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Hudson River Boat Crash: Body Believed to Be Best Man Found

iStockphoto(NEW YORK) -- Searchers found a body Sunday believed to be the best man in a wedding party, who along with a bride-to-be was thrown overboard from a speed boat that slammed into a barge on the Hudson River, police said.

Mark Lennon, 30, has been missing since he and the future bride were ejected from a 21-foot Stingray powerboat in the Hudson River that struck three connected barges in the water by the Tappan Zee Bridge in Piermont, N.Y., at approximately 10:40 p.m. Friday night.

Authorities said six people were onboard the boat, including groom-to-be Brian Bond, 35, and his fiancée, 30-year-old Lindsay Stewart. The group was on their way to Tarrytown, N.Y., when the accident occurred.

A man on a personal water craft saw the body Sunday morning and called 911, Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco said.

The body has not been positively identified, but Falco said officials believe it is Lennon.

Rescue crews found what appeared to be a female body floating on the surface of the water without a life jacket Saturday morning. It is believed to be the body of Stewart, but officials have not yet confirmed it is her.

Jojo John, 35, of Nyack, N.Y., the operator of the boat, was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. Officials said they believe John was drunk behind the wheel of the boat when the crash occurred.

"At this point, we have probable cause to believe [John] operated the boat while intoxicated, and that's the basis for the charge," Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura said.

John was arraigned in his hospital bed and was ordered to be held on $250,000 bond, ABC New York station WABC-TV reported.

Bond, John and two other men onboard were injured in the accident and taken to local hospitals. Bond was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured eye socket, WABC-TV reported. When he regained consciousness, he called 911 to report the crash.

The future bride and the best man at her wedding, just two weeks away, were reported missing after the crash.

Stewart and Bond were to be married on Aug. 10, Stewart's mother said.

"It can't end like this," Stewart's mother, Carol Stewart, told WABC-TV.


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Aurora Theater Shooting Survivors Tie the Knot a Year Later

Comstock/Thinkstock(AURORA, Colo.) -- A young couple who survived the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting turned their worst night into their best day this weekend.

Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis tied the knot Saturday, exactly one year after the Colorado massacre that left a dozen people dead and more than 70 injured.

The couple got married at Village East Baptist Church in Aurora, where they were joined by other friends who also survived the shooting.

In an interview before the wedding, the couple said that the love and support of many along with their strong faith has helped them overcome a tragedy.

"Our faith is definitely a big part of this story," Han said. "Jesus saved me once because I accepted him, but then he saved me physically in the theater."

The Night of the Shooting

A year ago, Han, 21, and Davis, 22, didn't know if they would make it through the night.

The childhood friends who met in church in the fourth grade started dating three years ago. On the night of the shooting, the couple and three friends decided to go to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie.

Han was tired from a 12-hour day at his job at a medical supply company, but said he thought it would be fun to take Davis to her first midnight screening.

When they got to the theater, it was packed. The only place they could find five seats together was in the second row, close to the emergency exit that accused shooter James Holmes would soon enter through.

Han was so tired that he dozed off during the previews.

"When the movie started, I kind of woke up, but I woke up not to the movie, but more like something felt wrong to me but nothing was happening yet," Han told "I wasn't really sure what it was and kind of blew it off."

Soon after, he saw someone walk in through the exit door near them. The figure was only about 10 feet away in the dark theater.

"I've never seen anyone walk in an exit door," he said. "The next thing that worried me the most was seeing the gun strapped to his shoulder. The screen actually showed the outline of the gun."

Within moments, Han saw the person throw something into the crowd. He would later find out that it was a gas canister.

"I didn't even know what was going on at the moment. I thought it was a prank," Davis told "The next thing I know, I see red things coming out of the corner."

The "red things" were the little bursts of flame created by gunfire. Han threw himself to the ground and grabbed Davis.

"Next thing I know he's pulling me out of my seat and telling me, 'Don't move. Just stay still. Whatever you do, don't move," she said.

Han said he pushed Davis under the chairs and put himself between her and the shooter, who was spraying bullets into the crowd. Han got shot in the hip. His reflex was to lift his leg and then he got shot in the knee. He "saw pieces of flesh fly."

"The hip hurt more. The knee was more a through-and-through," he said. "I was kind of freaking out."
Then the shooting stopped and Han saw an opportunity, albeit a risky one.

"His gun jammed and I heard a clicking noise so I told her, 'If we leave, we need to leave right now,'" Han recalled.

The group of friends got up, with Davis supporting an injured Han. They decided to make a break for the emergency exit from where the gunman had entered.

"I just remember having my back towards the screen and looking up and down the hallway just a little bit," Davis remembered, right before locking eyes with the shooter. "He was looking up and he was looking at me."

She said the shooter had a mask on and his gun pointed down as he tried to un-jam it. Han saw Davis looking towards the gunman.

"He saw Holmes drop the gun he was working on and pull out another gun that he had on him," Davis said. "That's when God gave him strength to push us into the cubby hole."

The "cubby hole" was a small entryway between the theater and the exit. The group fell to the floor as the shooting began again. They made it out of the theater and ran as far and fast as they could, with adrenaline fueling the wounded Han.

He was treated in the hospital and has undergone physical therapy over the past year. Now, he's running again. Davis recovered from her minor injuries.

Nine months after the shooting, Han said he realized it was time to take the couple's relationship to the next level.

"We were still dating and I was planning on proposing even before [the shooting] but I never had the chance to," he said. "When the theater shooting happened, that's when I was like, I really need to do this because you don't know what's going to happen after tomorrow."

He proposed on April 9 while the couple was visiting South Padre Island in Texas. She said yes and he asked how she felt about getting married on the one-year anniversary of the shooting. Davis told him she had to think about it.

"I was kind of uncomfortable about the idea because I didn't think it was OK to take a bad day and turn it into a good day, so I had to really think about it," she said.

She thought about it and came to a conclusion about a half hour later.

"I think it would be a good date to have our wedding," she recalled saying. "That way we can make good memories and start a new chapter of our lives rather than allowing this memory from a year ago to stick with us every single year."

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WATCH: Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Crash Caught on Tape

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- It was supposed to have been a romantic sunset wedding in a hot-air balloon for Kerin and Jonathan Narcisse.  But romance quickly turned to fear as the couple and 11 others, including their wedding party and the balloon's operator, braced for a crash landing.

One moment Kerin and Jonathan were exchanging their wedding vows, thousands of feet in the air; the next, the newlyweds were on their sides, stranded, in a stranger's backyard.  A member of the wedding party recorded Monday's crash on her cellphone.

The newlyweds had no idea what was happening.

"A couple times he tried to land, we floated over," Jonathan Narcisse said.  "We kept missing landing spots.  Next thing you know, we're descending and I'm thinking, 'How is he going to land here, because there's no place to land.'"

The balloon hit a fence, skidded through some trees, and then stopped.

"I got a little worried when we hit the fence and I thought, 'Well, if the fence doesn't stop us then we're going down this hill,'" Kerin Narcisse said.

Making the ordeal all the more terrifying, the bride's dream of a mid-air wedding was actually the groom's worst nightmare, as it turns out.  He's scared of heights.

"I am," he said.  "Terrified."

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Couple Says Icy ‘I Do’s’ Outside in Freezing Minnesota Weather

Dean Madson Photography(DAYTON, Minn.) -- One couple from Dayton, Minn., shivered their way through their “I Do’s” on New Year's Day.

Nikki Hering, 28, and Ryan Hoffman, 26, tied the knot at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club on Jan. 1, but do not be mistaken. They did not take their vows inside the lovely, warm lodge, but rather, outside.  Hering chose to walk down the aisle in 10-degree weather.

“We both really love winter and we wanted to stick to the first of the year, since we started dating on the first and he proposed on the first,” Hering told ABC News. “We wanted to be a little different.”

And different they were, as they added special touches to embrace the freezing Minnesota temperature on the big day.

“The outdoor area just really has a neat backdrop and overlook and it was the perfect setting for it,” said Hering. “We gave them [guests] blankets to wrap up, and provided hot coffee and cider for them to hopefully warm up. It was short and sweet so they weren’t miserable for too long.”

Hering herself wore special winter duds to deal with the frigid weather.

“I had the fur stole wrapped around the top half of my dress, and had some fingerless gloves. Otherwise, I got boots to wear under my dress that you couldn’t see, and wore them with my lucky hunting socks,” she said.

When the couple began telling their guests of their plans to wed outside in January, they ran into a fair share of skepticism.

“They didn’t quite believe us,” Hering said. “Everybody asked, ‘Really, are you sure?’ We told them it’d be short so they wouldn’t have to wait too long. The grandmas and the young kids in the family watched from a window inside.”

The morning of the wedding, the newlyweds estimate it was about 10 degrees below, but by the time the actual ceremony began at 3 p.m., they say it had warmed up to a comfortable 10 or 11 degrees.

“It was somehow magically snowing right when the ceremony started. It was a super-light, perfect snow,” said Hering.

The guests were greeted by two, large fireplaces inside the reception area as soon as they came inside from the snowy ceremony.

And as for the hardy couple — they’re now on a mini-honeymoon, ice fishing up north in Aitkin, Minn.

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Middle-School Love Letter Displayed at Wedding 22 Years Later

Courtesy Aislinn Kate Photography(PENSACOLA, Fla.) -- What started innocently enough as a sixth-grade boy’s plea for the girl of his dreams to meet him at the end of the hall after school ended up with that girl eventually meeting him down the aisle 22 years later.

When Cathy and Trevor Webb, of Pensacola, Fla., said their “I do’s” on Oct. 20, their guests got to view a special piece of history the middle- schoolers had shared. A rather persistent love letter Trevor had written to Cathy in 1990 at Ferry Mass Middle School was proudly on display, proving the couple’s love had been two decades in the making.

Written in all caps at the top was an oh-so-serious “DON’T LET ANYONE SEE THIS,” which was immediately followed by Trevor’s more anxious tone urging Cathy to decide which boy, he or Brad, she was going to choose to date.

The note reads, “Dear Cathy, I still like you and I still want you to go with me. I know Brad likes you. Please decide who you’re going to go with. Think hard and let me know your decision. I’ll be standing at the end of this hall and the beginning of the other hall. Meet me there as soon as school’s out and you can tell me. Sincerely, Trevor.”

Cathy did meet him at the end of the hall that day, but despite his efforts, their sixth-grade romance was short-lived.

“He sent me that note and I ended up meeting him at the hallway and we went out for two weeks,” Cathy, 32, told ABC News. "We called it ‘going out’ back then. I think we went to an Addams Family movie, and I brought a friend with me. He never lets me live that down.”

Trevor also never lets Cathy live down the fact that after only two weeks, she broke his heart by dumping him for another guy. But as time went on, although the pair wasn’t dating, they remained close as “just friends.”

“We actually went to the same high school and remained best friends through high school,” Cathy said.

But they went their separate ways for college. Trevor attended University of Florida, and Cathy headed to East Carolina University. Upon graduation, she moved to University of Florida for grad school just as he was moving away to New Orleans.

“Then Katrina hit and he moved back to Pensacola. And I got a job back in Pensacola around the same time,” Cathy said. “He was dating a different girl, and I was getting jealous. It was weird, because he was always such a close friend.

“One night we were just hanging out at the beach. Then all of a sudden we kissed, and it’s just been me and him ever since.”

The couple’s relationship finally came full circle when Trevor took to a knee to propose during one of Cathy’s roller derby practices at Dreamland Skate Center, the exact same skating rink where he had given her a $40 gold ring 20 years earlier.

“He gave me a little ring at Dreamland Skate Center. It’s been in business for years, and we all used to go there on Saturdays. He gave me a ring there, and when we broke up, I gave it back to him,” Cathy explained. “He was so mad he threw it in a pond behind his house. It was $40, too, which is a lot for a little sixth grader.”

But Trevor eventually got over his anger and devised a plan to replace the old gold ring with a much more permanent one.

“I started playing roller derby, and at one of our practices he showed up and surprised me. He had gotten all my teammates involved. We were stretching, and all the lights went out and our song came on,” said Cathy. “He came out in a white tux with tails and the brown rental skates. They had me stand in the middle while my teammates were skating around the outside with glow sticks. He got down on a knee and had the new ring. It was really a special moment. I’ll never forget that night.”

The rest, as they say, is history, until their wedding photographer, Aislinn Kate Rehwinkel, posted a picture of the middle-school love letter on her Facebook fan page.

“It’s so crazy how all this happened,” Rehwinkel said. “I was going through post production of all their photos. I took that picture and I posted it on my Facebook fan page because it was such a special detail from their wedding. A random fan, in a different city and different state, loved it and posted it on the Reddit account.”

The photo has now gone viral since it was posted to Reddit on Nov. 27, and the couple couldn’t be happier to prove that nothing is more romantic than putting pen to paper.

“He’s very romantic. He still writes me notes from time to time,” Cathy said.

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Bride’s Shattered Wedding Saved by Surprise Donation

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- Niki Stephan, 28, and Brian Smith, 28, of Portland, Ore., were prepared to say “For better or for worse” to one another, but the ballroom for their wedding wasn’t.

After they had already paid $4,000 to reserve the Arista Ballroom for the ceremony, the building suddenly closed because of fire code violations, and Stephan said its management would not refund her money.

“It’s been kind of hard, because a month after I got that email from the Arista, my department at work was reorganized and I lost my job,” Stephan told ABC News. “It’s definitely been very trying, and initially I was, for some reason, bitter with everybody. But I realized that’s not the right way to approach this. Obviously I had to come up with a solution. So Brian and I had to spend the money we had saved for a small honeymoon on a wedding.”

But little did she know that behind the scenes was a group of very generous wedding vendors, working furiously to pick up the missing pieces.  They were determined that Niki and Brian would have their fairy tale wedding.

Stephan is not the only bride whose wedding plans had been shattered on short notice by the Arista’s closing. So when Shannon Long, the wedding event manager for the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Wash., saw the story on ABC affiliate KATU, she decided she had to do something to help. Long immediately contacted Kristina Kuntz, a wedding aficionado who owns Niella’s Special Events.

“She gave me a call and said, ‘Look what happened. Do you think we could do something?’” Kuntz said. “So I told her to give me a couple of hours and let’s see what we can do. I reached out to a few of my vendors. They’re great people. They really care about people. All of a sudden the response was just amazing.”

Right away, Kuntz had about five emails from vendors all asking what they could do to do help. And from there, the response kept growing.

“I started getting more and more emails. People were contacting me saying, ‘I saw you need a videographer. We want to be involved,’” said Kuntz.

It took Kuntz about three weeks to line up all the vendors. She even worked with Long to arrange for the couple to keep their original wedding date, March 17. The celebration will now be held at Heathman Lodge.

After all the details had been set, Kuntz and Long arranged to surprise the bride, who also works part-time as a wedding officiant.

The affiliate, KATU, was there to record the bride’s surprise on camera as Kuntz presented her with a check for $20,000 to cover her wedding expenses. “Everything’s going to be put together for you. You just need to show up,” Kuntz told Stephan.

Kuntz read her the full list of everyone who donated their services.

“It’s a really weird feeling because I’ve never really been given anything. I’ve worked really hard for everything I have. To be given something, and something so large, how to you repay them for this?” Stephan said. “I still am piecing together the concept of these people helping us out. It’s very surreal. I don’t think a thank you or a hug will ever be enough.”

Kuntz was as touched as the bride. She started crying as she told her the good news.

“I’m in the industry to make people’s dreams come true, so to do this was just wonderful,” Kuntz said.

The couple is currently trying to take their previous vendor to court, and is so grateful that this opportunity has allowed them to now focus on saving money for their dream honeymoon to Italy.

“It’s definitely helped us feel like we can finally breathe. Even while trying to bring them to justice,” Stephan said. “I just want them to do the right thing. And that’s what I’m hoping they’ll eventually do. But at least I have something more positive to focus on right now.”

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Philadelphia Wedding Brawl: Groom's Brother Maintains Innocence

ABC News(PHILADELPHIA) -- A man accused of assaulting police officers and rioting in last Sunday's wedding brawl at a Philadelphia hotel said he's innocent of the charges.

Matthew Sofka, who'd attended his brother's wedding at a different locale, gave the first insider's account of how two couples' wedding nights ended in chaos. In a video of the brawl, the 26-year-old Sofka -- the son of a former police officer -- is seen receiving repeated hits with a police baton and a Tasering before he was arrested and thrown into jail.

According to Sofka's lawyer, Fortunato Perri Jr., when Sofka arrived at the Sheraton Society Hill hotel from his brother's wedding reception with family and friends, the melee involving a separate wedding party held at the Sheraton Society Hill was already under way.

Perri told ABC News that Sofka's girlfriend was thrown to the ground, and that his client was trying to help her up when he was "approached by police from behind. ...Unaware who was behind him, he extended an arm."

Police said the fight, fueled by alcohol and rising tempers, had taken over the Sheraton's bar and lobby. The entire brawl was captured on video and posted on YouTube by a 15-year-old hotel guest, Max Schultz, who was awakened by the ruckus. The video has gone viral, and has been viewed more than 900,000 times.

Perri said that Sofka, who was released from jail Monday on $25,000 bail, was struck by one officer and put into a choke hold by another.

"Other members of the police department continued to try to subdue him. Ultimately he was [Tasered], I believe a couple of times," Perri said.

According to the criminal complaint, police said the force was justified because Sofka "knowingly, intentionally or recklessly caused/attempted to cause bodily injury" to a police sergeant. The complaint goes on to say that Sofka, and approximately three others, "punched and kicked the sergeant in the head and body."

Wedding guests have fired back at the police response and their use of force to control the massive brawl.

Perri said the fight had nothing to do with the Sofka wedding party, but that the incident had taken the biggest toll on Sofka's new family, as the uncle of 28-year-old Nicole Sannuti, Sofka's new sister-in-law, died that night.

Vincent Sannuti reportedly tried to move his family away from the fight and then collapsed outside the hotel. The 57-year-old later died after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

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Groom's Brother Charged with Assault in Philly Wedding Day Brawl

Comstock/Thinkstock(PHILADELPHIA) -- Philadelphia police have charged one man in connection with the wedding brawl at a Society Hill hotel in which the bride's uncle died of a heart attack.

Matthew Sofka, the brother of one of the grooms, was released from jail Monday after he was charged with assaulting a police officer, reckless endangerment and inciting a riot for his alleged role in the fight.  Sofka, 26, was reportedly Tasered by an officer during the early Sunday morning riot between at least two wedding parties at the Sheraton Society Hill.

Vince Sannuti, 57, reportedly died of a heart attack after he left the hotel during the brawl.  Sannuti was found outside the hotel unconscious.  He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died.

Sannuti was the uncle of one of the brides, Nicole Sannuti.  She was seen leaving the hotel in tears while still wearing her wedding dress.

Friends of the Sannuti family told ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV that the wedding reception had been held elsewhere, but guests were staying at the Sheraton Society Hill.  That's where they crossed paths with another wedding party taking place at the hotel earlier on Saturday night.

Police said the fight -- fueled by alcohol and rising tempers -- took over the bar and lobby.

The entire melee was captured on video and posted on YouTube by hotel guest Max Schultz, who was awakened by the ruckus.  The video has gone viral, receiving more than 600,000 views.

In the video, an officer can be seen trying to hold back one of the brides while a man in a tuxedo was thrown to the floor.

Schultz, who was in town celebrating his 15th birthday with his family, can be overhead in the video asking, "Did they just deck the bride?"

Meanwhile, wedding guests have fired back at the police response and their use of force, deploying batons and Tasers, to control the massive brawl.

Sannuti's friend, Kristin Pettito, tweeted on Monday, "@PhillyPolice your actions at Sat night's hotel fight were despicable. Never in my life have I seen such an abuse of power. Shame on you."

The Philadelphia Police Department said such force was necessary to control the crowd because alcohol played a role in the fight.

Schultz's video is now evidence, and police continue to review it to determine if additional people will face charges for their actions.  Two other people were cited for disorderly conduct.

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One Dead, Three Arrested After Hotel Wedding Brawl in Philadelphia

Photodisc/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(PHILADELPHIA) -- Philadelphia police are investigating a violent brawl inside a hotel between the guests of two different wedding parties that left one man dead from an apparent heart attack, and three others arrested.

Dozens of police officers responded to the violent clash in the lobby of the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia Sunday around 2 a.m. At one point, the fight got so chaotic that police used batons on those who resisted their efforts to break up the fight.  One person had to be subdued with a Taser.  Police said the use of such force was justified.

A 57-year-old man was found apparently undergoing a heart attack on the street outside the hotel and later died at a nearby hospital.  His name has not been released by police, but he was reportedly the uncle of one of the brides, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police arrested three people following the brawl, including the man who was Tasered.  Police said he would be charged with assault on a police officer, according to ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV.

The entire melee was captured on video and posted on YouTube by hotel guest Max Schultz, who was awakened by the ruckus.

"There were tons of people, probably 75 to 100 people," he said.

Police said that the fight began as a confrontation between relatives and friends attending the wedding held at the hotel earlier Saturday night.  When people attending a second wedding held elsewhere arrived at the hotel bar, police said the original confrontation escalated.

Police told WPVI that alcohol fueled the fight as rising tempers took over.

In the video, an officer can be seen trying to hold back one of the brides while a man in a tuxedo was thrown to the floor.

Schultz, who was in town celebrating his 15th birthday with his family, can be overhead in the video asking, "Did they just deck the bride?"

"They started shoving each other and at that point I had started fumbling with my camera," said Schultz.

Schultz's video is now evidence, and police continue to review it to determine if additional people will face charges for their actions at this wedding reception that unexpectedly became a real bash.

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Five Arizona Siblings Marry Same Day in 'Mega Wedding'

Altrendo images/Thinkstock(Mesa, Ariz.) -- All eyes might have been on France this weekend for the rumored wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that went bust, but a pretty spectacular wedding took place Friday in Mesa, Ariz.
Not one, not two, but five of eight siblings from one Arizona family said their "I Do's" in what has been dubbed the " Mega Wedding."
The Waldies (Sydney, 25; Brooke, 20; Bradford, 26; Walker, 24 and Emily, 28) all got engaged within one month of each other: Sydney to Doug, Walker to Jillian, Emily to William, Bradford to Megan and Brooke to Todd. So Doug Waldie, their father, came up with the biggest proposal yet: A quintuple wedding.
"Except for Walker, who had dated his new wife in high school, the rest of the couples had just met each other around October of last year," Waldie said. "By December or so, I could see the tidal of waves coming. They were all very, very much in love. So even at that point, I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm never going to be able to afford that many weddings.'"
The siblings and their soon-to-be spouses each had their own opinions of the "Mega Wedding" idea:
"I wanted it and then I didn't want it. I wanted my own day," Walker's wife, Jillian, said;
"My biggest sacrifice is not having it in my backyard," Brooke said;
"We wanted to be together," Sydney said;
"They all eventually came around," Bradford concluded.
Doug Waldie joked that if they hadn't done the combined wedding, the only other option would have been far less appealing, depending on the order of the weddings. "Whoever's in first place is going to get a really nice reception. Whoever's fifth gets $32.50 and a bus ticket to wherever you want to go," he said, laughing.
Eventually, however, all five couples put aside their differences and agreed to the joint effort. The tight-knit family made the decision largely because one son -- and groom -- was required to report to Air Force pilot training at the end of August, and they wanted to be sure he would be able to attend all the ceremonies, according to East Valley Tribune.
"The kids wanted to put their own interests aside. They didn't want to miss being at each others' big days," Doug said.
And with that, many mega-planning sessions and preparations later, the "Mega Wedding" day had finally arrived. Their joint reception was preceded by five individual, private ceremonies, one right after another.
The entire day went without a hitch.
"There was no significant trauma," mom Kristen Waldie said. "Everybody was just so excited to have it all happen. People don't believe me that there really wasn't any drama."
And it was quite a big day for little sister Andee, who was a bridesmaid in four of her siblings' weddings. She proudly donned four different bridesmaids' outfits in a matter of a few hours.
"She was ever-present," Doug Waldie said. "She's the child that loves to be involved with everything. If there's a conversation, she wants to hear about it. She was thrilled. She did have four different pairs of shoes and four different outfits."
Kristen said, "For each of the bride's colors, there was a separate ruffle in her skirt."
There were five separate wedding cakes for each of the newlyweds. Doug was quick to mention his favorite was the chocolate with Oreo-cream icing.
Kristen said, "They all chose their own flavor. One of the cakes was made by Jillian's aunt. And I made the rest of the four."
But all minor details aside, the parents agree it was the love of the family that meant the most that day.
"Really, the thing that made it most important for the event to happen was the love of family," Doug said. "It wasn't financially driven, or organizationally driven, it was the fact our family is so close and we've had such a great family bond.
"Our story is unique because there's five kids involved. This is a story about a family that loves each other, and kids that are willing to sacrifice to be there with family."
All the couples are off enjoying their honeymoons right now, in separate vacation spots.
To see wedding photos from the Mega Wedding, click here.
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