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In-depth reporting on issues you need to know, this audio podcast features the complete show from last night's Nightline.

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Nightline Podcast - April 16th, 2014

In tonight’s episode of the Nightline podcast, ABC’s Lama Hasan investigates a radical underground movement of young Muslim fundamentalists and the right wing group that has risen up against it. A desperate search for survivors after a ferry, packed with high school students, sank of the coast of Korea. 

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Nightline Podcast - April 15, 2014

In tonight's episode, in some cultures parents will arrange their child's marriage, but we meet members a controversial religious movement where church leaders match strangers from around the world. Aladdin is a classic Arabian tale and big Disney animated hit, but will the crowds flock to see the lovable thief on Broadway? And a year after the Boston Marathon Bombing, survivors reflect on the moment that changed their lives forever. 

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Nightline Podcast - April 14, 2014

In tonight's episode, one man is using his credit cards to hack the system and travel around the world, virtually for free. There's a catch though. Competing on Dancing With the Stars is tough enough, but imagine doing it without legs. Amy Purdy hasn't let disability stop her before, and we have her inspiring story. 

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Nightline Podcast - April 11th, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nightline, the fast food breakfast battle heats up. Taco Bell takes on McDonald’s with a new breakfast menu, which includes a waffle taco. ABC’s Dan Harris investigates a mysterious religious organization in Texas accused of ripping apart families. And Hillary Clinton faced flying footwear while speaking at a conference in Las Vegas. 

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Nightline Podcast - April 10th, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nightline, a mysterious company is threatening to run the porn industry into the ground. ABC’s Cecilia Vega tells us why some of the most successful performers in porn are struggling to survive. A behind the scenes look at television show “Mad Men”, as it enters into its final season. And, an ancient parchment possibly revealing new information about the life of Jesus Christ. 

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