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Biden in Ohio Calls Romney ‘One Quackin’ Duck’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(MARION, Ohio) – According to Vice President Joe Biden, there’s a whole lot of quackin’ going on. During a campaign stop at Marion Harding High School here, Biden used one of his mother’s old sayings when he talked about Mitt Romney paying a lower tax rate than many other Americans because of the lower tax on capital gains, calling the GOP presidential nominee “one quackin’ duck.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, when asked on 60 Minutes — not by us, it was 60 Minutes — governor, you only pay 14 percent on $20 million because of this tax break, and the guy making 50 grand pays more. Do you think that’s fair? The governor said, yes, I think that’s fair,” Biden told the crowd gathered at the high school.

“This is one of these places where, my mom used to have an expression,” Biden said. “You know, I’d say mom … can I go hang in the corner with the guys?  She’d say,  ’Joe, they’re going to get in trouble.’ I said, well I won’t, mom. And she’d look at me and she’d say, ‘Joey, if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!’

“Man, this is one quackin’ duck! This is one quackin’ duck! Folks, just use your commonsense, this is about commonsense!”

The vice president also criticized Rep. Paul Ryan for his unwillingness to detail the specific loopholes he and Romney would close to pay for the tax cuts they’ve proposed.

“On television he said the math is too complicated for us to understand. Look, that’s what he said, didn’t have time, the math is too complicated. I know the math! The math is the little guy gets crushed and the big guy gets rich! That’s the math! That’s how it works!” Biden said.

“Thank God you have Medicare and Medicaid. They eliminate Medicaid for a million of those people. Where are these folks gonna go? What are they going to do? And all in the service of tax cuts for the very wealthy. It is not fair. It is not right. It is not good economics. It is not good for growing the economy,” Biden said.

Biden explained that Romney and Ryan are taking the Republican Party down a new path and that those on today’s GOP ticket are nothing like the figure many Republicans revere – Ronald Reagan.

“They say it’s just like what Ronald Reagan did. Ronald Reagan did not do this. I served with Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan had a massive tax cut. When it didn’t work, he ended up raising taxes 11 times. … Ronald Reagan couldn’t even be their standard bearer this time based on what he did.”

“Vice President Biden and President Obama showed again today that their campaign is getting smaller and smaller as Election Day approaches,” Ryan Williams, a spokesman for Romney, said in a statement. “With no plan to grow the middle class, Americans know another four years of Obama-Biden policies will mean more of the same: falling incomes, higher taxes and more debt. In two weeks, they will choose Gov. Romney’s positive agenda over the Obama campaign’s increasingly desperate attacks.”

But wrapping up his third day straight campaigning in Ohio, Biden made known his love of the Buckeye State. “You probably heard the rumor that Ohio is going to pick the next president of the United States of America, and I’m happy about that,” Biden said later. “I think that there’s no better group of Americans we could put the presidency in the hands of to decide than the people of this great state.”

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