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Ann Romney Asks Virginia Voters, ‘Will We Be Neighbors?’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(FAIRFAX, Va.) -- Ann Romney may already be daydreaming about life in the White House, asking a huge crowd in northern Virginia Monday if they thought she and her husband might be moving to neighboring Washington come January.

“Are we going to be neighbors soon?” Mrs. Romney asked a roaring crowd of 8,500.

“It’s so exciting to have walked into a room like this and get greeted like that,” she said. “But the thing you don’t know: There’s as many of you outside as inside right now. And that’s the momentum we have been feeling. It’s not just in Virginia. It’s all across this country. And that’s what leads me to believe that I am standing next to the next president of the United States!”

Mitt Romney also seemed taken aback to the enthusiasm of the crowd, comparing it to a welcome pop stars might receive.

“I’m looking around to see if we have the Beatles are here or something to have brought you, but looks like you came just for the campaign and I appreciate it,” he said.

“You know, if anyone wants to know where the energy is — if anyone out there that’s following American politics wants to know where the energy is just come right here in this room and you’ll see it,” he added.

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