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WikiLeaks: Manning Leaked Information to Spark 'Domestic Debate'

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(FORT MEADE, Md.) -- Though he has just pleaded guilty to certain charges, the Army private in the WikiLeaks case will still face a military trial.  Pleading guilty to 10 lesser charges, Pfc. Bradley Manning read a statement in court Thursday, saying he wished to embarrass, but not to damage, the U.S.  

Manning said his decision to go through with the largest leak of classified information ever was intended to spark what he called a "domestic debate" about foreign policy.  

The charges he has pleaded guilty to could land Manning in prison for up to 20 years. Military prosecutors say they intend to pursue 12 more serious counts, including "aiding the enemy," which could carry a life sentence.

Manning's trial is expected to begin June 3.

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