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Angered by Executive Orders, Rand Paul Compares Obama to a 'King'

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Rand Paul is advising President Obama to quit acting "like a king or a monarch."

The Kentucky Republican was referring to reports that the president will use as many as 19 executive orders to implement ways of curbing gun violence in the wake of last month's school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Interviewed on the Christian Broadcasting Network Tuesday, Paul claimed that "someone who wants to bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress -- that's someone who wants to act like a king or a monarch."

Paul says he's not necessarily singling out Obama because he also opposed GOP presidents who used executive orders although Paul was not a lawmaker in Washington at the time.

Suggesting that there will be an epic struggle to defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, Paul told CBN, "We will fight tooth and nail.  I promise you there will be no rock left unturned as far as trying to stop him from usurping the Constitution, running roughshod over Congress, and you will see one heck of a debate if he tries to do this."

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