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New Bedford Mayor Remembers Thomas Menino

(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) -- The mayor of New Bedford is remembering the longest-serving mayor of Boston, who died Thursday at the age of 71.

Thomas M. Menino left officer earlier this year after two decades as the mayor of Boston. He was diagnosed with cancer shortly after leaving, and had recently suspended his treatments.

“I was saddened to learn of the passing of Mayor Menino, one of America’s great municipal leaders who transformed Boston into a world-class city,” said New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell in a statement. “At a more personal level, I am grateful for his friendship and the guidance he offered me from time to time about the constructive role a mayor can play in improving the lives of his fellow residents.”

In honor of Menino, the city of New Bedford has lowered its flags to half-mast through the end of the day Friday.

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New Bedford Declared America’s Top Fishing Port

(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) -- For the 14th year in a row, New Bedford has earned the distinction of the number one fishing port in the entire nation.

In Fisheries of the United States' annual report out Wednesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that New Bedford had the highest valued catch -- 130 million pounds of fresh seafood valued at $379 million.

The Port of New Bedford has been the number one fishing port in the country since 1999.

“This is very positive news for our City and the region but, there is much work to do to ensure New Bedford retains the competitive advantages that have enabled our domination of the industry,” said New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell in a statement.

The Port's status comes as a direct result of the nation's highly-valued scallop industry, which accounts for more than 81 percent of the seafood that comes through the port.

The scallop industry has recovered over a twenty year period as the industry worked with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the School of Marine Science and Technology to bring sustainability of the fishery.

New Bedford vessels landed two-thirds of the total value of all seafood landings in Massachusetts, and one-third of the value of landings in the New England region.

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MA Is Most Politically Engaged State

(BOSTON) -- With less than one week until the midterm elections, the two major political parties are hoping for big turnouts by their constituents, particularly in the House and Senate races.

While it's impossible to predict the actual outcome at this point, a survey by the personal finance website WalletHub has found Massachusetts tops the list of the nation's most politically engaged states, including the District of Columbia.

The top 10 most politically engaged states are:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Colorado
  3. Minnesota
  4. District of Columbia
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Maine
  7. Iowa
  8. Mississippi
  9. Montana
  10. Oregon

WalletHub used six metrics to come up with its findings that included percentage of registered voters in the 2012 presidential election; percentage of citizens who actually voted in the 2010 midterm elections; and percentage of citizens who actually voted in the 2012 presidential election.

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"Boston Globe" Backs Charlie Baker for Governor

(BOSTON) — The Boston Globe has backed Republican Charlie Baker over Democrat Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

Remembered for her loss to Scott Brown in 2010, it looks like this year the very same thing could happen to the gubernatorial candidate now being called Martha "Choke-ly."

The Globe says they endorsed Baker because during this campaign he "has focused principally on making state government work better" and the "emphasis is warranted." They also note his split from the national Republican Party on social issues.

In their editorial, The Globe describes Coakley's "assessment of the status quo" as "fundamentally upbeat." They also noted her "campaign up to now suggests an odd reluctance to seize the initiative" and said during her primary she was "unwilling to spell out an issue agenda” -- all reasons they say they went with Baker.

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Norwood Man Beats One in 9.7 Trillion Odds to Win Same Lottery Twice

(NORWOOD, Mass.) -- A Norwood man won the same lottery twice for a payout of $546,000.

Kenneth Stokes is a lottery season ticket holder, which automatically enters him into every drawing of a certain lottery with specific, pre-set numbers of his choosing.

Forgetting that his family had gifted him a season pass to the Massachusetts State Lottery Lucky for Life drawing with their lucky numbers, Stokes bought a second ticket with the exact same numbers.

Massachusetts State Lottery director of communications Christian Teja told ABC News, "The representative called the individual who was the owner of the season ticket and informed him of that and then he was obviously elated to find out that he had won on that ticket."

Teja added, "They hung up and he realized that he had purchased the same ticket on his own for that same drawing. During the phone call when they had spoken, the representative had mentioned there was another winner form Norwood. He called back and it all came together when he was like, ‘I’m that guy in Norwood.’"

Stokes brought in his winning tickets on Thursday morning to collect his prize. He had won $25,000 a year for up to 20 years, which equals a $500,000 maximum. Stokes opted for a one-time cash option payment, which brought the prize down to $390,000 pre-tax, or $273,000 after tax. For Stokes, however, his winnings were doubled to $546,000.

The odds of Stokes winning twice in one drawing are one in 9.7 trillion.

He plans to use the winnings to pay for his son's college tuition and his daughter's remaining car payments, as well as take his family on a vacation.

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