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Teens Try Week With No Facebook, Texting

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(SEATTLE) -- Facebook and texting are like food and water for modern-day teenagers. But this week, students at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, Wash., have tried to go cold turkey in a challenge they called "the social experiment."

Along with their rival high school, the students took a trip back to 1995: no Facebook, no texting, no e-mail, no instant messaging. Except for emergencies, they didn't even use their cell phones.

When they return to school on Monday, the students will see who survived without status updates, and who was tempted to text. The tech-addicted kids were inspired by their video production teacher, Trent Mitchell, who said he hoped his students could "think about ways they can communicate besides just sending a quick 'OMG, LOL' message."

The time away from the computer led some students to appreciate old-fashioned forms of entertainment, like reading a paper-and-ink book.

Mitchell said about 250 students and teachers at each high school planned to go tech-free for the week. Students who survived the week -- and didn't get caught by the "Facebook spies" who were monitoring students' online habits -- stood to win prizes donated by businesses in the community. Students in his video production class were filming the experiment and creating documentaries out of their footage.

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