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Alaska Releasing 25,000 Emails of Former Gov. Sarah Palin

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images(JUNEAU, Alaska) -- The State of Alaska will release 25,000 emails of its former Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday as part of an open-records request made during the 2008 presidential race by numerous citizen groups and newspapers.

The emails cover the period from December 2006 until September 2008.  They include emails from her personal Yahoo! account used to conduct state business.

The contents of the emails are not yet known.  Most of them could be routine and mundane, but some could be frank and revealing, as Palin seemed to indicate on Fox News Sunday.

"A lot of those emails obviously weren't meant for public consumption.  They are between staff members," Palin said.

The former Alaska governor added that some people may try to take the emails out of context.

"They'll never truly know what the context of each one of the emails was," she said.

The piles of emails are so voluminous, some newspapers that have traditionally been unsupportive of Palin, like the New York Times, are actually recruiting readers to screen them to try to sniff out anything unflattering. 

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