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Americans Optimistic about Economic Recovery, Poll Finds

Hemera/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Americans are confident that in his second term President Obama will be able to accomplish a sizable list of achievements, including reducing unemployment, keeping the U.S. safe from terrorism, improving conditions for minorities and the poor, and improving the quality of the environment, according to a newly released poll from the Gallup organization.

Generally speaking, they’re notably less optimistic about Obama’s ability to reduce the deficit, avoid raising “your” taxes, control illegal immigration and heal the political divisions in the country.

The poll listed a total of 13 objectives and asked respondents to say if -- “regardless of which presidential candidate they preferred” -- they thought that in his second term Obama would be able to achieve them.

Americans appear generally optimistic about the economic outlook in an Obama second term. A majority believe that Obama will reduce unemployment and will create a strong economic recovery -- 56 percent and 54 percent respectively.

But economic recovery was not the strongest area of confidence among Americans, the poll found. Americans appear the most optimistic about two objectives -- “bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan in a way that is not harmful to the U.S.” and “improve conditions for minorities and the poor.” Each of these questions got a 72 percent “yes, will” response.

Pessimism ran high when it came to the question of unifying the country.  On the question of Obama’s ability to “heal political divisions in this country,” only 33 percent gave a “yes, will” response, while 64 percent said that no, he will not do that. That was the lowest “yes, will” response to any of the 13 objectives on the list.

Other areas where it appears Americans are skeptical include only 36 percent believe Obama will “control illegal immigrant” and only 38 percent believe he will “avoid raising your taxes.”

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