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Perspective Podcast - September 17, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Grim Worldwide Ebola Outlook
Alarming numbers about Ebola. The World Health Organization released data this past week, saying that within two months, there could be 10,000 new cases of the disease each week in West Africa. ABC News Chief Health and Medical editor Dr. Richard Besser, who's been to Liberia twice, sat down with ABC's Dan Kloeffler for more analysis on the virus there and here in the U.S:

Ebola Protocol Breach?
There are many questions about *how* those health care workers in Dallas became infected with Ebola. And after saying a "breach in protocol" is what led to the virus spreading, CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden has admitted....they should have done more, and nurses everywhere are responding:

Sex Traffic Sting
Sex trafficking is a big problem in many countries around the world. We're going to take you inside a dangerous mission now to rescue young girls caught up in the Colombian sex trade...but the people carrying out this particular mission may surprise you. ABC's David Wright has the story:

Foreign Policy Debate
President Obama's foreign policy has become a focus of debate in recent weeks after the rise of the terror group ISIS and conflicts in the Middle East. Has the president lost his way? That's what former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta contends in his new book, "Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace." He recently sat down with ABC's Aaron Katersky:

Yelp Review Revenge
The Internet is a great place to vent after a bad meal or a trip to a dirty hotel. You're about to meet one woman who says she posted a scathing review after she suffered damage from a dental procedure…but the dentist fought back. Here's ABC's Juju Chang.

Luxury Dorms
College is more expensive than ever these days. But what are those college and universities actually doing with all that money? Some are putting it into perks like upscale dorms, top-tier restaurants and even water parks. These days, students are hardly slumming it. Here's ABC's Mara Schiavocampo:

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - October 10, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Ebola In America
Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person in this country to die of Ebola when he passed away Wednesday morning in Dallas. Now, there's a new screening protocol in place at major airports and concern about the people Duncan came in contact with after contracting the disease. How much blame should be put on the Dallas hospital officials for his death? A lot of questions surrounding Ebola. ABC's Cecilia Vega is in Dallas with more:

Columbine's Chilling Legacy
Ever since the Columbine massacre 15 years ago, we've seen more and more of those mass shootings, many of them carried out by troubled young men inspired by the Columbine killers. ABC News investigated these incidents, trying to figure out just what drives these young men to commit terrible acts. ABC News Senior Justice Department Correspondent Pierre Thomas has the details:

"Real Housewife" Headed To Jail
Teresa and Joe Giudice from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" are just the latest reality stars to find themselves in hot water - sentenced to jail time after being convicted on a variety of fraud-related charges. It wasn't a shock to most legal experts…but it certainly was to the defendants. How are they coping with their sentence? ABC's Chief Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams has more:

Prayers For Punches
Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, usually takes place in a cage. Now, some of these brutal battles are going down in a place you wouldn't expect - church. That's right, even the pastors are throwing punches…but they say it's just another way to get closer to God. ABC's Bob Woodruff explains:

Arne Duncan Talks Education
It's another controversial year in American education. One of the hot button issues this year is "Common Core," a new approach that demands higher standards for students and more accountability for the teachers. Parents and teachers unions have voiced their concern with the approach…and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is the man who has to answer their questions. He spoke with ABC's Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila:

Divorce Hotel
When we talk about divorce, we usually talk about a long, drawn-out and painful process. But a new business that claims they can wrap up your divorce quick and easy…it's called the "Divorce Hotel." Couples check in together, and check out single. But is it really that simple? ABC's Paula Faris investigates:

Jennifer Garner Talks Parenting In The Digital Age
Jennifer Garner has fought many villains over the years in movies and on television, but in her latest role, she's fighting a foe a little closer to home… and one that concerns parents everywhere - the Internet. So how does protect her own kids in the digital age? ABC's Juju Chang sat down with her to get the answers:

"Twin Peaks" Returns
When it originally aired, "Twin Peaks" was like nothing else on TV. It was dark, strange, funny, creepy and certainly not for everybody. 25 years later, the hardcore fans of the show are being rewarded, because Twin Peaks is coming back. ABC's David Wright has more:

Host: Cheri Preston
Producer: David Rind

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Perspective Podcast - October 3, 2014

In this edition of Perspective...

Aboard An ISIS Strikes Aircraft Carrier
Here in London, Parliament recently approved air strikes in Iraq as the British joined the worldwide fight against the terror group ISIS. We're giving you an all-access pass to one of the aircraft carriers from which those military planes are taking off. ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz has the story aboard the USS George H.W Bush:

Ebola In America
Ebola in America. This week, a Texas hospital became the first to diagnose a case of the deadly virus inside the U.S. But overseas in Liberia, Ebola is widespread and there's a worldwide effort underway to try contain it. ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser traveled to Liberia to see if any progress is being made:

Inside The Volcano
This week, Japan's Mount Ontake erupted, covering hikers in waves of suffocating ash, killing at least 36. So why would anyone want to visit a volcano on purpose? You're about to hear the story of a group of people who do just that - going inside the ring of fire, risking their lives to see these volcanoes in action. ABC's Gloria Riviera tagged along for the journey:

"Slenderman" Stabbing: What Really Happened
It was the crime that shocked parents around the country. A 12-year-old girl from Wisconsin, stabbed 19 times by her two friends, who were reportedly trying to impress a fictional online character. Miraculously, that young girl survived, and for the first time, her parents are telling the story of exactly what happened. ABC News World News Tonight anchor David Muir has the story:

NFL & Taxes
The NFL has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for its handling of domestic violence issues, but Sen. Tom Coburn is keeping the spotlight on another pressing issue - taxes. That's because the league doesn't pay any taxes on its revenue - at all...and Coburn says that's a problem for the rest of us. ABC Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny asked him if there's any solution:

Weight Loss Hypnosis
There are plenty of ways to lose weight. People have turned to dieting, exercise and even surgery to drop the pounds. But what if you could do it without really doing anything? A new trend shows it might be all in your head….ABC's Juju Chang explains:

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  David Rind

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