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Anthony Weiner Talks Numbers: 'It's Not Dozens' of Women

John Moore/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Anthony Weiner spoke at a press conference in Brooklyn Thursday, using his time volunteering at a Kosher food pantry as a springboard to speak about his plan for a "nonprofit czar" for New York, a cabinet level position designed to corral the nonprofit environment in the city.

But much of the press gathered at the event came to hear Weiner address the scandals that have dominated headlines, and he did not disappoint. He reiterated his initial position on the matter, saying, "I said there were multiple women over an extended period of time...that has not changed."

"These things,” Weiner said, “did take place before and after I resigned...the point is they’re behind me."

When asked how this behavior will affect voters, Weiner responded, "Citizens have to decide if this personal important to them." Of the texts, he said, "It wasn't until they were behind me that I decided to run for mayor."

When the press gathered clamoured for Weiner to at least "ballpark" the number of women he may have had inappropriate relationships with, Weiner said, "It's not dozens and dozens; it's six to 10, I suppose," and followed up by saying he does not think more than three of these relationships were sexual in nature.

At times he became harried, accusing the press of wanting him to name names. "These were anonymous people on the Internet,” Weiner said.

The former New York congressman, now New York City mayoral candidate, stayed on point throughout the press conference, giving no indication that he may drop out.

"I wanted to ask them for a second chance to fight for them...this is not about Anthony Weiner, or Huma, or my son,” Weiner said. “It’s about the citizens of New York and how much I want to fight for them."

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