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Brady Campaign Launches PSAs with Shooting Victims’ Family Members

David De Lossy/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The nation’s leading gun-control-advocacy group has launched a new series of YouTube public service announcements as part of a, “long-planned public-awareness campaign” not tied to the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s YouTube series, “We Are Better Than This,” features celebrities speaking straight to camera, some of whom, like Avengers star Mark Ruffalo -- who lost his brother to a gun homicide -- have been personally touched by firearm violence.

Perhaps more significantly, families of mass-shooting victims will appear in the videos.

In the first three videos, Brady staffer and Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard appears, as do Lonnie and Sandy Phillips, whose daughter Jessica Redfield Ghawi was killed in the Aurora, Colo., mass shooting in July.


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White House Asks YouTube to ‘Review’ Anti-Muslim Movie

Stockbyte/Thinkstock/YouTube(WASHINGTON) -- The Obama administration has asked YouTube to review its posting of the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims,” which has provoked violent protests across the Middle East.

“We reached out to YouTube to call the video to their attention and ask them to review whether it violates their terms of use,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Carney was adamant Friday that the Obama administration will not apologize for the video.

“We have made clear that we find it offensive and reprehensible and disgusting,” Carney told reporters at the daily White House news briefing. “We have denounced it. We have said we find it offensive and reprehensible, but we will not -- you know, we cannot and will not squelch freedom of expression in this country.”

The White House has not asked YouTube to take down the video, simply to review it.

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Police Chief Fired Over Cinnamon Stunt

ABC(TUTWILER, Miss.) -- The police chief of Tutwiler Miss., and four other city employees were fired after a video posted on Youtube captured them cheering as cinnamon was poured into the mouth of a mentally disabled teenager.

In the video, town clerk Angela Chandler can be seen pouring cinnamon into the mouth of Danareus Martin, 18, who was doing community service at city hall as a way to pay off some misdemeanor fines.

Martin’s lawyer, Ellis Pittman, told ABC News he believes Martin was singled out for comments he made in court.

“He made some comments regarding the officers … that they weren’t doing their job and they weren’t right,” he said.

And officers allegedly took those comments to heart. When Martin reported for duty, Pittman said he was taken to a shed behind city hall.

"[They] put on boxing gloves and gave him the opportunity to show ‘how the police aren’t nothing,’” he said.

Pittman said his office has a copy of a video that shows “nothing more than him being beat down,” however, Pittman has not seen the video.

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Pittman said his client plans to seek damages, and that the district attorney was also reviewing the case.

The “cinammon challenge” involves swallowing a large amount of cinnamon without any water -- a near impossible task that frequently results in people coughing a plume of the spice, choking and even vomiting.

A Youtube search for “cinnamon challenge" yielded 33,400 results.

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Seven Teens Charged in Chicago Beating Posted on YouTube

Comstock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- A 15-year-old girl who videotaped a gang attack in a Chicago alley is one of seven teens charged in the assault of a 17-year-old boy that went viral after being posted on YouTube.

"She lured the victim to that location and also videotaped the attack," said a spokesman for the Chicago police department. "It was planned and it was orchestrated so that victim would go to that alley and the attack would take place."

The video was posted on YouTube shortly after the attack on Sunday afternoon. Although YouTube has made the original video age-restricted, the taped beating has gone viral. Police say it helped them identify the attackers.

In the video, six attackers are seen beating and robbing a teenager of Asian descent in an alley behind a Chicago elementary school. They shout profanities and racial epithets while he is kicked and punched.

Police have charged Raymond Palomino, 17, as an adult with one count of robbery and one count of aggravated battery, according to ABC News' Chicago affiliate WLS-TV.

Two 16-year-old boys, three 15-year-old boys and one 15-year-old girl have also been charged as juveniles in connection to the case. Authorities are not releasing their names because they are minors.

The victim, a 17-year-old Curie High School senior, was eventually able to escape his attackers. His cuts and bruises were treated at a hospital and he was released. The attackers stole his wallet and gym shoes, according to WLS-TV.

The video shows him being pummeled with fists, kicked and dragged down the alley. One of the pack even holds the victim down while another beats his head with a shoe.

At one point, the young man gets to his feet, pleads with his attackers to "hold on," but is dragged back to the ground for more punches. The video, as initially posted, begins with the attack in progress, and lasts for close to four minutes before the victim is able to run away.

Chicago police said, "At this time, it does not appear that this incident was racially motivated."

Palomino is scheduled to appear in central bond court Wednesday and the juvenile suspects have been turned over to the juvenile detention center.

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More Casey Anthony Videos and Pictures Surface

ABC News(ORLANDO, Florida) -- Casey Anthony, the Florida mother who was acquitted last summer of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, has showed up in what appears to be yet another video online.

This time, Anthony is sporting a different look from the videos that emerged earlier this week.

On the latest tape, which was posted on Twitter, she brags about her piercings, but says nothing about Caylee or her family. "I pierced my nose last night...Very excited," she said in the video.

Earlier this week, Anthony’s video diary was discovered on YouTube, thrusting Anthony back in the spotlight after six months of hiding out.

Photos have since appeared online showing Anthony in several locations including a bar or restaurant. Anthony was famously photographed in bars during the months that her daughter was dead and she hadn't told anyone.

When confronted about Caylee's disappearance, Anthony initially claimed that a phantom babysitter had stolen Caylee. At her trial, her lawyer said that Caylee drowned in the family pool.

Anthony sports a restyled short bob, transitioning from a brunette to a blonde in the photos and the video diary.

In her video diary, she spoke about her new pet dog, buying a computer and the optimism she feels about her future.

"The good thing is things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. Let's just hope they stay, that things stay good and that they only get better," she says before adding with a whisper, "They'll only get better."

Anthony's defense attorney Cheney Mason says that Anthony was not responsible for posting the video to YouTube, saying the material was mean to be private and part of counseling.

"Casey has been keeping notes and memoirs, particularly for her personal use for future counseling. This will help her remember her thought processes," Mason said in a statement. "She did not upload or publish this to YouTube. She does not know who did it. When they did it. Why they did it. It was not authorized; therefore it had to be obtained criminally by an illegal act."

Anthony's parents, George and Cindy Anthony, were also taken by surprise with the video's appearance.

"Cindy and George were made aware of the video diary of their daughter this morning, January 5, 2012," their attorney Mark Lippman said in a statement.

"They are concerned that the release of this video or any future videos could endanger their daughter," he wrote. "Cindy and George hope that Casey remains safe wherever she may be."

Cindy and George Anthony have a famously tense relationship with their daughter, a family drama that played out in public during Casey Anthony's murder trial.

The parents were divided regarding their daughter and what happened to their granddaughter Caylee.

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More than 1,500 Attend Memorial for Texas Teen Ben Breedlove

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(AUSTIN, Texas) -- More than 1,500 people attended a memorial service for Texas teenager Ben Breedlove, whose YouTube video about life with a heart condition and brushes with death have become an international viral sensation.

While family, friends and fans gathered at Austin's Gateway Church, countless others watched a live-stream of the memorial online.

Breedlove, 18, who said he cheated death three times despite a dangerous heart condition, died Christmas night from a heart attack, but not before posting a two-part video on YouTube telling his story and describing a series of powerful visions.

In the videos, Breedlove can be seen silently sitting in a room and using handwritten note cards to tell his story. The teen suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which one part of the heart is thicker than the other parts, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood.

Breedlove posted the videos titled "This is my story" on Dec. 18 and died one week later on Christmas. Since then, the videos have been viewed more than 2.3 million times.

"It's exciting to know that Ben planted a seed in people's mind to begin thinking about things that really do matter in life," Ben's mother Deanne Breedlove told ABC News' Austin affiliate KVUE at the memorial. "You know, we all have hope. Everyone has challenges, but we have a real hope and he saw that. He felt the peace of God when he had those glimpses into heaven and heavenly presence."

The memorial was held in a large auditorium where photos of a happy Breedlove with his family and friends were projected on a large screen.

His sister Ally Breedlove spoke during the service and recalled her brother's descriptions of powerful visions during previous episodes of cardiac arrest. He described a bright light and being overcome with a feeling of peace.

Ally Breedlove said her brother told her, "God let me feel that peace before I came back so that I would know that heaven is worth it."

In his videos, he recalled a dream or vision where he was in a silent, white room with no walls and he felt "that same peaceful feeling I had when I was 4."

"I was wearing a really nice suit and, so was my fav rapper, Kid Cudi," Breedlove wrote. He said he thought to himself, "Damn, we look good."

"I then looked at myself in the mirror, I was proud of MYSELF, of my entire life, everything I have done," Breedlove wrote. "It was the BEST feeling."

He said he thought of lyrics from a Kid Cudi song that said, "When will the fantasy end, when will the heaven begin?" Kid Cudi sat him down at a glass desk and told him, "Go now."

"I didn't want to leave that place," Breedlove wrote. "I wish I NEVER woke up."

Kid Cudi responded to the videos on his website, writing that he "broke down" when he saw the video.

"This has really touched my heart in a way I can't describe, this is why I do what I do. Why I write my life, and why I love you all so much," Kid Cudi wrote. "We love you Ben. Forever. Thank you for loving me."

Cudi added, "To Ben's family, you raised a real hero, he's definitely mine. You have my love."

Breedlove had two popular YouTube channels, "BreedloveTV" and "OurAdvice4You," on which he would talk about his own life as well as dishing out relationship advice for his peers. Facebook and YouTube have been inundated with tributes to Breedlove.

At least three Facebook pages have been dedicated to Breedlove, with over 47,000 fans between them.

"In the 18 years that he lived, he lived bigger and more than people that live to be 80 and I think that his message is going to be incredible," Breedlove family friend Jill Scott told KVUE at the memorial.

A fundraiser has been established on behalf of the Breedlove family to help them continue spread Ben's message and support others with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Click here to learn more.

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Texas Judge Who Beat Daughter Sought Suspension, Lawyer Says

Hillary Adams speaking with ABC News(CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas) -- A prominent Texas judge who was placed on leave while the court investigates the circumstances surrounding a video of him beating his daughter with a belt and cursing at her proposed the suspension himself, his lawyer said.

Judge William Adams and the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct filed a joint motion to temporarily suspend his official duties as presiding judge during the course of the investigation.  The Texas Supreme Court approved the motion last Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Adams had already taken immediate voluntary leave upon learning that the video of "a family disciplinary event" had been made public, his lawyer William Dudley of Corpus Christi, Texas, said in a statement Sunday.

"The agreed temporary suspension is neither a fault sanction imposed by the Texas Supreme Court following an adversarial hearing, a finding of fault or wrongdoing by the commission, or admission of fault or wrongdoing by Judge Adams," Dudley said.

The suspension will allow the commission to "investigate allegations in a complete and yet expedient manner," he said.

After the video went viral on the Internet earlier this month, Adams said that he was merely disciplining his child and did nothing wrong.

"No, in my mind I haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing.  And I did lose my temper, but I've since apologized," he Adams told KZTV.

Hillary Adams, the daughter who is seen being beaten in the video, secretly recorded the beating seven years ago and recently uploaded it to YouTube on Oct. 27.  The video was then posted on Reddit, a link-sharing website, where it racked up millions of views and incited anger among viewers.

"I just wanted somebody to see it and tell me, 'No, Hillary this wasn't right and I'm glad you were able to grow up and move on past this' and 'No, your dad wasn't right,'" Hillary Adams told ABC News' Chris Cuomo.

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Starbucks Barista Fired for Viral YouTube Post

Starbucks(CHOWCHILLA, Calif.) -- A California Starbucks barista was fired from his job after a song he wrote poking fun at some of his demanding customers went viral.

After a stressful day at work back in July, Christopher Cristwell posted "The Starbucks Rant Song" on YouTube. While wearing shorts and what appears to be a Starbucks apron, Christopher Cristwell strums away at his guitar singing an off-key, rapid-fire ode to the stereotypical customers that buy the pricey drinks.

In the rant song, Cristwell takes aim at everyone from the rich ladies who must learn that skinny lattes won't make you lose weight to the angry man that pounds on the window when the store is closed.
According to the former barista, his employer was not amused after coming across the video posted on

And while it may have gotten laughs from its intended audience at the beginning, two months later, the chain gave him a pink slip.

"If people are offended by the song, I'm sorry but I can't make everybody happy," says the 25-year-old Chowchilla, Calif., resident.

After being fired, Cristwell says there are no hard feelings. "I think they could have handled it a little differently but I'm not trying to tell them how they should do it. The song did poke fun at people employing baristas. I understand their position," Cristwell said.

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Before 'DADT' Repeal, Gay Soldier Comes Out on YouTube

Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Just hours before the official end of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the policy prohibiting gays from serving openly in the military, a U.S. solider decided to come out in perhaps one of the most open ways imaginable: YouTube.

In the video he posted Monday, 21-year-old Randy Phillips, under his handle “AreYouSurprised,” calls his father to tell him -- as the video description says -- “the hardest thing that gay guys will ever have to say.”

“You promise you’ll always love me? Period?” he asks his father, his voice shaking.

He takes a beat, and then says it: “Dad, I’m gay. I always have been. I’ve known for...forever.”

But this video is not his first. The “faceless soldier,” currently serving in the Air Force in Germany, has been garnering Internet fame since April, when he first began chronicling his experiences coming out, while serving abroad.

Six months ago he wouldn’t even reveal his face. But with last night’s midnight appeal of "DADT," he’s slowly revealing much more.  And using the power of the Internet as his guiding tool.

If there’s one thing he hasn’t been secretive about though, it’s his mission online, openly describing himself on Twitter as a “military member in the closet, using social media to build up the courage to come out to family, girlfriend, friends, and coworkers.”

“I am tired of hiding this,” he says.

And while he no longer has to, his story -- and courage -- has already touched thousands along the way. And as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, his video already had more than 3,000 likes and 30,000 views. And counting.

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Caught on Tape: Arizona Police Officer Body Slams Drunk Teen Girl

Comstock/Thinkstock(PHOENIX) -- Phoenix Police are investigating the arrest of a 15-year-old girl who was seen on tape being slammed to the ground by the arresting officer.

Officer Patrick Larrison has been placed on administrative leave while police carry out both an internal and criminal investigation into the arrest.

A YouTube video captured the Jan. 25 arrest on camera, but police didn't become aware of the video until this Tuesday. Someone in the police department saw the video and reported it.

"That type of video is very concerning to us," said Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump at a press conference Thursday. "What you see in the video is of great concern to the Phoenix Police Department about how a member of this community was treated."

The 15-year-old and her family have not been identified. The three-minute-long video starts with the girl having a fight in public with a woman who police identified as her mother. The mother has her daughter pinned to the ground in the parking lot of Charter East, part of the Ombudsman Charter Schools in Phoenix. The girl was reportedly intoxicated and sharing alcohol at the school, ABC Affiliate KNXV reported.

The charter school works with at-risk students.

The girl, wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt, fights her mother's hold, eventually getting up. The mother keeps trying to grab the girl, nearly pulling her shirt off.

When the police arrive, the girl is walking away from her mother. Officer Larrison can be seen on camera trying to catch up with the girl. He picks up speed. As she turns around to see him, he body-slams her, sending her to the ground.

"A charge here in what we're looking at, is there evidence of an aggravated assault or not," said Crump. "We have notified the County Attorney's Office of the video."

Officer Larrison is a six-and-a-half-year veteran of the Phoenix police force.

The girl was charged with aggravated assault for striking a school employee along with making threats to officers, police said.

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