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Biden Thinks Obama Can Win in 2012 Despite Tough Economy

The White House/Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- Ever the optimist, Vice President Joe Biden likes the chances of the Democratic ticket in 2012.

Biden, who is currently on tour of Asia, understands that the floundering economy remains the biggest obstacle to President Obama winning a second term.  However, the vice president told reporters aboard Air Force Two Monday that the Obama-Biden ticket is still electable even if the economy doesn't improve much a year from now.

It's Biden's contention that most voters realize that he and the president "inherited a God-awful circumstance that wasn’t our responsibility."

While admitting that the realization doesn't "diminish the genuine suffering of a hell of a lot of Americans," Biden believes what it will ultimately come down to is a choice and that Americans will look to 2010 as a guide.

He says that many voters were unhappy with the direction of the country last year and made big changes but are now understanding that what they got instead hasn't resulted in a better economy.

Biden says in 2012, there's going to be a lot more engagement "in this campaign about, 'Okay, who's offering what?  What is the vision here?'"  And ultimately, voters will keep him and his boss in the White House.

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