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Biden Questions if Romney Would Stand Up to Tea Party, Congress

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- Shortly after landing in Ohio Sunday evening, Vice President Joe Biden met with volunteers at a local Ohio field office and questioned whether Mitt Romney would be able to stand up to the Tea Party or GOP-controlled Congress if he’s elected president.

“When you’re talking to people who say, well, you know Romney really won’t do all those things he was saying before, you hear ‘em now, these guys are you know just good guys, good middle of the road guys.  Ask them the question, the rhetorical question -- When have you ever seen Gov. Romney take on the establishment of his party?” Biden said. 

“What do you think the prospects are that Gov. Romney would attempt to do any of the things he now says he supports?  What do you think his chances of him doing that with the Republican-controlled Congress if they keep the Congress?  What do you think the chances are he’s going to tell the Tea Party guys, ‘you know, you’re dead wrong?’  That’s basically what he’s saying that now, he’s basically saying that now,” the vice president continued.

Biden diverted his campaign from New Hampshire to Ohio Sunday evening due to Hurricane Sandy, and the vice president will now attend an event with President Bill Clinton in Youngstown on Monday in addition to his previously scheduled events in Gambier and Wooster on Tuesday. 

Biden is currently on his 10th trip to the Buckeye State this year and said that through all of his visits here, he’s witnessed a “real good feeling” developing in Ohio.

“Our job is to just get our folks out.  I’m absolutely confident,” Biden said.  “We’ve gotten to see the whole state and I’m telling you.  Whether I’m down in Appalachia or whether I’m up along the lake, whether I’m in the middle of the state, whether I’m in Cincinnati, or I’m in Toledo, I mean Cleveland, there’s a real good feeling here.  There’s a real good feeling throughout this state.”

“You know, these ol’ Buckeyes man, they kind of see it clear,” he added.  “They can cut through a lot of this stuff.”

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