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Teen Daredevils Cashing In on Outrageous -- and Deadly -- Stunts

Comstock/Thinkstock(ARVADA, Colo.) -- Some teens earn extra cash with part-time jobs at places like fast-food restaurants, but a pair in Arvada, Colo., get a bit riskier in their quest for dollars: they jump off buildings and set themselves on fire.

Seth Leach and Devin van Horne make money by recording their stunts and selling the videos online.

"Initially, the spark was [that] we just did it for fun and posted it online," Leach told ABC News. "Then a website started featuring it and all these views started rolling in...You had to keep doing more."

With websites such as paying the stunt duo up to $1,000 per video, Leach said, it's now the money that keeps him in the business.

A stunt in February -- jumping off a 30-foot fence -- almost cost Leach his life.

"We set up a net, but I broke right through," Leach said. "I broke some shoulder, an arm. I had brain swelling and I was in the ICU for a few days before they moved me for special treatment."

"It's horrific, it's absolutely horrific," said Lori Glickman of Northridge, Calif., whose teenaged son, Elon Glickman, 17, lost his best friend, Adir Vered, to a stunting accident.

Glickman did not know her own son participated in such stunts until after Vered died, and now has advice for other parents.

"I don't care how good you think your kids are," she said. "They're gonna lie -- that's what kids do. It's important for parents not to stick their head in the sand. Don't try and be the cool parents. It could cost you your kids' life."

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