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Perspective Podcast - May 15, 2015

In this edition of Perspective...

Amtrak 188: Tragedy On The Tracks
On Tuesday night, an Amtrak train traveling from Washington D.C. to New York City derailed, killing at least 8 people and injuring more than 200. Excessive speed was a factor as the train was traveling 50 miles over the speed limit around the curve where it crashed. ABC's David Wright was on the scene:

Autistic Airline Controversy
We've been takling about train travel, but millions more Americans fly every day. A recent government survey found a 55 percent increase in consumer complaints against airlines for delays, missed connections and cancelled flights. Now, a recent incident involving an autistic teenager on board a United Flight probably won't help the airline's PR problems. ABC's Cecilia Vega has the story:

ISIS Productions

The FBI says the terror group ISIS is extending its reach deep into America - thanks in part to a slick and sophisticated social media campaign. ABC News Senior Justice Department Correspondent Pierre Thomas investigates the group's hi-tech recruiting efforts:

How To Retire At 30
Retiring at age 30? Seems impossible to most of us, but at least one man has done it. And he says he's not a millionaire, just somebody who made some smart decisions with his money. So what are his secrets? Here's ABC's Gloria Riviera:

Reservation Ripoffs
Whether it's a five-star resort or a roadside motel, the Internet has made it easy for any traveler to find vacation deals. But some of these deals may be coming from sites that can be misleading - which can cost you big money. ABC News Chief Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more:

Living With Food Allergies

We’re deep in the heart of allergy season. Thankfully, those season allergies don’t last too long. But for the millions of people that suffer from food allergies, it’s a different story - they last a lifetime. We talked to a chef who has to cope with food allergies every day:

Host: Cheri Preston
Producer: David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - May 8, 2015

In this edition of Perspective...

Terror In Texas
This past Sunday, two men descended on a controversial cartoon-drawing contest in suburban Dallas and opened fire. They were shot and killed by police on scene. Authorities admit the attack could have been much worse, but how did it get this far, especially with one of the men on an FBI watch list for 10 years? ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross has the details:

Roommate From Hell
If you've ever had a roommate, you know things can get tense sometimes. However, this week new video from an off-campus college apartment in South Carolina goes way beyond tense - it shows a young woman allegedly trying to poison her roommate's food with window cleaner. And as ABC's Chris Connelly tells us, it doesn't take long for a friend to turn from "frenemy" to full-blown enemy:

Freed From Death Row
A couple weeks ago, we told you about a man who got an apology after spending the last 30 years on Death Row. Now, we have another story of a man freed after decades in prison...ABC's Byron Pitts tells us how he got out, and what he plans to do now:

"American Wife"
We've heard a lot about "American Sniper" Chris Kyle over the last year, from the Hollywood movie about his life to the very real trial over his murder. Now, we're hearing from Kyle's wife, who is sharing her side of the story - and opening up about her own healing process. She spoke to ABC's Robin Roberts:

ABC News Fixer: Reloadable Debit Cards
Reloadable, pre-paid debit cards are a pretty easy way to manage your money without going through a bank. However, you want to be careful so you don't end up like Sandra Malone, who says thieves drained the money from her card - right before her eyes. Here's ABC's Stephanie Zimmerman:

"Jesus Christ Superstar" Still Going Strong
It was billed as a 'cinema event.'  It happened in New York, to celebrate "Jesus Christ Superstar," the 1973 film about the final six days of the life of Jesus. ABC News Entertainment Correspondent Bill Diehl was there:

Host: Cheri Preston
Producer: David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - May 1, 2015

In this edition of the Perspective podcast...

Baltimore Erupts
This past week, the city of Baltimore erupted as demonstrators looted stores and set fires after the funeral of 25-year-old Freddy Gray, who suffered a spinal cord injury and later died while in police custody. On Friday a big turn in the case -  the Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby ruling Gray's death a homicide and the arrest illegal. She also brought criminal charges against the six police officers involved in the arrest. Earlier in the week, ABC's Byron Pitts was in Baltimore as the protests began:

CO Theater Shooting Trial
This week, a jury began hearing testimony in the trial of the man accused of opening fire inside a crowded Colorado movie theater in 2012 . It's a trial that promises to drag on for many months, and as  ABC's Alex Stone - who's been in the courtroom - tells us jurors have been hearing some very emotional testimony:

Marathon Bombing Trial Continues
Another high-profile trial continued this week, nearly two thousand miles away in Boston. The defense made its case in the sentencing phase of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - arguing he should spend the rest of his life in prison as opposed to receiving the death penalty. ABC's Aaron Katersky has been covering that trial in Boston:

Bruce Jenner: What You Didn't Hear
We're hearing more from Bruce Jenner's family in the wake of his interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer where he revealed his lifetime struggle with gender identity. Here's ABC's Chris Connelly:

College Rape Crisis
It's a growing problem that some are calling a full-blown crisis - sex assaults on college campuses across America. It's been an especially big problem for The University of Montana in Missoula, and now a renowned author is turning the spotlight on law enforcement there, saying they haven't done enough to bring attackers to justice. ABC's Juju Chang has the story:

Finally Free
Three girls held captive in a Cleveland home for over a decade made a miraculous escape in May of 2013. Now, two of those survivors are telling their side of the story and how they plan to move forward in their lives, speaking exclusively to ABC's Robin Roberts:

Vacation With A Stranger

Picture your perfect vacation. Is it sightseeing in Europe? Doing absolutely nothing on a sandy beach? Whatever you imagine, now picture doing it with a perfect stranger who's paying for everything. Yep, that's the idea behind a new website called "MissTravel" ..but some are saying it seems a little too much like an escort service. ABC's Matt Gutman takes a closer look:

Host: Cheri Preston
Producer: David Rind

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