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Boehner Tells Leno He Doesn't Want to Be President

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call

(LOS ANGELES) -- Does House Speaker John Boehner ever want to be president?

The answer is no, or at least that's what he said when interviewed Thursday night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Boehner gave his reasons as follows: "I like to play golf, I like to cut my own grass, you know, I do drink red wine, I smoke cigarettes and I'm not giving that up to be President of the United States."

Meanwhile, Leno, who will be exiting as host of The Tonight Show on Feb. 6, pressed the Ohio Republican about whether the infighting in his party is the worst he's ever seen.

Boehner somewhat reluctantly admitted, "Oh, no, I'd say, well, maybe it is...It's bad."

Unlike Leno, it's expected Boehner will keep his current gig for the foreseeable future. However, being House Speaker apparently doesn't carry that much weight when it comes to getting booked as a guest on The Tonight Show.

Boehner followed former NBC Friends star Matt LeBlanc. 

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