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Perspective Podcast - July 25, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Crossing The Border
Those thousands of immigrants trying to cross the border in to America have become a hot debate in Washington. But for the men, women and children attempting to swim across the Rio Grande, there's no debate about how dangerous the journey can be. Strong currents, open sewage and water snakes are just some of the perils awaiting those who wade into the river. Jorge Ramos from our sister network Fusion brings us an up-close look:
 Malaysia Air/Twice Lucky
After the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17, the thoughts of the world were with the nearly 300 victims and their families. But one man was thinking about just how lucky he was to not be on that plane. It's the second doomed flight he's avoided in four months. ABC's David Wright has his story:
Home Invasion
For many, home is the safest place you can think of. But for one night, a young couple found it to be anything but comforting. A brutal home invasion sent them to the hospital and left them with both physical and emotional scars. ABC's Juju Chang brings us the details.
Lightning Safety
Millions of Americans are facing extreme weather this month, including the threat of lightning strikes. July is the most dangerous month of the year for lightning, and it can even hit in your own home. ABC News senior meteorologist Ginger Zee has more on how it happens and how to stay safe:
Home Flipping Dangers
"Flipping homes" has become big business, with many cashing in after some easy renovations. But sometimes, those fixes may have been done a little too quickly…leaving new homeowners with a big mess. ABC News Chief Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on how to avoid a "home flipping" disaster:
Waitresses Packing Heat
It's the restaurant where the waitresses are carrying a lot more than food to your table. That's because almost all of the staff are packing heat - and they're not trying to hide it. In fact, the owner of this controversial restaurant says their gun-toting servers have actually helped drum up new business. Here's ABC's Clayton Sandell:
Bettting On Weight Loss
There are lots of ways to lose weight. Some of them more controversial than others. A new method involves gambling. That's right - a company will actually bet money that you can't lose weight. And if you do drop the pounds, you can pick up some dough in the process. ABC's Linsey Davis has the details:
Chef To The Freedom Riders
Chef Leah Chase is known by some as the "Queen of Creole Cuisine" .. and the woman who helped feed the "Freedom Riders" in New Orleans during the Civil Rights movement. Chase sat down with ABC's Susan Saulny to talk about everything from how she got her start at Dooky Chase's Restaurant to the famous mouths she's helped feed:
Host:  Scott Goldberg
Producer:  David Rind


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Perspective Podcast - July 18, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Malaysia Air Disaster
Thursday morning, Malaysia flight 17 went down in Ukraine near the Russian border, killing all 298 people on board. It's believed that the plane was struck by a surface-to-air missile while traveling across the war-torn region. ABC News chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more.
Employment Scam
Looking for a job can be stressful, and now authorities say some employment agencies are asking for expensive training fees upfront ... which can be illegal. So ABC News went undercover to find out more about these alleged scams. Here's ABC's Gio Benitez.
Art Scam
Now to another scam ... this one involving art and elaborate forgeries that duped even the most discerning experts. ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has the details.
Real-Life Monuments Men
There's actually a group of detectives working with the US government to retrieve lost and stolen works of art. Robert Wittman is a former FBI senior investigator who founded the FBI's Art Crime Team. During his 20 years with the bureau, he's recovered more than 300-million dollars worth of property from around the world. Wittman sits down with ABC News chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas to tell us more.
Life at Sea
For some, living on the sea means fun and adventure. But when one family found themselves stranded in the Pacific Ocean with a very sick child, their voyage sparked a national conversation. It turns out they're not alone. There are others living life very far from land. Here's ABC's Reena Ninan.
The ABC News Fixer
When Allyson Haase was three years old she was diagnosed with a severe eye condition and her insurance wouldn't cover the treatment, so she reached out to the ABC News Fixer.
Joan Rivers
In her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, Joan Rivers does the usual ... skewering celebrities, public figures and even herself. The 81-year-old comedian's 12th book opens with a disclaimer warning to take nothing in it seriously, but that hasn't stopped one actress from trying to get it pulled from the shelves. For more on her sharp style of humor, Rivers sits down with ABC's Sarah Haines.
Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  Colin Tipton & David Rind


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Perspective Podcast - July 11, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Jim Gant
You're about to meet a man who was once considered an American hero. But his fall from grace was hard and fast. ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has his story.

Clooney Fires Back
George Clooney tries his best to keep his personal life private, but this week he went very public with a response to what he calls a negligent and even dangerous fabrication. ABC's Linsey Davis brings us the details.

Kidney Exchange
It's a medical race against the clock -- a string of strangers making sacrifices to save a life. ABC's Juju Chang has the story of those giving a valuable gift to those in need.

Susan Boyle's US Tour
Five years ago, Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent surprised the judges, viewers and millions who watched her performance on YouTube. Now, five albums and two Grammy nominations later, international fame has done very little to change the woman who taught us a lesson about first impressions. She sat down with ABC's Dan Kloeffler to discuss her success and upcoming U-S tour.

The Interview
Seth Rogan and James Franco will do almost anything for a few laughs and their latest comedy tackles some pretty unconventional subject matter. Here's ABC's Cecilia Vega.

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  Colin Tipton

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