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Kirk: 'Spend Less, Borrow Less, Tax Less to Put America Back to Work'

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Senator Mark Kirk, R-Ill., called out the current leaders of Congress in this week's GOP Address saying they "should not move forward on plans that were just rejected by the American people," claiming that leaders in Washington "want to continue the reckless tax and spend policies of the past" and "think a new, massive tax hike on the U.S. economy is exactly what the American people need."

Sen. Kirk noted that last month's election reflected the American people's desire for less federal spending, borrowing and tax increases.  Kirk added that Americans pay some of the highest taxes in the world, and raising taxes to fuel higher spending threatens to restart the recession and put Americans out of work. 

Instead, Kirk proposed that Congress reduce spending and prevent another tax hike on American taxpayers set to take place on Jan. 1.  The newly-elected Illinois senator said the uncertainty of American taxpayers is "unfair" and "hurts the economy."  Kirk further called for Congress to set its highest priority on preventing the impending tax hike and working across the aisle to solve the country's mounting debt problem, which Kirk said poses a "clear and present danger to our future."

The senator also chastised Senate Democrats for rejecting a proposal this week to end earmark spending, calling their decision both "disappointing" and "disconnected from the American people."  Kirk urged for Republicans and Democrats to "enact bipartisan solutions to cut federal spending like a presidential line-item veto, a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and a new procedure to ensure spending reductions actually happen."

Kirk concluded the address optimistically saying that he believes "America's best days still lie ahead of us" on the condition that we "correct our economic policy by focusing on growth and spending discipline."

"Spend less, borrow less and tax less to put America back to work.  That's what we heard from the American people last month -- and that's what we should expect from our leaders today," he said.

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