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UFO Sighting In Maryland? No, a Military Aircraft

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(College Park, Md.) -- It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO? Well, it turns out it was actually one of those things that was being escorted by state police through the Maryland Beltway late Tuesday night, however, it was not what people were hoping for. Many of Maryland’s drivers, residents and pedestrians mistook the seemingly foreign object for a UFO.

“I-495 in Maryland. If this is really aliens that means I’m off work tomorrow,” tweets Black Victor Newman.

The unidentified object was, in fact, an aircraft belonging to the military, which was being escorted from West Virginia to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in southern Maryland, as reported by WJLA ABC 7 News.

The aircraft was being moved on the flatbed of a truck through streets in Maryland. In the middle of the night, from a distance, the 82-foot-long aircraft appeared to many witnesses to be flying on its own.

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Despite Maryland State Police’s confirmation that the object did indeed belong to the military, some skeptic witnesses were unconvinced.

Evan Myers, a commuter, questioned WJLA ABC 7, “Why was it covered up on the truck? What exactly is it?”

According to Jamie Cosgrove, public affairs officer of Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, the object was “an unmanned combat air system demonstrator called X-47B” and “was wrapped up for protection.”

Cosgrove says this is the second of two aircrafts of this kind to travel to Maryland; the first was in December 2011.

The latest aircraft was on the last leg of its journey, having traveled from California where it conducted the first phase of flight tests. The aircraft is due to undergo even more tests in Maryland. It is the first unmanned aircraft of its kind, designed to take off and land aboard aircraft carriers.

Maryland State Police reported receiving calls from concerned citizens up until Thursday morning about the object on the beltway Tuesday night.

When asked if the aircraft resembles a UFO when it is unwrapped and in the air, Cosgrove replied, “No, it does not.”

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Strange Object Crashes through Massachusetts Roof

Hemera/Thinkstock(PLYMOUTH, Mass.) -- A mysterious object fell from the sky this week, crashing through the roof of Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors in Plymouth, Mass., leaving a small hole in the roof and scattering debris throughout a closet, but otherwise leaving workers unharmed.

The cylindrical hunk of metal was about six inches long and weighed roughly five pounds. It crashed through the roof either Wednesday or Thursday, according to local authorities.

The origins of the object are currently unknown, with Plymouth Police telling a local affiliate that they could “only speculate,” and admitting that they, “have no clue.”

Federal Aviation Administration inspectors have determined that it is not an airplane part, saying that it most likely came from a piece of heavy machinery, possibly an industrial chipper/shredded. However, the manner in which the object got high enough, and fast enough, to cause that much damage, remains a mystery.

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UFO Sighting in Chicago?

Courtesy of Nicole Dragozetich(CHICAGO) -- A UFO was spotted in Chicago Saturday night. At least, that’s what some local residents believe they saw.

Several residents say they spotted what looked like UFOs gliding through the sky over Chicago’s South Side. Those who claimed to have witnessed the flying objects recalled seeing several orange-colored lights floating together, traveling in a straight line at first and then maneuvering into different patterns, according to a report by ABC News Chicago affiliate WLS-TV.

Nicole Dragozetich told WLS-TV that it was around 8 p.m. when she noticed several people staring up at the sky, and that’s when she looked up and saw the mystery objects. Dragozetich used her cellphone to capture the images on video.

Local authorities say they didn’t receive any reports about a UFO sighting.

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UFO Sighting Spooks Lafayette, Colorado 

Thinkstock(LAFAYETTE, Colo.) -- Was it an airplane? Was it a satellite? ´╗┐

The strange triangular formation of lights hovering above Lafayette, Colo., last week has many wondering if it's a sign that we're not alone.

Leroy van der Vegt and his son, Nick, captured the sight on camera.

"It was completely quiet. No noise at all," van der Vegt said.

The unidentified red lights did not blink but were in a triangular shape as they hovered in the sky.

Van der Vegt doesn't know what it was but he is sure that what he saw was not a satellite, helicopter or airplane.

Eventually, the triangle headed northeast and the lights faded, van der Vegt said.

Lester Valdez and all of his neighbors saw the unidentified lights.

"I have never witnessed anything like that," said Valdez.

He said they looked like tiny, bright alien ships from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

"It was exactly something like that where you see an object and they all got into a pattern and they stood in a pattern, and they all moved in a direction and then they pretty much dropped and that was it," Valdez said.

Grant Gazvoda and two friends sat in front of a Lafayette convenience store talking about the lights. Gazvoda said he saw them Monday night as he and friends were out stargazing.

"When it flew over, there was a really weird energy. Almost like a hyper need to move. My mind started racing. My body started shaking," Gazvoda said. "I freaked out at that point."

When asked what he thought the lights could be, Gazvoda said speculation is running rampant through town.

"UFO, maybe government stuff. People are saying aliens," he said.

Skeptics like Lafayette residents Katie and Kevin Caron say there must be a reasonable explanation for the lights that doesn't involve little green men.

"There's a lot of things you can't explain but the idea of it being an alien spacecraft is pretty wacky," Kevin Caron said.

ABC News called the Federal Aviation Administration but they declined to talk.

For now, it's clear this is an unidentified flying object.

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FAA Unable to Identify Objects Flying Over NYC

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- New Yorkers froze in their tracks Wednesday and gazed skyward at mysterious objects that hovered above the iconic Manhattan skyline for several hours.

"We are not able to make an identification of what the objects were," Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac said. "We know they weren't aircraft or helicopters. We wouldn't be able to say if they were balloons or something else."

Described as bright white lights or glittery silver balloon-like objects, the floating balls seemed to separate and converge on Manhattan's West Side, high above the trendy Chelsea neighborhood.

The New York Police Department said it received dozens of calls about the unidentified flying objects, but it would not speculate on what the objects were.

"Maybe [it's] Superman, maybe Wonder Woman," one bystander told ABC News affiliate WABC-TV, who confessed he would rather it was Wonder Woman.

"I think it's a balloon," said another man, adding, "but then again balloons don't stand still."

Students and faculty at a Westchester County, New York elementary school believe the balloons may belong to language arts teacher Andrea Craparo, reports the New York Daily News.  Craparo received the balloons for her recent engagement, but the wind swept them away. 

The National Weather Service reportedly said that the direction and speed of the wind Wednesday afternoon make the balloon theory plausible.

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