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Nightline Podcast - July 31, 2014

In tonight's episode, a special edition of Nightline as we meet three athletes and their families who have dedicated their lives to cheerleading. After investing countless hours and dollars in training, is the competition worth it?  

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Nightline Podcast - July 30, 2014

In tonight's episode, despite famous role models like Beyonce or Nicki Minaj, many women are still uncomfortable with being curvy. We take you to the front lines of the war in Gaza as ABC's Terry Moran rides with Israeli troops in search of Hamas tunnels. ABC's David Wright reports on the carnage left in the wake of an Israeli strike on an civilian shelter. And we get the story behind "Batkid."  

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Nightline Podcast - July 29, 2014

In tonight's episode, questions linger surrounding the disappearance of a 14 year-old girl in New Hampshire. As she faced her alleged kidnapper in court, many are wondering why she suddenly reappeared nine months after she vanished. We'll tell you how you can turn the tables on those annoying robocalling debt collectors. And we get a preview of the unabashedly campy "Sharknado" sequel.  

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Nightline Podcast- July 28th, 2014

In tonight's episode of the Nightline podcast, there are some people who say they have “cracked the code” of online dating, they are showing results. But are they the kind of results you’d want? Chris Pratt has a bit of a cult following, but he is not a household name. So how did he land a role in what could be the summers biggest movie. Everyone has an opinion about Sarah Palin, you either love her or hate her, and now have an option to see more of her.  

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Nightline Podcast - July 25, 2014

In tonight's episode, it's been a scary few months for air travel. Now the latest incident involves a police tactical unit and a bomb threat against Canada. Shoplifting doesn't just hurt the stores, it also impacts average consumer. Now police are going undercover to take down a massive shoplifting ring in central Florida. And a young golf prodigy is already being compared to Tiger Woods, and he's only 3 three years-old. 

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