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Republican Congressman Sessions Calls Stimulus Plan 'Excessive'

Photo Courtesy - Sessions dot House dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- As Republicans blast Democrats over the stimulus measure in the run-up to Election Day, the Center for Public Integrity this week reported that several prominent Republicans asked the Obama administration to approve stimulus funds for favored projects.

Speaking to ABC News, Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, made no apologies for seeking funds for what he described as a “shovel-ready” project in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton.  However, he said he had not followed up to find out if the money was ultimately approved.

“I have no clue whether the money was given,” said Sessions, head of the Republicans’ House campaign efforts.  “I was told that it was rejected.  I cannot tell you on the basis that it was rejected.”

Asking for stimulus dollars after voting against the stimulus was “very appropriate,” Sessions said, adding that to suggest that you could only ask for funds if you voted for the bill would be akin to “bribery.”

“After I voted, as Republicans did, against the stimulus, we believe it was very appropriate. Otherwise it would be bribery, if you have to only receive money if you voted for a bill,” Sessions said.

Sessions then ramped up his criticism of the stimulus, saying not only did it not create jobs, but that it actually “created unemployment.”

“Let me just say this: The stimulus was excessive spending that did not meet the intended targets or consequences and was the wrong thing to do and has created not only unemployment, but the big circumstance with the debt that we’re dealing with.”

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