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In-depth reporting on issues you need to know, this audio podcast features the complete show from last night's Nightline.

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Nightline Podcast - April 23rd, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nightline, an investigation into Herbal Life, a six billion dollar company that sells diet products to nearly 3 billion distributors. ABC’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross has the details of the undercover investigation and met with a potentially crucial whistleblower. And, hip-hop producer Ryan Lewis reveals that his mother has HIV and is launching a charity to help others.  

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Nightline Podcast - April 22, 2014

In tonight's episode, criminals and gangs are taking advantage of a legal loophole in gun control laws. Our partners at Fusion meet the businessman who lets people assemble high power weapons in their own homes. Ed Catmull not only revolutionized the way animated films are made, he's also changing the way we think about our work environment. And what started as a missionary trip for a pastor and his wife has turned into a thriving business that lifts women out of the cycle of poverty in one of India's "red light" districts. 


Nightline Podcast - April 21, 2014

In tonight's episode, in an age where selfies can be used to make money, people are going to extreme lengths to make sure they look good in every photo. A teenager managed to stowaway in the wheel well on a flight over the Pacific Ocean. But what are the odds of survival in such harsh conditions? And in the first Boston Marathon after last year’s bombings, hero and survivors return to finish line and tell their stories. 

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Nightline Podcast - April 18th, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nightline, a newlywed couple embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. The couple set their sights on K2, a mountain thousands have tried to conquer. ABC’s Neal Karlinsky meets a child prodigy with moves. And, troubled star Chris Brown is back in court.  

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Nightline Podcast - April 17th, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nightline, a dramatic new spike in cheating wives. Could a notorious website be playing a role? ABC’s chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis finds out what’s driving wives to cheat. A new Disney documentary is giving an up close look at bears like we’ve never seen before. And, a former first daughter is expecting her first child.  

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