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Perspective Podcast - November 21, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Used Cars & Recalls
Deadly car trouble. Airbags meant to protect you in your car have been in the news recently…some of them are defective. They've injured people, sent some to the hospital - and even killed.The government has ordered a recall of these devices…but some of the vehicles called back are still showing up on used car lots - and being sold to unsuspecting buyers. Why aren't dealers doing more to warn customers? ABC's Gio Benitez has the details:

Active Shooter School Drills
Ever since Columbine, and more recently the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, schools have been training how to better protect students and staff in active shooter situations. Some schools are even practicing live drills where actors pretending to be gunmen come into the classrooms, armed with real weapons. As you can imagine, not everybody is on board with that idea. ABC's David Wright has the story:

A "Healthy" Eating Disorder
Most of us admit we could probably eat a little healthier...fast food is awfully convenient, after all. To shed the pounds, some have committed to the clean lifestyle - eliminating all kinds of unhealthy foods from their diets and exercising every day. However for others, these healthy choices have actually made them sick. ABC's Juju Chang tells us what happens when healthy goes too far:

Robin Roberts Says "Thank You"
Thanksgiving night....after the turkey and the stuffing and the leftover turkey sandwiches...why not take a few minutes to say "thank you." ABC's Robin Roberts is...with a holiday special called "Thank You, America." It's a tribute to some heroes...who've gone unnoticed....until now. Robin Roberts, the co-host of Good Morning America sat down with us this week....to tell us more about it:

Extreme Eats
We told you about the extreme healthy lifestyle...but what about the other end of the spectrum? How adventurous are you when it comes to food? The man you're about to meet is not what you'd call a picky eater…in fact; he'll eat just about anything - no matter how gross it seems. His latest dinner date? ABC's Linsey Davis:

History Of Beer
So we've talked about food...but what do you wash it down with? If you're like a lot of Americans, you reach for a nice cold beer. How did beer become such a staple across the country? ABC's David Kerley sat down with a "beer historian" to find out:

The Other Middleton
Since Kate Middleton married Prince William, the Middleton family has seen a surge in popularity  - especially Kate's sister Pippa. But there's another Middleton sibling you may not know about…and he's making some big moves. ABC's Amy Robach sat down with him for a chat:

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - November 14, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Immigration Courtroom Backlog
Now that the midterm elections are over, much of the focus in Washington is on immigration reform. While not many politicians agree on the issue, the judges sitting on immigration courts do agree on one thing - their system is broken. ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila recently sat down with one of them to find out more:

Learning From Abduction
It's a story fit for a horror movie…an intruder coming right inside your home to snatch your child. It happened to one family in Utah not too long ago…but it had a happy ending - and now they're telling us the valuable lessons they learned. ABC's Dan Harris has their story:

New-Age Electroshock
How far would you go to kick a bad habit? Would you strap electrodes to your scalp? Some people are actually trying it…and they swear it works. ABC's Neal Karlinsky explains:

A Soldier's Bond

This past Tuesday was Veteran's Day. You're about to meet a U.S. Army Master Sergeant who almost lost his life in Afghanistan…but lucky for him, his fellow sergeant was right there to help in his time of need. ABC's Michael Strahan has their story:

Online Dating Disaster

It's the dark side of online dating. Sure, we've all heard of guys being persistent when it comes to asking to women on a date, but what happens when it really turns nasty? Here's ABC's Brandi Hitt:

Let's move up the relationship timeline and talk about marriage. When one fails, couples usually turn to divorce. But that can be stressful, bitter and very expensive. One couple didn't want to deal with all of that, so they're living under one roof together...all while dating on the side. How does that work? ABC's Aditi Roy explains:

The World Of High-Stakes Horse Racing
In the high-stakes world of horse racing, just bidding for these powerful animals can be stressful - and expensive. In fact, some trainers are spending up to a million dollars per horse…before ever seeing them race. ABC's Byron Pitts has more:

Host: Cheri Preston
Producer: David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - November 7, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Midterm Election Roundup
This past week's midterm elections were a big win for the Republicans. The GOP grabbed the majority in the Senate after an election that saw Democrats lose races in key states. To break it all down, ABC's Dan Harris sat down with ABC News Political Analyst Matt Dowd, former White House staffer and "The View" co-host Nicole Wallace, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, conservative commentator Bill Kristol, and former Obama senior advisor David Plouffe:

Independent Voters
Before and since the election we've heard a great deal from Democrats and Republicans - from President Obama to incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Both sides spent billions of dollars attacking each other in campaign ads. But about a third of voters call themselves independent.  ABC's Richard Davies spoke to independent and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura for his take on the election:

Meth Houses
You're about to meet one law-abiding family who got quite the shock after moving in to their dream house. That's because it used to be a meth lab…and it was literally making them sick. Turns out there may be quite a few of these homes on the market. ABC's Alex Perez has the details:

Satanic Preacher
"The Pope of Santanism." That's what one preacher in Oklahoma has dubbed himself...he worships the devil in plain sight and doesn't hide from his past run-ins with the law. The small community he lives in sure has noticed…and they're not staying quiet. Here's ABC's Byron Pitts:

Former Rivals Talk Watergate

They were two men entrenched in the Watergate scandal. John Dean was White House counsel during the cover-up; Bob Woodward led the charge in uncovering the scandal for the Washington Post. For the first time, they sit down for an interview together to talk about Watergate and the editor in charge of the Post at the time - the late Ben Bradlee. ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl asked the questions:

Secrets Of A Geisha
What do you think of when you hear the word "geisha?" For many of us, we think of the Japanese tradition made popular by movies and books. But there are geishas still around, working…ABC's Juju Chang sat down with one of them:

"On The Town"
A classic American musical has come back to Broadway.  ABC News Entertainment correspondent Bill Diehl is here to take us to "On the Town:"  

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  David Rind

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