning as law enforcement inspected a dump truck there.

The Secret Service tells ABC News that a canine team "alerted"authorities while inspecting a dump truck that was scheduled to come into the construction complex on the White House north lawn. The north lawn has been under construction for nearly a year -- and any vehicle or person doing work there is inspected at each entrance.

No reporters were allowed access to the White House's north lawn during this inspection. Usually television reporters at the White House keep their cameras on the north lawn and report live from there throughout the day.

The closing extends along H Street, from 7th to 15th Street, and includes Lafayette Park across the street from the White House -- an unusually wide berth for this situation.

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Dallas Accident Sends Truck Dangling Over Freeway Ramp

WFAA-TV(DALLAS) -- It's known among firefighters as a "technical rescue" and it's like something out of an action-adventure movie.

The cab of an 18-wheeler was dangling over the side of the guardrail of a high-rise freeway ramp and the water tank it was hauling rested on top of a crushed car.  Firefighters extended a ladder out over the truck and hoisted the driver through the passenger window to safety.  Remarkably, the two people in the car were able to talk with paramedics, were rescued and taken to a local hospital.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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SUV Goes Airborne and Lands on Pickup, Killing Family of Five

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(THORTON, Colo.) -- Police are trying to determine what caused a Colorado woman to speed through an intersection and cause a horrendous chain reaction that launched her car into the air before landing on a small pickup truck, instantly killing a family of five.

The SUV, a Ford Expedition, was driven by Monica Chavez, 33, who had two young children in the vehicle with her when she began weaving through traffic at high speeds during Thursday's rush hour, police and witnesses said.

"We've not determined the cause of the accident," said Thornton Police Department spokesman Matt Barnes. "We don't know if it was reckless driving, something medical, or drugs and alcohol."

Until the investigation is concluded, Barnes said, charges will not be pressed.

Police are awaiting the results of a toxicology report which Barnes said was still some days away to determine if Chavez was intoxicated at the time.

Chavez was headed south on a highway outside Denver when she drove into an intersection and struck a car that was making a turn in front of Chavez, police reports said. After striking the Mazda, the SUV hit a median that propelled it into the air.

The vehicle landed on top of a small Chevrolet S-10 pickup, crushing it and killing a family of five riding in the truck.

The victims in the truck were identified as Randy Stollsteimer and Crystal Stollsteimer and their sons, Sebastian, 12, Darian, 8, and Cyrus, 6.

After landing on the truck, the SUV rolled across a parking lot and crashed into the plate-glass window of a mattress store, injuring one man inside from flying shards of glass.

Paul Roggow, owner of Urban Mattress Store, said the car came careening into his store, demolishing a desk and stopping inches from where he was standing.

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Doctors Struggle to Heal Boy Burned by Father in Acid Attack

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.) -- Doctors are having difficulty treating a 10-year-old boy whose father doused him with acid because they cannot determine precisely which chemicals were used to burn him. He was found in the same truck where the man allegedly hid the remains of the boy's dead sister.

The boy, Victor Doctor, is in critical condition at a Florida hospital suffering from burns below the waist. His physician, Dr. Walter Lambert, told a Florida court that the boy's condition is worsening because doctors have not figured out what chemicals they are trying to neutralize.

Police on Monday were called to investigate a pickup truck pulled over on the side of Interstate 95 near West Palm Beach, Fla. Inside the cab they found the boy and his father, Jorge Barahona, 53.

Both were covered in chemical burns and gasoline and overcome by toxic fumes.

Hours later, while cleaning the truck of toxic chemicals, they discovered the remains of Victor's twin sister, setting off an investigation into the children's adoptive parents and revealing missed clues that Barahona was abusing his children.

Barahona now faces charges of aggravated child abuse, with more charges likely to follow. He remains in the hospital.

Barahona and his wife adopted two other younger children. All four children were foster kids before their adoption.

On Wednesday, a Florida court held a hearing to determine the custody of Barahona's two other children.

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